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  1. Story now re-tracted by all outlets and police, except Murray Foote's Daily Record, funny that?
  2. Why? The SNP's best MP, and you want her to feck off? You're a Tory?
  3. What is the issue with currency do you think? What do you need to know, and why?
  4. Agree fully. Would be happy enough with Robinson, also Goodwin, though compo no doubt an issue. With Cormack park we're a much more attractive option than ever before, be interesting to see if any outliers fling their hats into the ring.
  5. Funny how it works eh? You and Cormack feeling a bit daft this week. perhaps leave medical decisions to the experts that Scot Gov consult eh?
  6. You understand you've just explained perfectly why we're not getting fans?
  7. See that's where you're wrong, folk are angry because they can see an end now in sight with the vaccine on the way, but that's not enough for Dave-the-Ego, he wants the limelight, to be the one who sorted it all out, in what has clearly been two rabble rousing, pitchfork invoking tweets. Honestly he can f**k off right now. But as you say, we're the ones with brains right enough.
  8. There's no doubt about that, at least you're sensible enough to admit it.
  9. It's not, we just don't have a clown in charge, we have serious people, making better decisions. Look, there's a reason they site England, because most countries who were allowing fans back are now reversing that decision, they're just picking the worst case. Would you like the entire pandemic response to be run like Brazil's? It's also completely disingenuous, England are only allowing back in certain tiers, Scotland also allowing back at specific levels, so really we are doing the same. What Cormack should be doing, is banging Lumsden & Laing's heids igither, and telling them to start working in their pandemic response, instead of bleating that things are a bit hard for them.
  10. They have a JRG, no other industry has that, he is without doubt rabble rousing, hoping fans will get up their pitchforks, and they've sure rallied to the cause. All that'll do of course is be counterproductive.
  11. Sadly, twitters and facebook full of folk who think the world begins and ends with fitba. Apparently calling Cormack out on this shite makes us pitiful, and a disgrace. To be fair also though, as you say those with a brain are not letting the club off lightly.
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