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  1. I remember hoping this club would win its relegation playoff then thinking it would be good to see them fight their way back up. What a disgrace of a club.
  2. The whole league as a competition is devalued if there are games in it with youth teams that can't be relegated or promoted as far as I am concerned. Seems ridiculous to promote someone from it or relegate someone to it.
  3. Should scrap the promotion playoff next season if this goes ahead. A complete farce that goes against the pyramid and makes a mockery of the division.
  4. Ask the experts who set up the protocols for f**k sake. Some of the comments on here are fucking ludicrous
  5. Surely Danny Denholm just can't take the risk of playing tonight either after this news
  6. I can see why East Fife were concerned - it must have been quite confusing at the time and I'm not blaming them. Fact is the league was started knowing there was some risk and all clubs have protocols to follow to minimise this. There was always a chance in every game played this season. I'm more bemused by the sheer number of posts on here going on about the testing system and protocols that just cause confusion.
  7. They have never made anything absolute at any point in the season. At any time someone could have developed it after a test and then played. Your definition of 'in contact' may well be different to what is regarded as 'close contact' that would require isolation and that is what the protocols exist for. Should we all find out what every players job is and what their partner's job is just to see if we think they are more likely to have it? How far do you take this? If we broke protocols then we should be punished. Other than a snide comment from Young, no one has suggested this.
  8. We make the clubs follow covid protocols to reduce the chances of anyone with covid spreading it off the field of play where it is much more likely to happen. Some of the posts on this show a real lack of understanding of the issues to be honest
  9. Regardless of whether EF were right to not play, I am not sure 'couldn't be completed' was included to encompass the scenario of teams refusing to play games that had been given the all-clear.
  10. The story seems to be the Roma president was scammed and the ref had nothing to do with it. So a dodgy president but not a fixed game. The game used to be on youtube and you can see the ref didn't do anything to help Roma and even disallowed one of their goals. Great achievement by United and a shame they didn't win but it's interesting how so many think it is a 'fact' the ref cheated and that he was 'done'.
  11. When was the ref 'done'? I can see after he 'fixed' this game that he went on to referee a uefa cup final, a european cup final, a world cup semi final and the final of the european championships. Strange list of games to get when he was 'done' for 'fixing' a game. Or perhaps he wasn't actually 'done' at all?
  12. The referee must signal and will never restart the match until both teams are ready. Its not worth his hassle even tho there is a grey area in the rules. If Donald Trump was a ref he would, I struggle to think of anyone else that is stupid enough. I disagree but didn't mean to dislike this, sorry.
  13. When England tried it the other team weren't all back in their own half, which is the issue. I think the answer to the original question is yes. As long as the ref notices all players are in their own halves they can allow the kick off.
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