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  1. Thanks will take your advice next time am in town.
  2. Sunset song- Pish Othello- good, i enjoyed it. i know its a play but still.
  3. The Blues Brothers 10/10 amazing film good songs, good car chases and quite funny Also the next night I watched Blues Brothers 2000 which was pish 4/10 such a dissapointment and they never needed to make that after the success of the original!
  4. gamertag: clydefc1 (need microsoft points to change it, I think its awful americans all call me clyde ) games: cod 3, cod 4, fifa 07 an 08, gears of war, halo3, hitman, lma 07, nba live, skate, test drive, rainbow 6 an virtua tennis ( dnt play particular games all the time i change about )
  5. The Shawshank Redemption 10/10 watched it a few weeks ago (last film i watched still ) 10/10. amazing
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