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  1. Oasis - Do You Know What I mean
  2. treated ..... taken down the local and had vg m/r sirlion steak and trimings, washed own by x4 pints of ale.
  3. Kid Creole And The Coconuts – I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby
  4. Just back from a few pints of Youngs bitter down the local .. no bad
  5. 4 out of 6 on my Heinz came in leaving me £12+ in credit but, Aberdeen drawing with the Great Unwashed and Brentford inexplicably loosing to Swinedon ..... left me in the Coupon Busters yet again.
  6. Had Aberdeen for a win and they drew but, on the up side, had a £1 Yankee based on 1st div with 3 out of 4 winning. Stupidly picked Airdrie over Morton our would have been on the win counter for the first time in ages.
  7. Had a yankee on wins from Aberdeen, Raith, Inverness and Cardiff --- First two teams came in retuning some money which is an improvement for me after my long run of bad luck but, never thought Cardiff and Snecky would fail to register wins. Ah well never mind, if it keeps on improving like this, then I should appear on the win counter by Xmas.
  8. Just back from the local after a few pints of Youngs and a med-rare rib-eye and chips..... very agreeable
  9. Here we are again throwing my money at the bookies yet again this week, my luck has got to change, hasn't it? Anyway, my Yankee on wins for Ayr, Jags, Swindon and Albion Rovers took a dive.
  10. My ongoing run of bad luck at the bookies has continued today, with my 12/5 draw in the Scotland game bombing. Not that bothered after that win for the Scotts.
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