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  1. McGurns mistake was awful but the blame has to lie with McGlynn. If he is insistant that we play the keeper as some type of sweeper in all conditions then mistakes like this will happen. The conditions were terrible today. It was a day to grind out a result and we couldn't.
  2. Kirkcaldy golf club is decent for a few before the game. Food and beer and a decent sized car park. Just up from the rugby club on the same road. They will cater for biggish parties of you let them know in advance
  3. Neither player touched the ball for the pen. Vaughan put his body in to shield it, like you do all the time in midfield, and the ref gave a pen. Rovers were comfortable today.
  4. I think this is more to do with mcGlynns tactics than the personnell. Having our defence pass it sideways for 2 minutes and pushing up the park inevitably leaves space in behind. Then they pass it short into a crowded midfield. If we lose possession we are always pushed up high and struggling to recover. That only works where teams give you space. The oposition has us sussed. They just stit back and wait on us losing it. They don't even have to work hard to win it.
  5. McGlynn thinking Mendy is a football player is on a par with him thinking Smith is an assistant. There is a reason Mendy had never played probfoitball. There is a reason why Smith wasn't working in football. Both useless but both rated by McClown.
  6. Can we just stop referring to success of the past. McGlynn was a failure in his first term he took THREE seasons to get us promoted. THREE seasons is not a success
  7. Yep, as far as I can recall he was never convicted of any crime was he. There are probably dozens of folk in the stands who actually have convictions but hold down jobs and go about their normal daily business.
  8. Well if masses of people at the club do read these things then they need to know that RaithFans will back their team. That backing is not without condition though. We won't back rubbish football, terrible selection decisions and poor performances. Its a really simple formula. Play well entertain us and try hard. We will tolerate getting beaten because our opponent is better. We won't tolerate getting beaten because we have under performed.
  9. McGlynns refusal to actually sign players for a position has always got on my nerves. I thought he might have learned but it appears not. McKay is not a right back. McGlynn/Smith dont have the coaching ability to make a right back of him. We can't play in the league with players out of position every week.
  10. He will definitely do a job for you. Still young but good enough, He didn't feature in our 1st team as he went on loan to Berwick and then returned so we were barred from playing him. He showed up really well in the reserves.
  11. Kelty Hearts are paying some crazy money for players. Seems they are determined to make a push for the 2nd division next year.
  12. Would you be happy to get changed in a portacabin in mid winter. Where are the toilet facilities etc. If its not in place by the start of the season then why the heck would you spend that kind of money and not utilise it properly. This will now be year 2 if the 7 year lifespan of the pitch. Lets not forget how often we relaid the grass pitch and how much money we wasted on it because the groundsmen were clueless. We had specilaists in treating fungal infections and insect damage every year. By year 3 the pitch will probably have paid for itself.
  13. Our defence leaked too many goals last year but If we sign right and right backs who competant at defending we will have Davo, Bene, Murray and McKay to cover at centre half. 2 from those 2 in a settled combination should be good enough. The problem this season was having no right back and an imposter at left back.
  14. The Berwick thing ruinedd his season. He was doing well in the reserves. Berwick asked for him to go on loan. He was not given the game time promised and he returned after a short time but couldn't play for us because he went on loan. Poor set of circumstances but a law qualification will be far more valuable. Good luck to him.
  15. I think the Board turned a lot of fans off from contributing anything to the player development fund. Why should we bother when the Management don't play them and if we get a decent player the Board let them go for free or for peanuts. Like many supporters I would probably contribute if there was a clear joined up approach to progressing player into our team. While we see our players leave and other teams youth players getting a chance ahead of our boys then the club won't attract contributions for this.
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