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  1. Went to a few games early in the Leishman era when we were still down near the bottom of the old second division. Never really got into it. A few years later my old man dragged me along to see us play Rangers in the Scottish Cup. Leishman had transformed the club and won consecutive promotions to the top tier. East End was no longer like a morgue. The place was bursting at the seams and the noise was deafening. Rangers got utterly horsed that day, as did their dressing room after John Brown got sent off. Two fantastic goals that will live forever in the memory saw us through to the next round (we got pumped by Hearts). Worth watching for the John Brown meltdown
  2. Feels a wee bit like they had trouble editing down the books. The business/app stuff doesn’t do it for me. Big Ravy, the lead lady and her sort of boyfriend are all excellent. The local police seem very lax too. They don’t seem to bother too much about machine gun battles on the street.
  3. Used to do a bit of work for a funeral director. He’d ring me up and in his Rev I M Jolly voice say “hello it’s Jim the merry mortician”.
  4. A bit of caulk and sone decent paint and it will be fine.
  5. My mum broke a tooth on a Wham bar so you do have to be careful with these sweets right enough.
  6. Yeah, I’ve been working loads and hadn’t read any news about it. Hadn’t realised how big it was. Saw some salty/snooty reviews about it saying how it cripples shows with original ideas but that’s unfair as it’s so far removed from the original Addams stuff. It’s just a smart, modern look at friendship and self-worth.
  7. ^^ Mullarkey driving through the “get your free sausage rolls here” sign.
  8. When my grandpa first got a car, a man with a red flag had to walk along in front of him waving pedestrians out of the way.
  9. Possibly posted that without my specs on and missing a word somewhere.
  10. Finished Wednesday. Absolutely loved it. Don’t think I’d have watched it going by the description but my daughter had it on one day and I was soon hooked. It does the cynical Netflix thing of making a greatest hits compendium of what worked in other Netflix shows. Take what’s great about Stranger things and Cobra Kai and add a dash of Scooby Doo and the result is joyous. Left in two minds about whether they should have another series as it’s hard to see how it could be as perfect as that.
  11. Didn’t start until I was about 30. Did the odd contest but mainly just gym sparring with decent standard guys or fresh young pups needing tempered. Some places just do body sparring but I always did full contact. You could get a headache but there’s nothing like getting your head smashed about to help you learn how to not get hard/take the sting out of shots etc. If you’re fit and sharp and know how to defend yourself you can go long spells without getting hit too clean. Would get worse injuries from a typical night out.
  12. ^^ he lives out there, so don’t go there
  13. Neds suing for £1million though.
  14. Hey that’s not fair. I’ve many happy memories from my rugby days though the injuries were worse than boxing. Never liked getting cold and muddy either.
  15. Clyde 0-1 Edinburgh Dunfermline 3-1 Queen of the South Falkirk 0-5 Airdrieonians Kelty Hearts 1-1 Peterhead Montrose 1-3 Alloa Athletic
  16. Quite agree. Think we are a decent cup side and would fancy us to do them 1-0.
  17. It was a good moral dilemma episode and even a few police were overheard having the same conversations about what they’d have done. Glad to see anyone driving like that locked up for a bit. Such a lack of self awareness to think that you can take a vehicle and behave like that just because something annoyed you.
  18. Loving this so far. Christina Ricci as Daphne from Scooby Doo is a welcome/weird feature.
  19. Cosgrove was right - old boarding/prep school conversion. It went downhill after someone drowned in the pool.
  20. Not read the last few pages so I’m guessing this was a 2nd birthday party for one of your offspring?
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