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  1. On names, Pat Bonnar’s other nickname leaves me a bit baffled. Yes, it’s just a nickname to him but for people who have grown up getting abused with the “P” word it must be a bit troubling if they hear it being used.
  2. Our local tradition (I live just across the Forth) was to tie local women to a rock on the beach just before the tide came in.
  3. A new Duster? Or a Sandero? Incredible value and decent lease deals too. Easier said than done getting new cars right now as some lead-times are horrendous.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-60111106 Man driving BMW pursues and runs over man on off-road motorbike then beats him.
  5. We’ve been watching it. Still a bit undecided overall but really good performance from the lad in the main role.
  6. There was a documentary on Channel 4 recently. Quite compelling evidence about what happened. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/in-the-footsteps-of-killers/on-demand/71234-002 One of the presenters is the sister of that Laurence Fox and she’s spectacularly wooden.
  7. Was actually counting our lucky stars we lost respectably last round. Was set up for us getting beat by a Kelty, Darvel, Auchinleck etc. Won’t have too long to wait..
  8. Shandon Partroleum Co. That was a pure accident. Police were fine about it. Probably due to driving a Jag at the time that such caddish behaviour was the norm.
  9. I did not have sexual relations with that whippet.
  10. For the record I’d like to point out it was the dog who interrupted Mrs and I as we were getting on famously, rather than Mrs interrupting the dog and I.
  11. You wouldn’t want to know. It involved canine-related coitus interruptus.
  12. I’ve got an espresso machine in my van for when there’s only instant on offer.
  13. “You know, if I was a psycho I could cut your cock off in your sleep”
  14. That Old Firm Facts boy on yesterday. Not revealing what team you support is no substitute for a having an actual personality.
  15. I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if someone bought McCann. One of these random, out of the blue deals.
  16. Gavin Masterton tried to get some solar panels installed on the roof of East End but we failed the credit check.
  17. The tune pilfered by first Boney M then Armand Van Helden (Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand).
  18. Tabloids have been running and updating that “story” for a few days now. Literally just a couple of planes flying over, not especially low - no budding Rod Hulls we’re going to get knocked off their roof by the “low flying” jets. No sonic booms, no weddings accidentally bombed, just a couple of planes on a exercise. Can’t believe the BBC have picked that up.
  19. My dad a a few colleagues met the Queen at the opening of the Humber Bridge. They didn’t remember much either as they’d been caning it for about 4 hours beforehand. They had the recordings from some local radio interview on the day and could barely speak. Doing Scotland proud.
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