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  1. Wot y up to on a thread about hair m8?
  2. This is the hard line Mrs takes too. Any more than a few days’ facial hair growth (on me) and a strict “no nookie” ban is enforced. Head hair any longer than a Noel Gallagher type thing and it’s “when are you getting your hair cut?” every day. Skinhead outlawed too as it scares people.
  3. Has Mehmet had to make a save yet in these three games?
  4. It’s very à la mode to espouse how terrible the world is but it’s quite a blinkered view. I’m sure most Americans cringe at the thought of these right wing nuts being how the outside world views Americans just as most of us cringe at our gammony hooray Henry “leaders”. Look at the music, films, TV, books, fashion, science to have come out of America in the last 50 years or so. Astonishing talent. Like most of the world, its political system is due an overhaul.
  5. Do any P&B people wear an alice band or similar? And if so, do you have any advice for someone considering one. Asking for a friend.
  6. My midlife crisis started about 20 years ago and is only just fizzling out.
  7. They’re probably glum as they all look like they’ve been up all night grave-robbing Cyril Smith for his suits.
  8. I bet they’d look happier if they just wore those sashes and nothing else. Maybe get some steel drums too. They project a very joyless existence in their current guise.
  9. Had to phone up one day to make a nurse appointment. Confirmed first line of address, went to give her the postcode and she said “it’s okay, I know it, that’s my old house”.
  10. 55545545455 My door numbers over the last 25 years.
  11. French police are satisfied the passing Scottish trucker is innocent and the pictures on the side of his truck featuring a man, his wife, the granny and a cyclist all scored out with “I’m glad I killed them all” is a coincidence. The family originated from Iraq so the police seemed content they were up to no good. Even sent the bomb squad round to the murdered dad’s house. They also said the passports had been stolen. They then retracted this after they looked in his pockets 10 years later when re-examining the forensics. Don’t you have some sort of family breeding ceremony where your dad comes in and pumps your bride as everyone cheers and bangs the door?
  12. Tin hat on but I thought Hamill was a bit overrated. He had that great game against Motherwell (IIRC?) and made Neil Lennon look silly but from that period Jim O’Brien delivered more in terms of assists etc, he just wasn’t as flashy. Good to have players like that who actually entertain a bit but they can flatter to deceive in terms of what they actually deliver (see also Paul McMullen, Kai Kennedy…).
  13. Got woken up early one morning by the sound of what I thought was an alarm going off in the living room. Turned out the cat had brought in a magpie and they were having a stare-down on the bookcase.
  14. Oh no, that’s Gorgie. Just doing some work there.
  15. Was going to strap it to the roof of the van but it looked a bit murdery so managed to fit it in the back.
  16. Peter was a third rate manager but will form part of a first rate compost heap.
  17. Taking this to the tip. Feel a bit like an undertaker.
  18. We live in a democracy and we have chosen to follow a path where we elect sociopathic leaders who are solely interested in living the pockets of their sociopathic friends’ and families’ pockets. Huge profits are extracted from public bodies to allow raw sewage to pump into the sea, the police left to deal with social service problems out of hours etc. 73% of police call-outs in Scotland result in no crime being recorded. They’re sitting with folk in A&E who need mental health support but can’t get it as those services are so underfunded. To suggest harsher punishment is some sort of deterrent is a joke. Just look at America and its prison occupancy.
  19. Drug deaths have been on a steep upward curve. Scotland consumes twice the global average but that may be tempered by a “gram” typically being far less than a gram and actual drug content being low. Big overlap too on drinkers and drug taking. Bit of an all or nothing scenario. Drinking is less prevalent (overall consumption down 16% since 2004), as is smoking. Those who take drugs tend to be the ones who drink heavily. There are more drug deaths as the drug takers are getting older so folk who were ravers 20 years ago and have not moved on are the ones (as anecdotally evidenced on this thread) become old drug victims. Still, 24% of Scots drink more than is recommended per week. sorry - appear to have lost the links but it’s all out there on alcohol health awareness site and Scot gov stats It probably shows the anecdotes mirror the stats. Big swathes of us don’t drink, or barely drink, and certainly don’t take drugs or know people who take drugs. The decreasing number who still go out binge drinking are the ones consuming the drugs and adding to the death stats as their pickled old organs can’t hack it.
  20. Morris up front before that too. Pretty sure I’d suggested both options on here first. Think JJ and AJ lurked here looking for advice.
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