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  1. Malik Scott seems like a very decent lad and has clearly put Wilder straight and told him to congratulate Fury after snubbing him in the ring.
  2. The semiconductor shortage means sales probably down 10% on last year and maybe 50% down on 2017. If you ask VW for one of their fast new Golfs it’s maybe an 8 month wait so that’s part of the reason for the used price hike.
  3. I used to use this roofer who, it turned out, would go to jobs blacked out drunk. Would ask him for his bill and he’d deny having ever been there. I’d then show him his texts and pics he’d sent me from the job. No wonder so many of the ones I know have no teeth.
  4. Russell Brand’s book on addiction (if you don’t already have an Audible account you could get it free as an audiobook then cancel your subscription) really helped me. It’s his take on the 12 steps and though I never really bought in to all of them there was so much stuff in there that struck a chord/touched a nerve. Really opened my eyes to why I behaved in certain ways and seeing how someone who had also been on dark places was able to function as a clean living person also helped.
  5. I’d say he’s right. Mortar down chimney. Rodents etc in roof space would be distinctly footsteppy. Or, could be something rolling about on flat roof. Astonishing amount of crap on them. Paint tins, old tv aerials, aerosol tins, lager cans etc.
  6. Saw an identical Golf GTi to my old one in an Arnold Clark garage the other day. 2 years old, 20k miles and the same price I paid for mine brand new 2 years ago.
  7. Accents are such an immediate potential “trigger” for snobbery too. I’ve always liked nice cars but I’m a saddo car geek and have never been interested in them in terms of being a status symbol (and as a car geek it’s easy to spot those who have bought a car as a trophy).
  8. That’s definitely some Edinburgh middle class-ness rubbing off on you. Sneering at people for having a fancy tv or car yet thinking nothing of spending a fortune on pots and pans or your holiday home on the East Neuk.
  9. Sexual permissiveness on Eurovision, Dundee United loanees, COVID, Rylan, Dom Thomas, the fans and Craig Wighton/Wigtown are all to blame for the impending loss.
  10. Pretty sure he rises/sinks to the level of opponent. The Tom Schwartz fight is the only recent one I can think of where he has gone in to smash someone to bits who is was below his level. That one seems to get overlooked when folk were so surprised about the Wilder 2 performance.
  11. I think we also need to put in context that Usyk is bigger than a prime George Foreman. Wilder has dumped Fury on his arse a number of times despite folk slating his ability all the time. This crop at the top just now is a seriously dangerous bunch. Tony Bellew was calling out Wilder then when he actually met him called his manager to say “you can fookin fight him if you want”. Wilder has the losses now but he has also dropped every single person he has faced. Fury was probably only fit enough to do what was needed against Wilder. Scary to think he has a few extra gears.
  12. That jab to the body and overhand to the right worked well for the 150 seconds or so he used it. Find it hard to be too harsh on Wilder. To make to the 11th round after the state of him early on was incredible. Fury is a better boxer and much bigger guy. He has Wilder’s number whether Wilder accepts it or not. If he doesn’t retire then Wilder vs any of the other top heavyweights still makes for an exciting clash. Really don’t see how Fury can fail be to regarded as an all-time great. The guy is a monster physically, appears to be immune to getting sparked and can box. Gives anyone from any era problems.
  13. ^^^Trips over and breaks his nose on the first drunks shoe IMO I once hospitalised someone as his arm snapped to bits when he hit me. A win is a win.
  14. Sorry to hear that. Such cool looking dogs. Like a cross between a piglet and a dog. Renton has had a few dog walkers and it’s nice how attached they all get to each other.
  15. Will give you a discount m8. Not seeing the bat shape mentioned earlier. Saw this fruit bat once.
  16. I’d walk through any five drunks on a train. There’s not a man born of his mother what could beat me.
  17. Is this the result of your backflip of the ladder? Yes. A pal was all concerned and sending me links to fancy ladders. Had to explain the problem isn’t with the ladders.
  18. Just me or does this bruise look like a sheepdog?
  19. Liking hearing Wilder admit his problem is that he panics and forgets basic stuff like using his jab. If he can stay calm and control the distance it becomes a different fight. Do enjoy his spectacular KO’s but fear he’ll just revert to type under pressure from Fury.
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