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  1. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    She's tremendous at buying expensive coats and handbags anyway.
  2. James Bonds

    Moore Lazenby Craig Sir Sean Mike Myers
  3. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    I've not looked at a bank statement or paid a bill for about 18 years. I've got a bank card and credit cards but if there's some big payment I'll just get her to sort it out. Delegation is a wonderful thing.
  4. The Chooky Embra

    I had someone plough into the back of me (insert Kenneth Williams) last year and it wrecked my car, his car and another one that had been parked up. He apologised straight away, his insurers rang me that morning to admit blame and ask if I needed anything and the various parties had a few pleasant emails back and forth discussing the incident (the guy had a sneezing attack and floored the accelerator).
  5. Last Book You Read....

    The Long Take, by Robin Robertson Post WW2 historical drama, following a Canadian guy's descent from bright young thing to addiction, and post-traumatic stress. He lands in NY after the war then decides to try Hollywood. Written as a verse novel, the flashback scenes are mainly written in verse. Don't know if the style really adds a lot. It had scooped a few awards and nominations and I probably expected a bit more. Hints of Dorian Gray in the way the writer sees himself without realising it's him, hints of James Ellroy (the hyper-real characters drifting in and out of reality and fiction of LA in the post-war period). Lofty ambitions but misses the mark a bit. It's short anyway but chop about a quarter or a third out and it would be very powerful. Lots of really impressive imagery - especially the cold NY winter.
  6. The Universe

    Aye, but what about the moon?
  7. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Even though he doesn't play for Morton any more I'm still pretty sure Quitongo will come on as sub and score the inevitable 104th minute winner.
  8. Show us your pussy..!

    Big team found.
  9. Horrific club photos

    Mick Ronson is looking rough these days
  10. What Are You Drinking ?

    Dee Woman sneaking in the rat poison IMO
  11. This is my refrigerator show me yours!!!!

    Takes a dusty old vegetable to spot one.
  12. Show us your pussy..!

    Daughter been away all weekend. Wondered why the pets had become so attached to her bed and realised it’s because she’d had the electric blanket on the whole time:

    Hail Satan!