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  1. Mrs pointed out to me a bit of our bed was broken underneath. It’s one of those beds that lifts up on gas struts so you can store stuff under it. The fucking thing just snapped shut on my head and wrist there like a big metal crocodile.
  2. Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood
  3. Reminded me of this Charlie Murphy tale of taking on Prince and the NPG at basketball.
  4. Those deer are so friendly. I think there is a pic of me on here earlier this year sharing a Snickers with one of them.
  5. The new 6 Music breakfast shift is taking its toll on Lauren Laverne (r).
  6. Policeman cops a feel... https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-12-12/lapd-officer-accused-of-fondling-dead-womans-breasts-arrested-charged
  7. It’s the 2019/20 League One winning Airdrie team.
  8. That would be on a cave painting m8.
  9. Nonsense! He’s positively elated..
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