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  1. Big congratulations to the set designers who created Skyfall house/castle or whatever it was. Half-expected Austin Powers to turn up and say to the viewer “isn’t it remarkable how little a cardboard mock Tudor mansion on a moor in England looks like a Scottish castle?”.
  2. You sure it’s not a recruitment pamphlet? Beware the radicalised grannies.
  3. There has to be room for compromise. Encourage them to focus more on the “walk” part and less on the “orange” part.
  4. Over 5 months since we scored a league goal at East End.
  5. They probably had migraines listening to that wee fuckwit all week.
  6. When you’re bottom of the league and 16 points adrift after 6 games it’s time to start really getting behind the manager.
  7. He’d give them big plates of dour. Never spoken to the guy but been around him a few times in random situations akd he never really struck me as Mr Personality.
  8. Don’t think Joshua disgraced himself. Caught Usyk plenty of times with straight rights and lasted 12 rounds. Don’t think the ultra heavy AJ of a few years back would have lasted that long.
  9. Fury does have great movement but much of it is with his feet planted then he sways from the waist. Wilder was told (but forgot) to target this in their first fight. It bamboozles heavyweights as they’re not used to it but there’s a lot of repetition and idiosyncrasies and I reckon Usyk would work him out. I know what you mean about Usyk looking gassed at one point (Mrs made the same point to me at the time!) but by round 12 Usyk looked like he was just getting started. Is he gassed or trolling?
  10. Really don’t see Fury faring too well against Usyk. Could see it going like the Bellew fight, with Usyk eventually working out Fury’s timing and bashing him up. Lamb to the slaughter if AJ takes the rematch.
  11. When you’ve played 6 games and are 11 points behind a part time side questions have to be asked.
  12. Jesus my head is splitting and it’s only lunchtime. Started way too early today.
  13. It has never crossed my mind to use a vice. Always just fannied about and got given lines in metalwork, woodwork etc.
  14. A wee bit of mint sauce stirred through the lamb mince gets me hot.
  15. It may be due to caffeine overload this morning but I can’t see anything less than a 6-0 home win. Wighton with 4.
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