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  1. Wonder if Collins will get the players in to his office each morning in their pants so he can critique their bodies?
  2. You walking down it spoils the aesthetics of a street.
  3. There’s some amazing produce from around there. Broccoli crisps especially.
  4. Too soon m8. My great grandpa lost his eyes in a gas explosion at work.
  5. This might be a mention of Avocado away from the most middle class thing iv ever read. I had avocado and pancetta on rye in my favourite deli this morning. ETA.. washed down with an Earl Grey and an espresso
  6. I'm not saying it's not tasty, I'm saying that you can make just as good a loaf the standard way. Making it sourdough is just a way of tacking 10-20% on the price as a hipster tax. The day I waste 5 minutes of my life learning about how different types of bread is made is the day I’ll be packed off to a Swisss clinic.
  7. Hmm. I can demolish a loaf in no time. Give me a jar of top notch marmalade or humous and a sourdough and that will keep me out of trouble for a good ten minutes or so. Or toasted cheese on it with a bottle of Worcester sauce to add liberally. Some sourdoughs are not great but a good one is a food of the gods (and decorators).
  8. I thought of AJ as soon as I saw the thread title. Let fans sub managers.
  9. On names, Pat Bonnar’s other nickname leaves me a bit baffled. Yes, it’s just a nickname to him but for people who have grown up getting abused with the “P” word it must be a bit troubling if they hear it being used.
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