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  1. Wrong! I was having an afternoon nap and unsuccessfully trying to get my end away. Mrs Par is withholding sex until I shave my new piratey beard.
  2. More like over 12 hours! Managed 1000 okay today. Just 50-150 here and there in 20-50 reps. Don’t really have to set aside any time. Do 50 waiting for kettle to boil or espresso machine to do its magic, then another waiting for it to cool, for example.
  3. Brilliant for you to at least get moving on it again. Have you tried the double strength ibuprofen (Cuprofen?) from chemists?
  4. I meant three hours since anyone asked for pics of said mother. Well done anyway!
  5. Poor Renton wondering why he never gets any peace just now:
  6. 3 hours? The virus is clearly taking its toll on members. Pics of your mum or GTF.
  7. Instead of 100 press ups today I decided to do 1000. Done 850 so far so will rattle off a few more once my dinner has gone down.
  8. Yes - antibiotics are doing a grand job! Mrs and mother seem to think I should be at death’s door but a couple of days’ meds and the fever etc lifted. Always get a fitness kick on when the clocks change and the days get a bit longer.
  9. A crossing of the streams with Off Menu and Richard Herring today. Not listened yet but should be amusing.
  10. Then a tenth espresso followed by six rounds on the punchbag. 100 more press-ups then a bath.
  11. 400 press-ups then a 2 hr run with the dog to start the day. Now off to start a punchbag workout. Caffeine’s a hell of a drug.
  12. Would happily live on risotto. Good work. Pumpkin and sage is probably my favourite but not been able to get ingredients recently so will be having a mushroom one over weekend. Used to enjoy making one with red wine instead of white and adding peas and pancetta.
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