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  1. The aliens also left the recipe to these:
  2. Nisbet today bagged the equivalent of 37.5% of the total number of goals Livi conceded at home last season.
  3. We can see why Hearts tried to sign him. Suppose for them that episode was a case of them lying in the gutter but looking up at the stars.
  4. 30% sell-on. East End will be gold plated by the time you get promoted/we get relegated.
  5. My old man and Bert became friends around that time and it was really bizarre to come home from uni to visit the folks to find Bert Paton sitting having a coffee with my old man. Loved how unashamedly unhinged and unorthodox Bert was. Like when he sent a couple of injured players to his daughter’s horse’s vet (the vet sorted their knee injuries) or how he didn’t sign defenders as he believed they had simply ended up playing at the back as they were the worst players when they were younger, so would convert football gods like Andy Tod and Ivo into defenders instead.
  6. Last weekend was external window sills. This is today’s “to do” list. She won’t just move in to a place and allow it to take shape over time. Has to be painted top to bottom before she’ll set foot in a new place. Got all the ceilings and woodwork to do too. And work about 12 hours a day on top of that. Lucky I’m some sort of vampire that can live on caffeine and no sleep.
  7. These Czech police officers doing a good job IMO.
  8. We should be encouraging more police to beat their meat rather than black people.
  9. Gangsta granny: https://www.dunfermlinepress.com/news/18635121.police-charge-80-year-old-woman-8-000-drugs-bust/
  10. Used to have a VHS they put out with all the Euro nights, cup wins etc, bus parade through the town etc. Looked like it was from another lifetime but it was probably only from 20-odd years earlier and now when i think back to games from the mid 90s they are still fresh in the mind.
  11. Be safe. Be a wear. Be excellent to each other.
  12. Can you help with a grey beard or grey squirrels?
  13. Think he was talking about you, not the cat.
  14. Did the police advise you to stay off the moors? Excellent story - very creepy!
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