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  1. Maybe they were angry as the shop had run out of humous. Or didn’t have any decent peppermint tea?
  2. Do you have any secret talents you’ve not told P&B about? Just curious. Maybe you can juggle or speak Portuguese? Maybe other posters have secret talents? I know I don’t.
  3. Trip advisor is the worst review thing IMO. You could type in “best restaurant London” and it will bring up some b&b with sticky carpets and undercooked fry-ups but is great value at just £11 per night. As a qualified historian, reviews grate a bit.
  4. Makes me want to get a job as an Asda security guard.
  5. Just a wee break. Used to live down here but other side of the river. Hackney, Bow etc.
  6. That’s basing it on previous fights though. He is utterly mental and may well take those shots early on to freak out the opponent and also use it to work them out. “How do they react when they land a shot?” Is maybe what he’s thinking, rather than “ouch, that was unpleasant”. He’ll know AJ carries concussive power. Let’s see what he comes up with in terms of a plan. Joshua’s last couple of fights have really impressed me and in all the Fury/Wilder/AJ talk I think the quality of this match up has been overlooked a bit. This has the makings of an all-time classic and I can see them both ending up on their arses at some point.
  7. https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/edinburgh-friend-bradley-welsh-killer-21116105 Stabby summer continues. There was a video of this chap evading an attack a few weeks back on here. Not so lucky this time.
  8. It’s 31 degrees. I’ve got to run 4 miles through some of South London’s less glam estates. Whilst holding a man bag thing. It contains cash, cards, car keys and various items of value. Suppose I could get public transport but I love a run in the heat. Saw a toothless Scotsman wrestle someone from their bicycle earlier.
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