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  1. Recent Adam Buxton podcast with one of those doctor twins off the telly (Xand Van Tulleken). Starts off prior to lockdown Then jumps forward a week. Interesting to hear from someone who happened to be an expert in exotic diseases and global pandemics so knew what the processes would be in terms of distancing etc. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-adam-buxton-podcast/id1040481893?i=1000469606713
  2. Do you know what they call Eggs Royale in France?
  3. “Enough of this water pish. Bring me Stella.” Hope she’s okay. Maybe try some really plain food like a bit of boiled rice or scrambled egg?
  4. The polar opposite of my family. Want to swap Skye for a wife and a teenage daughter?
  5. You’re nothing but a lapdog to a slip of a girl!
  6. Not at all. I’ve heard of people who wear them around the house all the time.
  7. I like to shave my balls and Mrs Par does my back but the legs are not hairy apart from a few tufts on the knees.
  8. I’ve already offered to pose in Mrs Par’s Rihanna-style wig on another thread. Her heels wouldn’t fit me though.
  9. Is that an arm or a leg? Either way, it's way too skinny It’s a leg, my height-restricted homie!
  10. Got a new scratch courtesy of the dog running by holding a fir tree in his mouth.
  11. Bang on 9 minutes using the lady method above. Will try again later or tomorrow using the man pic method above.
  12. Got any of these at home? They’re antibacterial:
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