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  1. Not true. We’d be the ones nursing an Irn Bru and breaking out in cold sweats as everyone else gets smashed.
  2. Being the offspring of a juniors poster means it’s likely that’s the first and only time they’ll leave a plane without being forcibly ejected before it takes off.
  3. The sunshine bringing out Muffy’s tolerant side:
  4. Hope he’s okay. Maybe some moggy painkiller/anti inflammatory if you’ve got any?
  5. The only question is whether it will be 0-0 or 1-1.
  6. You are a magnet for high-maintenance females!
  7. A P&B version of Guess Who could be a great stocking filler for Christmas.
  8. Said it before but I’ve twice randomly bumped into/been accosted by people who identified me by their P&B general knowledge.
  9. I’ve not played for about 20 years but having seen footage from Dundee this may not be a hindrance.
  10. One of very few songs that genuinely gives me goosebumps One of my favourite skipping songs. Like the short/radio version best.
  11. We don’t need no stinking bandage
  12. Going for the the Inter look with the new collar.
  13. We watched that last night. Big thumbs up.
  14. Until you have a ciggy. Well done though. This was a big help to me:
  15. Try taking out any leads etc and shoving them back in. If it’s a Samsung TV don’t waste your time trying that as it’s probably fucked. HTH!
  16. Jools and Jim (Vic Reeves and Jools Holland). A bit contrived and a bit slow in the first couple of episodes but they’ve found their stride. Ask people about car journeys as a kid as little more than an entry point into Vic going off on a tangent.
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