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  1. Was at Fiorentina’s ground once. Reminded me a bit of Central Park (the Cowden one) but with the Tuscan Hills in the background and Lavazza coffee stalls dotted about.
  2. If you’re not painting with Tikkurila paint you’re doing it wrong IMO.
  3. Airdrie 3-0 Alloa Edinburgh 5- 1 Falkirk Kelty 0 - 7 Dunfermline Montrose 0 - 2 Clyde Peterhead 0-1 QOS
  4. What’s the catering like? Possible to get a decent flat white and a decent selection of artisan pastries?
  5. First trip to Kelty’s ground for me. Looking forward to it. I’m easily pleased.
  6. Need to thrash that sort of stuff out at the point of sale. Screw what you can out of them.
  7. Trouble just follows us about. Like the time those flower beds got trampled in Brechin.
  8. I’ve painted places for folk where I’ve ended up just agreeing with them that a certain colour is “blue” when it’s obviously green and called something like “Kermit’s Tadger”. Are there glasses or contacts you could wear that could filter/alter colours?
  9. McPake has been stressing results are in spite of the squad/options available to him and that there will come a time when these narrow 1-0 wins become draws or losses unless he can strengthen. Should be a really good occasion anyway.
  10. Fife running out of water. Please send help. Been working in a place near me in the west corner of Fife and it feels more tropical. Here comes the Lily man eh?
  11. Got a bit of the fear about this derby. You lot can’t keep losing and we surely can’t keep winning. Not even let in a goal yet.
  12. He sounds very proud of the players he does actually have though. That wee bit of adversity with the tighter squad and guys who were used to losing every week now grinding out wins for the new manager. For his own job security it’s good for him to spell out exactly what the situation is like for him too. His recruitment has looked spot on too. Low on numbers but high on quality so far.
  13. He assisted John Hughes to relegate us so probably picked up some bad habits.
  14. Ended up working until 3 so missed this. Maximum points and no goals conceded is a decent start.
  15. Mochrie did mention he was delighted to sign for a “massive club”. That no doubt contributed to him having the confidence to score on his debut.
  16. James McPake being exceptionally nice about Petrie and saying he hopes he gets a good reception and also that he was impressed by Pars fans giving Stevie Crawford a good reception. Still struggling to adapt to having a manager that’s not a brain donor.
  17. Watching a show last night about Scotland’s worst serial killers and it got me thinking; do Montrose have any celebrity fans?
  18. Muffy spotted hanging about this nearby house with his mate. They both visit this house as they know they can extort Dreamies out of the humans that live there.
  19. I’d say The Brig at Duloch is better than the original one. Had a couple of fish suppers from there that even I struggled to eat due to the general whiff of dirty old cooking oil.
  20. That sounds great. How is the smokie served? Does it get fried or just as it comes?
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