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  1. That's great to hear. My Renton tends to be mega-slow, rather than pull. He has to stop and sniff every single lamp post, doorway etc. It literally trebles the time it takes to get anywhere. Except when he sees a squirrel and bolts so fast he'd probably rip the arm clean off some folk. He's great off the lead on long walks though providing there are no dogs around with toys (he will steal them and bolt at 35mph) or folk having a picnic as he will steam in and eat anything. Had dogs when I was younger that were so clever and easy to train. Just think he's a sub-par hound, though very loveable.
  2. If I send you Renton for a few months can you send him back fixed?
  3. I keep fancying a change of scene. Really enjoying decorating and making previously grotty places look decent. But then I think "you must be mad, why pack up doing what you do in such tricky times?".
  4. Any of you know how to "code"? Not asking for a freebie. Something to do with websites. PM me x
  5. Very much the Jim Leishman of the 13th & 14th centuries IMO.
  6. Could see it ageing people too. Weather, cement dust etc.
  7. I used to labour for brickies and scaffolders as a summer job as a student. Got fit and got a tan, plus it was a great laugh. Definitely wouldn’t have fancied it in the winter months.
  8. @Bigmouth Strikes Again still Mrs Par’s favourite painting..
  9. There’s a billboard just outside Dunfermline for the Alhambra theatre. It wishes customers goodwill and says “we’ll be back soon”. Underneath it someone has added a sign that says “oh no you won’t!”. Panto season has come early to West Fife.
  10. More Snickers than marathons at the moment!
  11. I’ve been a lazy fat b for the last couple of months granny. All work and no play.
  12. It was pretty good. I was at work and solicitor was in his house. Think he can afford a better fleece tbh with what I pay him.
  13. About to do my first and hopefully only ever Zoom meeting.
  14. Love a Pars goal that starts from our own left back area.
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