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  1. I’ve always worn masks in shops, post offices, petrol stations, bookies etc..
  2. The video of Faissal re-signing was the highlight of whatever season that was.
  3. Fair point on Kiltie - that talent was always there. Good to see his performance at the weekend, ripping a top tier team. Ryan Dow is a bit of a hidden gem. Maybe out of sight, out of mind for fans of Premier clubs but he is such a good all-round player who typifies the good parts of Crawford’s tenure (doggedness, high tempo, calm in advanced areas..). That game against Hearts a few months back really showed it where Pars, IMO, looked far more comfortable in advanced areas.
  4. And Ian Campbell going to Killie. Not many though in recent decades.
  5. Just shows how well Crawford and his staff are doing in terms of polishing up players. Kevin Nisbet is a multi million pound striker in large part down to working with Crawford. Kiltie has gone back to Killie a better player. As well as the two quoted for Aberdeen, Aaron Comrie is one we could make a decent bit of money from. It used to be the case that the exit door from East End was a conveyor belt to oblivion or even worse, Raith or East Fife.
  6. Goodbye GTi, hello Combo. Will need to get a sun visor name strip for the windscreen for me and the dog and a rolled up Daily Star to leave on the dash at all times:
  7. Golf R. 4wd so good in snow. Very comfy (in comfort mode), loads of space as a family car and ballistic if you want to cut the journey times. A decent used one will have very similar controls to the Polo too (latest one is pretty space-age in terms of the switchgear etc).
  8. On behalf of Raith fans everywhere, can I just say “you have money to sign players but you can’t afford to switch the USH on or buy blankets”’.
  9. Either Pars avenge their only defeat in 11 months (not including losing on penalties to the Farmers) or Crawford’s incredible record of never losing a league game by more than two goals goes. We tend to come back from enforced lay-offs pretty well under him so fancy a turgid Morton 0 1 Pars, Declan McManus. Or we get pumped rotten..
  10. Ideal scenario is that you too catch them and that with all the fuss Hearts made last season, nobody gets relegated and two teams (us and Dunthree) go up.
  11. Hail Satan! His upbringing was a bit rough, especially his dad tying him to a cross in a graveyard overnight but still, no excuse for that sort of behaviour Mr Ramirez.
  12. She goes to quite a fancy school for girls.
  13. Looks like you’re away to Alloa. You managed to take them to extra time on your last visit there.
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