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  1. That big cart horse for Cowdenbeath to make it 7-1 and thus deliver a nice windfall. Okay, it was against us but still..
  2. Recent Prostitute Advice thread for this pish.
  3. My daughter and I have a tin of canned peach slices with our curries.
  4. Quite a bold move by the Police, trolling violent criminals.
  5. Apologies for the link to The Sun but as well as saying “Dode” Baigrie is in hiding and trying to eradicate any pics of himself from the internet they mention that the details of those that could be used to get at Richardson were passed to him by “a gangster from the travelling community”. They don’t name him explicitly but if anyone has read the thread it wouldn’t take too long to join the dots. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/7092066/bradley-welsh-murder-shooting-trainspotting-edinburgh/ 🤫 https://www.pressreader.com/uk/daily-record/20160729/281492160684310
  6. That’s a cracking series but seems to have been stopped after 2 episodes, maybe to do with legal appeals etc of some of its “stars”.
  7. Managed to poke myself in the eye on Saturday just putting my coat on and was buckled on the ground for 20 minutes. When Canelo landed that uppercut and raised his hands I thought it was because he was glad to have landed a decent shot after BJ Saunders (as that commentator liked calling him) had been the better man for a couple of rounds. Instead it was because he’d felt the face cave in. In the end Canelo showed his class and his power. It was a similar moment to punched like Povetkin stopping Whyte first time or when Usyk stopped Bellew (not the knockout but the uppercut right on the bell the previous round). Drained from the concentration involved in being in with someone so dangerous they eventually made we moves on autopilot that the opponent saw coming.
  8. We used to go up the bings on our bikes as kids (various ones around West Fife). It was good fun as they were like low-rent volcanoes with steam and smoke coming out in places. It was only years after that I read about how they didn’t want folk going on them due to the risk of collapsing into a fiery pit of hell. A few of them are now nature walks etc (35 years later, having cooled down a bit).
  9. If only @Dee Man was still around I could make a joke about DJ Assault and someone would get it. Ass N Fencing was an early demo version of Ass N Titties. Hope you’re okay Dee Man. I’m sure the police will eventually accept your story that those truck shop prozzies chopped themselves up.
  10. ? Not sure? You mainly send me footage of a well-hung gentleman in a variety of poses.
  11. You’re truly a model citizen Serge. The world would be a better place were there more like you.
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