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  1. Pamela Anderson Snow Colin Miller Poutine Maple syrup
  2. Can you rate in order, your top six boos from Saturday?
  3. Can’t remember ever being confident of a win at Hamilton. I predict not a riot, but a draw.
  4. I got a new nespresso thingy this week and have been storming through 17 hour working days, only stopping for Red Bull.
  5. Just a few miles away across the water, sone temporary traffic lights are away and the road resurfaced, after about 27 years.
  6. The social workers are probably lumbered with treble the volume of cases they could reasonably expect to cope with and have been saying something like this will happen over the last decade.
  7. If you need a RTBC, watch 24 Hour Party People. Coogan on fire as he takes us on a celebration of bad behaviour, winging it, a passion for music and culture, with a bit of death and sorrow. Makes me happy just thinking about what a good film it is.
  8. If you’re missing Shaun Keaveney from the radio he has a podcast that’s a rip off of Off Menu (he even calls himself a genie!) and Films to be Buried With. Can be alright, depending who is on it. Bobby Gillespie has a good anecdote for any Led Zoe geeks.
  9. Did a comparison between Laidlaw and Srange Loyalties for Higher English (A, obvz!). Can’t remember anything about them but I do remember William McIlvanney always being on tv as a kid. One of those old school, hairy, fiercely bright, magnetic characters.
  10. Marrying a St Bernard? They do look really cuddly tbf.
  11. For work I generally look like the sort of person who appears in the tabloids getting locked up for some middle-tier drug dealing and firearms offences. Off-duty I tend to dress like a cross between Russell Brand and a retired German tennis player.
  12. That’s a bit of an over-simplification my microchipped m9.
  13. The Rules of Attraction Brett Easton Ellis Another of his I couldn’t believe was written in the mid 1980s. On the surface it’s a dark, dark takedown of vacuous, spoiled students. Poor little rich kids. Dig deeper and it’s really just him wrestling with how he was brought up, the bad example set by 1970s parenting. All stuff that really resonated with me. He’s such a master of the unreliable narrator and the style goes perfectly with the subject of drink and drug fuelled parties and hazy recollections. Early appearance of P&B regular meme Patrick Bateman too.
  14. He’s on the latest Adam Buxton podcasts and does a decent Louis Theroux impression (which veers into Nick Broomfield a bit).
  15. Doing some work earlier. Mrs offered to pop in to see me and bring us some tea/coffee. She turned up and promptly dropped both cups into my shoes, which had been sitting by the door. Had to leave not long after and have had one foot full of tea and one full of mocha for the rest of the afternoon.
  16. Fonejacker podcast. Simple prank calls.
  17. Off the Ball weekly 4 hour specials on The Lisbon Lions and some pure gallus scamp who once played for Rangers, beamed direct from their cryogenic tank. Squirrels chapping the window of Mullarkey’s nursing home bedroom at all hours. P&B becoming like Muppet Babies. Britain being run by a bunch of Hooray Henrys. That’s the dull reality of dystopia.
  18. An American politician. Had a client who worked with both him and me (quite the Venn diagram) and she found it quite challenging making sure she was emailing the right Shandon Par/real name.
  19. Dear Compo-faced-cuntos We are sorry to hear the car didn’t survive but you did. We don’t want folk like you driving our cars anyway. KR Jaguar ps - Josh Taylor drives one.
  20. Sleep with one eye open is Muffy’s advice. Never know when you could be the victim of a surprise attack by a hound.
  21. Have you ever considered holidaying in Menstrie @KnightswoodVanBear? https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/monstrous-spider-size-coffee-cup-25536707
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