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  1. From SW Fife, Ben Lomond is the most obvious one you can see before the hills to the left block the view. Ben Ledi is off to the right of it, not quite as prominent but they’re the two that stand out. On a really clear day you can see over to Arran but probably need to be a wee bit further inland and higher up (eg Saline or up behind Knockhill). ETA, if it’s a clear enough day to see Arran the hills beyond Ben Ledi also appear.
  2. Swapping gym for eating pizza over this last year has taken a toll right enough.
  3. Felt just like getting a fork through the hands/feet. Hairy and angry after but helped with joint swelling. Mrs Par will have the life insurance spent and be sitting on a beach in the Maldives quicker than you can say “I’m glad he’s dead”.
  4. What about steroid injections? Have had them in hands and feet. Will let you know if I drop dead one day but it would seem a take way to go out (killed by Ibuprofen).
  5. Don’t tell Bulb but they sent me a final bill for (£140) an old place recently, even though I’d long since closed the account based on readings. Looked like they’d taken a reading from the new person about 3 weeks after she moved in and billed me for her first few weeks. After many calls and emails explaining this bill was an error and needed to be sent to the new person they sent me a credit for £140. Couldn’t be bothered explaining to them I didn’t need a credit and simply wanted them to send their bill to someone else. Started with Shell recently. Seem quick enough to reply to emails etc.
  6. Dearly beloved lizards, and half-blood Harry, we are gathered here today to lay Papa Lizard to rest..
  7. Not sure how deadly anti inflammatory meds are/when the damage kicks in? I’ve often taken quite a lot of them. My dentist told me taking double. The big 400mg ibuprofen called Cuprofen are good for aches, sore muscles and tendons etc.
  8. An incredibly big mute? 1 min 16...
  9. My mum couldn’t tell you what century it is, never mind what day. Possibly a relation though.
  10. Have thought about employing an assistant but having worked for 20+ years talking non-stop all day every day it’s so nice to barely have to say a word to folk all day and just get to listen to podcasts, music or audiobooks.
  11. Conveniently I’m painting a physio’s today. That was opening a tube of caulk. Got a new penknife and it was sharper than expected.
  12. Not true. We’d be the ones nursing an Irn Bru and breaking out in cold sweats as everyone else gets smashed.
  13. Being the offspring of a juniors poster means it’s likely that’s the first and only time they’ll leave a plane without being forcibly ejected before it takes off.
  14. The sunshine bringing out Muffy’s tolerant side:
  15. Hope he’s okay. Maybe some moggy painkiller/anti inflammatory if you’ve got any?
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