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  1. robosaintee

    FIFA 20

    Aye, it has been horrendous tonight. Heel to heel flicks only work about half the time. Ridiculous
  2. robosaintee

    FIFA 20

    I've been running riot in fut champs tonight. 8 wins and 1 defeat. Think I've finally learned how to defend. Button delay is atrocious though. Skill moves dont register several times a game and even fake shots dont register sometimes and the ball is just punted out the park. Anyone else saving packs for TOTY? Got 21 decent packs saved cos f**k spending money on fifa points.
  3. That's not a being young thing. That's just being an arsehole thing, tbf. Get her telt.
  4. robosaintee

    FIFA 19

    Just going with the one team now. Saving up for neymar.
  5. robosaintee

    FIFA 19

    Played 4 games of division rivals this morning and won all 4. Only manage about ten games a week or something so delighted to have two good teams thanks to packing Aubamayang, mertens, a otw Ricarlison, three IFs and a few other decent players doing the advanced SBCs. Lewandowski is the absolute boy by the way. Timed finesse shots from the edge of the box go in every time.
  6. robosaintee

    FIFA 19

    First league SBCs have dropped. Had ince sitting in my club who was extinct on the market and sold instantly for 10k. Probably should have kept him to see if the increased his price range but heeding.
  7. robosaintee

    FIFA 19

    Away on holiday for a couple of weeks so don't get a chance to play this until I'm back. Enjoyed my ten hours through ea access though. In Poland with the wife visiting family so have had a bit of time to trade on the app and complete the SBCs. Have packed Three IFs, Ricarlison OTW and Aubamayang without spending a penny on fifa points or actually buying the game yet. Sitting with about 400k coins.
  8. robosaintee

    FIFA 19

    Bizarrely i think I'm the exact opposite. Found 18 garbage and barely touched it the past three months. Found the demo pretty enjoyable and have felt a difference. Passing feels better to me and through balls through tight spaces seem a bit harder to me which is good. The shooting is going to take time to get used to but scored a couple of belters with the timed finishing. Low driven is lb + rb and b on Xbox which will take some getting used to. I floated between division 1 and 2 on ultimate team as usual last year. Spent about £30 On fifa points over the year. Not going to bother at all this year, really is a waste of money. From the demo. Looks like pace isn't quite the be all and end all so hopefully it stays that way. Think players like Kroos and Busquets might be a bit more useable with passing the way it is. First touches are great too.
  9. I've never been more aroused at a picture in my life.
  10. robosaintee

    FIFA 18

    Ooft. Some super sub.
  11. robosaintee

    FIFA 18

    Won the draft and got a mega pack and 100k pack as reward. Never even knew that was possible! Some prize. Discard inform and Andre Herrera out the 100k pack but still profit from the draft I suppose.
  12. robosaintee

    FIFA 18

    Squad fitnesses are so cheap this year. Decided to chuck all my coins into one team for a change. Pre bought the Japanese teams and completed it last night. Decent player for the bench I suppose!
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