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  1. Feel McKee should also get some recognition for an absolutely superb all round performance. Best I’ve seen him play.
  2. Sounds like we’re getting hammered from the Twitter feed. Edit: oh we’ve just scored!
  3. Isn’t Forbes on a 2 year contract at Forfar?
  4. That’s relegation confirmed then
  5. Suppose the good thing I learned from today is that once clearance comes in we’ll have another striker.
  6. A quick google search suggests The Pittodrie Bar, The Bobbin and the Red Lion are all between 10-15 mins walk from the stadium. Which is recommended and are there any I’ve missed closer to the ground?
  7. So is Tumilty away back to Morton then?
  8. I had thought that McMillan was to be the new right back for when Tumilty inevitably returns to Morton. Does that mean that we may actually see Reghan back in the new year or is something else lined up?
  9. I think Duffy has stupidly forced himself into playing 433 by retaining both Carswell an Hutton and adding McKee. If all three are fit I don’t see any being dropped. If it was upto me I’d start Hutton on the bench and play a simple 442.
  10. 1. Forfar 2. Falkirk 3. Airdrieonians 4. Raith 5. East Fife 6. Clyde 7. Montrose 8. Stranraer 9. Peterhead 10. Dumbarton
  11. Social media is a part of modern football though and therefore makes it difficult to hide from negativity and criticism. Especially players who have so many followers etc. On the game, am I right in saying we can play trialists again now the cup is over?
  12. Why would we even attempt to sign Martin when we already have two keepers on the books and have done for a while now? Three keepers when finances are so tight would be absolutely ludicrous.
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