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  1. Noticed a few times it was a bit jumpy tonight and particularly at half time the sound was very robotic and slowed but would then catch up. Still a good service provided though and can’t complain too much.
  2. Apart from against Huntly, Forbes delivery has been poor and very rarely beating the first man.
  3. I genuinely can’t even remember us having a shot at goal from open play.
  4. We just give up possession so easily that no team we face will ever be under pressure. Duffy is taking us in one direction and that is down.
  5. Reading that I do wonder if Stirling have perhaps offered to cover more of Hamilton’s wages as Duffy keeps referring to the finances allowing us to tie them down
  6. Fully expecting Smith as number one and the young lad we had in from Dumbarton United as backup knowing Duffy. Is there any chance of us getting Kevin back again once Hibs sign another keeper or does that break rules of some kind?
  7. Assuming we can maintain the same standards throughout the rest of the season would we reckon a points haul of 33 would be enough to see us safe? If not what kind of tally do we think will be required to avoid relegation/playoff?
  8. Can we freeze the camera on the centre circle again please? Can’t bare to watch that so called defending.
  9. So McGeever is still out along with Reilly. Expecting the same team that started against Cove but wouldn’t be against Crossan and Church swapping places.
  10. Good read. I don’t suppose you know if the goal cam picked up the moment when an attacker slid in on him and Carswell burst out laughing did it?
  11. Would have taken the point before the match so pleased with that.
  12. Credit to Peterhead for managing that second half perfectly. Stop start football and no chance to build any momentum like we did in the first half after the first 10 minutes. Jones and Johnstone subs effectively killed any hope we did have of scoring though.
  13. Antonia had sorted it for me earlier mate. Streams running perfect tonight so far
  14. Every time I tried to purchase the stream it came up with a http error message. Don’t remember seeing anything about an invalid access token
  15. I reckon I’ve been charged 3 times but I hadn’t seen this post before I had sent an email to the club. Does this mean that I do have a subscription for tonight as every time I tried it came up with an error message? Edit: All sorted now [emoji106]
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