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  1. Sound. So whats reason for him not getting into the team, from what ive seen you lot have looked sh*te
  2. Any truth in the rumour that Rangers haven't paid/missed a payment for O'Halloran and thats why he's not playing?
  3. No. Craig drops out and is replaced by Alston in the middle. Sponny on the right.
  4. Nothing to do with Deila and im certainly not angry! More amused that you think young Scottish players are joining Celtic to play football
  5. FFS wake up Young players are only signing for the money. They couldnt give a fùck about playing or Celtic.
  6. Any of u got stream or just watching on FP?
  7. Not sure if serious All the play in the first half was down the left hand side where an ineffective and slow Liam Craig provided the square root of f**k all. 2nd half he had one run at their defence and was substituted shortly after. If you can not see the potential he has to offer your a baboon. The kid needs game time!
  8. Apart from Murray Davidson our central midfield is hellish. Very slow, negative and powder puff. It a similar story with the majority of the team actually. Yesterday they did not look fit, none of them looking to take a chance or play that killer pass. The team need more energy and go back to basics of pass and move rather than punt ball. I thought we played much better in the 2nd half when we tried to keep the ball on the deck, although the pitch doesn't really help us in that aspect.
  9. Probably the same reason you persist to post on all things St Johnstone
  10. aaaaaaannnd breathe Winning the championship doesn't qualify hearts as a good team BTW
  11. I was quite surprised in the amount of long balls Hearts played. The chat from the fanboys on here made them out to be Scottish Barcelona. Entertaining game none the less but I'd like to think if we had our back 4 from last season we would have pumped them.
  12. Anyone ever have bother with them after buying a new/used car? I'm thinking about buying a 09 focus off them but for some reason I think they are cowboys! Anyone out there able to share some success or horror stories to help me on my travels....no pun intended!
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