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  1. I disagree. Embarrassing for Stellaboz and Rovers that.
  2. We all agree that Coldplay are shite. Embarrassing for the Rovers that.
  3. DRAW In fact Arbroath could do us. Dick will work us out quick enough.
  4. Aye I'd say so. Since the death of Falkirk you lot have taken those reins and you're better than us by and large. S'all topsy turvy. We had a lot of games vs Falkirk and less against the Rovers and it just takes the edge off so will probably happen to the Rovers games too...unless we go down.
  5. I know. Which I believe is daft and somewhat contradictory. Cant be just a wee team, lowly, insignificant AND important enough to incite strong feelings such as hatred. Easy fix.
  6. For some reason I am only just realising that he doesn't want to be here but he knows its his last management gig and he needs the pay off. As he literally has no feelings of pride in Dunfermline Athletic, they're just a diddy team, he doesn't care where it takes them as long as he gets paid off ASAP. Explains the wild substitutes and losing the dressing room seemingly instantly.
  7. Agree whole heartedly with all the homophobia and paedo stuff, its infantile. I would also like to bring up my own pet peeve of a song...."You're just a wee teeeeam (a shrewd deduction, no arguments there) we f**kin' hate you, you're just a wee team" It should be "We don't even hate you, you're just a wee team" If you could kindly bring this to the attention of your nearest 14 year old Stone Islander, it would be much appreciated. P.S. Overall, well done to those laddies, bit naive of course but no one else is making any noise at East End
  8. Yup as I remember. Grants arse rooted firmly to his seat after Doms goal. Looks gutted.
  9. WE SHALL NOT....WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED. Grant will not be defeated...sorta
  10. I think just about enough. So fingers crossed.
  11. I applauded Vytas because I have an illogical love for him and Dom Thomas. Am I imagining things or did Dom run over to the main stand and try and make a point during his celebration. Shields n that were on their feet but Grant was sat on his arse.
  12. Fair result that. I really enjoyed what I believe they call "shithousery". Wighton refusing to get the ball at his feet in the stand. The Rovers player bouncing the ball off the back of Todorovs heads during the double booking near the end. More of that please.
  13. Good metaphor for the Scottish Championship this. 2nd best team vs the worst team, both reekin the place out.
  14. Here, youse aren't actually talking about finishing top 4?
  15. f**k that. Shitest draw I could come up with and we got it.
  16. Called that cup draw, absolutely the most boring draw imaginable.
  17. The speakers in that stand are way too loud. Dunfermline were a shambles, watched so many players shrugging and making "I dont know whats going on" gestures. Grant pulled Pybus aside and told him something in an animated fashion and Dan just shuffled away clearly bemused. For some reason I feel sorry for Vytas, defensively pretty strong but apart from that struggled big time. Those players must be hating going into work, especially on a Saturday.
  18. I spy Iain Wilson....is that new? I've been away a few weeks.
  19. In this situation, when none of us know the details but are well at liberty to speculate I'm inclined to take Watsons side. I'm sure he feels a lot better having this wrapped up and being out of that environment. Good luck to him. Doubt he will be the last to try and get out.
  20. Aye players come and go but its the manner of it all. Such a grotesque laughing stock our club has become.
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