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  1. Doesn't matter. You get one win at least before the real work starts. Rules is rules.
  2. Agreed. Kai also needed a mouthful after the swan dive, lovely to see from the big man.
  3. Is that the No.3 boy? Jealous of that. We haven't got any shihousery
  4. Also, Kai Kennedy, diving basturt of the highest order. Not what we need.
  5. Many have said it, as I have, and it was underlined again today. Kai Kennedy is not a player for the bottom half of the championship relegation battle. That dive was fuckin embarrassing and worthy alone of getting shipped back West immediately. All shit. No pass marks.
  6. Awrite lads, dont mind me, just in here getting a heat.
  7. f**k this, I'm away to the Falkirk thread for some R&R
  8. Funny you should ask. Him and Reece Cole were heading toward Costa Coffee as we were walking to the ground.
  9. Matty Todd and Lewis McCann certainly aren't an answer to anything.
  10. Imagine going up there and getting beat off that rabble.
  11. Best player in the Premier League
  12. We've no idea what Martin is like now. Might be mince.
  13. Easy enough win on Saturday I reckon. There are teams, we were one of them, that are so shite that even a mediocre half arsed performance all but guarantees you 3 points. Like when Morton came to East End last time. From what I hear, and the little ive seen, Accies, like Ayr United, are currently one of those teams. I can only surmise its the "chucked it" mentality that can happen down here at the bottom end of the Championship.
  14. Would be very happy with that. Just think these things should be done before they leave us for good, no after. Would be lovely.
  15. Vytas is no a ball playing centre half god love'im.
  16. Thistle are tichter than John McGlynns hoop to be fair to them. S'all got a bit shitfesty as predicted.
  17. Any Jags fans coming tonight? Starts in a few minutes like...
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