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  1. The speakers in that stand are way too loud. Dunfermline were a shambles, watched so many players shrugging and making "I dont know whats going on" gestures. Grant pulled Pybus aside and told him something in an animated fashion and Dan just shuffled away clearly bemused. For some reason I feel sorry for Vytas, defensively pretty strong but apart from that struggled big time. Those players must be hating going into work, especially on a Saturday.
  2. I spy Iain Wilson....is that new? I've been away a few weeks.
  3. In this situation, when none of us know the details but are well at liberty to speculate I'm inclined to take Watsons side. I'm sure he feels a lot better having this wrapped up and being out of that environment. Good luck to him. Doubt he will be the last to try and get out.
  4. Aye players come and go but its the manner of it all. Such a grotesque laughing stock our club has become.
  5. They count all season tickets whether they attend or not.
  6. Assuming all in their prime. Crawford Brewster Adam Hammill Would have no need for defenders.
  7. Seems we can scrape a draw here n there against the rest of the dross in this league but Thistle are flying so i'm pretty sure of defeat here.
  8. That'll huv t'dae ....please dont make me go back to my club side....
  9. Here, they're no bad for fishermen btw. Poppin' it about well.
  10. Only Gordon saving our blushes so far. We always seem to be shite in the first half. Hopefully sort it out, no panic yet.
  11. I, for one, respect your commitment to all this. Oh can you post a clip of Gilmours tackle on Solomon. I watched the highlights to see it again and I dont they even showed it.
  12. I think we all pick one or two things, politically or morally that we take a genuine interest in. I can't educate myself on every single thing and in my life I have chosen the conflict between Israel n' Palestine to read up on over a couple of decades. Initially through close family first hand accounts of arseholeness. I dont want to get Into all that I just mention it because it explains why I am unwilling to stand and happy clap the anthem of Israel and why I am very much willing to give a hearty belly booooooooo! I'm happy to leave it there and I will boo them in the next Euro quail's, you clap them if you want, Stoo61 is not for clapping. (To help you Tories understand )
  13. I'm torn now. Since its introduction I've been against it, for those reasons, but those cheating b*****ds might have scraped a draw or worse on Saturday were it not for VAR. I was jumping about like a loon but with eyes trained on the referee for around 10 seconds until I was sure.
  14. I took a wee seat during and gave it a big ol' boo at its crescendo. Not embarrassed in the slightest....but lets not do this, not here.
  15. Nisbet in for Adams. (Only because Adams is out mind) Dunfermline bias confirmed right here.
  16. A load of Tory shite. Didnt get checked at all myself. Big crowd and people were warned to turn up early. Non story as ever with that mob.
  17. Has anyone explained the phone torches at 69 minutes?
  18. I've given this a wee screen shot for posterity.
  19. YYYAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!! That is all.
  20. Christ was that 18 year ago..... I'm confident about today...early onset dementia?
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