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  1. McPake manager of the month again, might struggle in this one.
  2. I'd play Hosler. Having one player that can beat a man cant be a bad thing.
  3. Palpable excitement. 1-0 Pars. 72nd minute after a lot of huffing and puffing.
  4. What's wrong with Abba likes? If The Winner Takes It All is not a glory hunting anthem I don't know what is. Support your local bands....
  5. Think Sammy is wasted at full back, get that big nut in the box. Forgot there was a game on. Weather is pish and i'm hungover. Not for me.
  6. Shite result but I'm no looking too deeply into it. Onto the next.
  7. Currently smashing lines of McGlynns post match the now. Very moreish!
  8. Biggest game of the day and second biggest attendance I would assume. Approximately zero coverage I reckon.
  9. Are we sitting in our allocated seats or free for all?
  10. He's a bit of a shithouse ol' Todorov. Tries to wind players up I've noticed.
  11. Sticking with my Matty Todd winner prediction but I'm also having Wee Chris Hamilton getting sent off. He'll be too up for this. No liking the Falkirk optimism. I liked it more when you were dribbling with rage over Gary Holt or whoever.
  12. Absolutely no idea what will transpire....but I'm scared. I think this is the first game I've properly cared about in a long time. I suppose thats a nice development from the Grant/Yogi times. Matty Tod winner late on....2-1. That would be delightful.
  13. Aye had someone jump out a car yesterday screaming about roads and car parks. Was funny cause he was all ready to go and realised there was around 3000 people to scrap so did a wee jog around the motor n jumped back in Like you say. One police car at the wee round about one at the other end for 20 mins. All but guarantees no injuries in the future.
  14. Scraped another one. Rrrrreally don't want to lose in Grangemouth but not confident.
  15. It's some laugh how after many many decades (maybe even longer than that) the polis have stopped shutting off the road outside East End. Waiting for a squishing.
  16. I don't know why Hamilton is in n out of the first team. Joe can have a consolation and that's it.
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