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  1. Ooft if Kennedy isn't playing, there is no point in going.
  2. The most mental thing about this fixture is that we are so terrible and yet we are still going to win this quite comfortably. Makes no sense but thats football. Back to the normal losses/0-0's at Palmerston on Saturday.
  3. That is every single set of fans in this division as far as I can tell.
  4. No goin' anywhere ya bunch o' muppets, get that f*ckin kettle on! Yeehaa am yer da!
  5. I had assumed any booing was for Granty boys silly decisions.
  6. Wighton battered his knee off the tarmac at the side of the park but was rotten , thats why he was subbed. Hopefully not injured. Todorov looked as surprised as we were that he was taken off. Certainly didnt look injured.
  7. Bottled it at 70 mins. Wild subs as expected. Kai Kennedy is a wee ray of sunshine though. Its a daaaamn shame we have him this season, such a waste.
  8. A lot of Pars fans losing a lot of money if The Pars get something out of Saturday.
  9. Opposition fans don't take us seriously until they see it with their own eyes.
  10. "If we take away the goals conceded, remove any mistakes, perhaps field the Man City first 11 in our jerseys, replace myself with a testicle with googly eyes stuck on it....we'll do a lot better" Peter Grant - 17:00 21/09/2021
  11. Thats me put a not insignificant chunk of coin on Inverness for Saturday. (Odds shortened, which was inevitable but annoying, they probably expected Grant to be punted this week) So....guaranteed Pars win. 1-0 Todorov and he runs into the managers arms to celebrate.
  12. Aye the Stenny boy isn't in possession of all the facts. From an outsider its probably a solid point of view and worth discussing but we, with the experience, obviously know better. Thats plenty @Neilly we get your point, but its just wrong. Cheers anyway.
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