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  1. Oh ya, the boy is an absolute dream boat! Well spotted, how good would they look with a Dunfermline kit though....where he BELONGS!!
  2. Dunfermline vs Everton, pre season friendly, was my first ever game but it was the 90's and Westwater let a ball squirm between his legs and in. We lost 1-0...was in the terracing...thats all I remember.
  3. If I was going to be walking, I'd rather it was away from Aberdeen.
  4. What if your team doesn't deserve any backing? Inverness is aaaaaaaages away, Falkirk is just over there.
  5. Can we stop fucking around and get Jo Cardle back and give him some sort of footballing tenure?
  6. Far and away the worst standard of football I have witnessed for a league season. (Been going since 1996) Every team is shite, some are less shite than others and find themselves at the top but its all just brutal stuff.
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