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  1. Have we just to leave it at that then? There must be something that can be done, its a matter of principle now surely.
  2. Stephens Steak and Haggis Pie......I think for one month only there should be a Steak and Haggis Bridie. There I said it. Someone had to.
  3. I had a Forfar bridie once. Well, I say had, I took one bite then got my stomach pumped. Never again. Absolute joke.
  4. Have the SFA cyber hackers been in a killed the site? Link doesn't work....?
  5. eeerrmmm....I'm hearing Keatings appeal for the "dive" has been rejected?! Imagine that was James Forest or something, just imagine.
  6. Boris Johnson is an Arbroath fan, explain that yin if ye can!
  7. I am actually really looking forward to this after so long without a game. Players should be well drilled, raring to go and any niggles gone. Anything but a win would be a bad result. It is, however, it is entirely plausible that we go and lose. The Championship is a free for all.
  8. Match abandoned. It is fair sashin' it down
  9. Oaft the Ref is guna get papped oot his lodge if he can't come up with another scheme quick.
  10. I stand corrected. Taken from another forum post I think...could be slavering.
  11. "The current rule is that yellow cards cannot be appealed unless it was for diving or mistaken identity." Should be appealed and obviously rescinded.
  12. Blatant blatant dive! No contact whatsoever. 🙄 (Christ oan a bike)
  13. Away ye's go. Its a cup game, a one off, its commonly agreed that anything can happen in a one off cup game and it often does. Big deal.
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