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  1. If England want to force players into isolation then thats up to them. Scotland will deal with Scotland so GIRFUY Southgate and Dalic, greetin faced fannies.
  2. I cant see how this can be worse than the England game. Found an ol bottle of Rescue Remedy and tanned it. Stood outside at half time just breathing and looking at the trees. Frankly it was horrible. I'm a little more chilled about this....for now.
  3. Stoo61

    Third place

    Im not in the slightest bit bothered about the next round at this point. Having said that, if we did get a "easier" draw we'd be even more likely to get papped oot, I reckon. Something like a Netherlands would be just the ticket.
  4. The more the British Broadcasting Corporation treat us like we dont matter/exist the better, in the long run. If the FA want to follow Public Health England guidelines to the letter then thats their problem. Why doest any other player or staff in both the England or Scotland camp have a positive covid test? Probably because its a false positive.
  5. To me it sounds like discussion regards other players/close contact etc than Billy....more worrying than anything else. EDIT:...which is probably what you were getting at. Och I dunno, my heed is pickled.
  6. I've been in that stadium, blacked out, for a Copenhagen league game....its a good place for football...I think.
  7. It also means England are through, not that they'd ever considered that was a possibility Even if England get pumped? I'd still love that to be a possibility
  8. Whys it not goal difference?! Head f**k. But anyway who cares
  9. How are Finland bottom with a better goal difference than Russia?
  10. Stoo61

    Third place

    Belgium score, Finland drop to 3rd place and somehow Denmark through in second SCRAP THAT, VAR again
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