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  1. Right...I've got it. The best loanee......Sir Stephen of Crawford. Close the thread.
  2. One heeder does not a great loanee make. (It totally does)
  3. Damn boys I said very good. I'm allowing Hardie, Thomas, Kiltie and Hammill so far.
  4. Martin Hardie! Was he on loan? I'm looking at his autograph right now. Just watched the Leicester vs Watford highlights and Conteh looked awfy lazy for the Foxes 4th goal. You'd think you'd be running through brick walls on your debut. GET HIM OUT!
  5. When was the last time a loan player was very good? Adam Hammill?
  6. There is very very few players of quality in this league, especially in the bottom half of it. Players doing side ways steps aren't going to make a difference but im sure he will slot in and fill a gap. Its depth not improvement.
  7. I think Wilson and Thomas can strengthen us upon their return. Perhaps just enough to secure 9th. Thomas - Wilson - Dorrans/Pybus - Cole/Dow - Lawless Compared with.. Lawless -Todd - Pybus - Allan - Dow. Could be the difference.
  8. He's also said there are players in and they are taking a look but basically they aren't setting the heather alight. We are a club that deals in dregs at the minute, I dont think we'll get any quality in.
  9. I think I can delete this thread since I started it. Probably for the best.
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