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  1. Funny seeing Chalmers pretending he is contemplating putting a challenge in on Nat Wederburn sometimes.
  2. Waaaay too much optimism in this thread. Don't feel comfortable. Away top look promising.
  3. Multiple exclamation marks is shite. One will suffice.
  4. Last year I thought we had an embarrassment of riches up front and that turned into a simple embarrassment. It's the same forwards, so far, this pre season....wonder what it'll be.
  5. 2 little words there give me a chubby. Andrew and Tod.
  6. Think Dow lost a bit of pace after injury which made him less effective. A good player, wish him well.
  7. Going pin stripey again...not sure about that.
  8. I'm still running the campaign for the steak bridie to get a couple'a pumps o haggis right up it....if anyone is interested.
  9. The Chris Hamilton Stand I like it. (Please don't be shite)
  10. Is the Edwards rumour part of the Robertson/Tierney/Patterson effect? Teams looking for cheap full backs from Scotland cause that's aw we do.
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