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  1. I'm trying not to laugh.. but can't help but think only fair.
  2. Something has just clicked this season and to be fair same last season. The players individually may not be world beaters but as the team unit as current results indicate they are unstoppable.
  3. I with you on this.. unless there is an early goal (for either side) can see this being a ICT sitting in for the draw with the occasional counter attack making it painful viewing. I hope I'm so wrong.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted already but thought good to share. Super Ayr on Have I got news for you the other night.
  5. It will be either 0-0 or the complete opposite. 3-4 to Ayr.
  6. Ayrshire Post - Voice of Reason, stating that McCall to reject any Patrick Thistle office.
  7. Queens v Ayr

    Ferguson, if Higgins makes a full recovery I expect he'll be away in January. Maybe that's why he's only on a 6 month contract Was Higgins not given 6 month deal just to prove fitness, so assuming he could if willing extend his contract in January.
  8. No, just have to win Scottish Cup instead
  9. SEASIDE SONS - UNITED WITH PRIDE No 1 In Ayrshre.. (no surprise really) Keep downloading playing and UK / Scottish charts released on Friday.AU500 Link: http://www.seasidesons.bandcamp.com
  10. Bought, anyone think we should ditch the kids are united for this when the boys run our? I think on Saturday that is the case, United with Pride will play. Not sure if a permanent change or just because of the new release.
  11. Video now released for United with Pride
  12. UNITED WITH PRIDE OUT NOW Download this song to support your local band and your local team. Lets get this song in the Scottish Download charts. Put Ayr on the map AVAILABLE AT ALL MAJOR DIGITAL OUTLETS DOWNLOAD VIA THE BANDCAMP LINK BELOW AND 100% OF ALL PROFIT WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE AU500 FUND for Official Ayr United FC Page www.seasidesons.bandcamp.com
  13. Hopefully as McCall back from holiday now, just depends if any of the players are...?
  14. SPFL 1 League Stats

    is the split between home & away support available so average Raith Away support for example.