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  1. Was on Ipad and worked ok - a little "blocky" towards the end.
  2. To be fair a great free kick against Thistle, so if every 2nd free kick score, I would be happy with that 😀
  3. Moore will be on fire this season 🙂 (until injured)
  4. Good to see the planning application has been approved on the new offices, shop and social club.
  5. I really hope he comes back - been outstanding for us.
  6. I think the majority of clubs will be doing the same as Dunfermline over the coming days. How can any club issue a new contract in the current situation, i.e. not knowing when / if or how the season will start and potential income. From memory we have about 4 players on existing contracts into next season, which I'm assuming are furlough(?) until the season restarts.
  7. OK final call to get your tickets. Entry to be confirmed by 12 on Saturday for 2pm draw. https://twitter.com/WJShorts/status/1263787034415685633
  8. I got the Ayr Advertiser one, can't remember how long for delivery but pleased with the quality.
  9. All fellow Ayr fans - I have restored James Mechan previous Ayr Utd archive site and currently working on a new fresh website using the original data but once I have completed the initial design, if anyone is interested in helping to develop the site or provide content then please get touch. There is so much data and only so much I can do myself. New site here : Ayr Utd Archive Website
  10. Don't think this really matters, fans have to travel regardless of north or south. The two teams have been confirmed for some time, so no real reason not to confirm the date. Unless of course, the TV trucks don't want to travel up the A9 midweek.
  11. Is the quarter stage shown on TV, thought it was just the semi and the final You could be right; referenced last years Tv schedule info and games moved to the Friday, but not covered on TV (odd) Reference: https://spfl.co.uk/news/play-off-dates-and-tv-selections
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