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  1. REMINDER Draft Tonight at 8:30pm - Please try and be there in person, if you can't then try and set a draft order to avoid any disappointment. I will randomise the draft order 30 mins before the draft.
  2. Yeh I could go an auction if there’s spaces
  3. Happy to do either of those if everyone else is. if anyone CAN’T do Tue or Wed, then please comment. Thanks
  4. I am proposing we draft: Sunday September 6th at 8:00pm This is the international break weekend so none of our teams are playing, and Scotland are Friday and Monday games, so no worries there either. We could make it the Tuesday or Wednesday night if there are issues with the Sunday. If everyone can confirm they are happy with the Sunday night at 8, that would be appreciated. Cheers
  5. @PB1994 and @Fife Saint You can claim a team using this link - https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/305585/invited?eh=c0c4fdd4
  6. Perfect. That makes 12, I’m gonna close it there. I’ll set the league up and invite/post the link for those that need it
  7. Perfect, there's 10 confirmed returns from last year + Fife Saint makes 11. 1 more would be ideal so we can call it a 12 and set a draft date.
  8. BUMP If anyone is wanting to play in this league this season, I'll leave sign ups open for another couple of weeks. Ideally we would draft in the first week of September with the season kicking off on September 10th. If you're keen to play (Standard Snake Draft, 0.5 PPR) then just comment below. Cheers
  9. BUMP Re-activated for 2020. We had 16 last year, would be ideal to run with same numbers this year, or if more we can make 2 leagues. Below were those who played last year, if you can confirm if you wanna play again that would be ideal. If you are new and want in, just post and we'll start another list then figure it all out in August. Cheers. 2019 League Members (Italic Confirmed) PaulMarnie DarkBlue62 SuperA the_steelmen jagfox JamboStu KevGallagher JStrummer86 PieOfTheMonth PandBSpain SilvioDante Same_ol_g35
  10. Already panicking, major fears for the fitness of my big guys
  11. Ok, I've sobered up enough after yesterday's game to finally type this out. After the Grand Prix, the daft order is as follows: Silvio DarkBlue62 The_Steelmen JamboStu SuperA PieOfTheMonth Same_Ol_G35 Spain KevGallagher Liam86 FifeSaint Jagfox JStrummer86 PaulMarnie 1:30 timer on each pick, if you' can't make it/are gonna be late...please try and set an order
  12. Ok, the draw for the race has been done and can be viewed below: https://player.vimeo.com/video/356519342 If you CBA watching the video for the suspense and wanna know which driver you're cheering on this weekend... Good luck to all; I will be on a flight for the duration of the race, so look forward to landing to the news my guy has spun out lap 1. We'll be going by the official standings come the end of the race, and should there be gaps (e.g. Hamilton wins, the next driver up will take the spot and so on) I will post the draft order based on the race results on Sunday evening.
  13. Unless there are any other ideas (and as I am going on holiday tomorrow til Monday) I will do the following: - using random.org list generator, we will all be allocated a number from 1-14 - I will then load all drivers from Sunday’s race into the same generator to allocate them a number as well - those allocated 1-14 will be our selections and obv their number coincides with ours - where your driver finishes on Sunday is your draft spot (obv any of the drivers not allocated to one of us e.g 15-20 will be disregarded) Everyone good with this?
  14. Horse racing is a good idea, that or the Grand Prix on Sunday? Total goals is another good idea. Any thoughts?
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