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  1. I think realistically most fans are looking for a mixture of styles. There were times under Robinson where Motherwell were doing the 'winning turgid football' but by God was it brutal on the eye. And sitting out in a bleak Scottish winter to watch it didn't help. It's all about balance really. No one is going to complain about 1-0 hoofball wins 3 or 4 times a season but if it's the only type of win then in my opinion you don't get much out of it. The same would apply to playing good football and not winning. At the end of the day you don't just go to football to see wins. If that was the case I'd probably not be a Motherwell and there would be better places to take in my football. You want to see entertainment, skills, young players coming through, dramatic moments, rivalry and a myriad of other factors.
  2. Wisnae me mate! I try and read 20 novels per year and we are quite far into October and so far I've read.....eh.....2. Shocking stuff but I've had a lot of other things on the go this year. 1. 'The Peregrine' by J. A. Baker. This probably isn't for everyone as there is no real story and it focuses on a man's obsessive and repetitive raptor spotting lifestyle (in a sense it kind of reminded me of Huysman's 'Against Nature', although the actual topic is completely different). However I loved it. Amazing descriptions of wildlife and landscape. And the end was surprisingly emotional. It won't draw everyone in, a lot of it seems the same but I think makes more sense over the span of the book as the different seasons drift by, but if you like non traditional novels this might be up your alley, or perhaps more fittingly, down your hedgerow. 2. 'Moth To The Flame' by Stig Dagermann I tend to read bleak literature, so that wasn't the problem, but this was a tough read. Just didn't like the style of the writing and since everyone in Scandinavia loves Dagermann and it was obvious there was some real philosophical depth behind the writing, I think this was an example of a failed translation. The kind of book where you could pull all sorts of great quotes, even passages out of it but as a whole it just didn't click with me and to be honest despite being just over 200 pages it was a bit of a slog. Currently reading 'Darkness At Noon' by Arthur Koestler which means I'm reading 2 suicidal authors in a row! And obviously I'm not going to hit 20 novels this year but 10 maybe? Want to get back into the swing of things. So many books, so little life.
  3. I might be wrong about this but isn't there two play off matches to qualify?
  4. Didn't we have 10 men for most of that match though? Remember Elliott being sent off against Faroes.
  5. We need to put on Richard Gough for a 97th minute qualification rescuer.
  6. Why the f**k can Turnbull not get a game in this gash team?
  7. The fact that Shane Duffy just scored an international goal is putting our failure to hit the net into sharp focus.
  8. World Cup Is None Of Your Business? October Spawned A Monster?
  9. It's fine this Faroes team won't be able to play on a cold October night in the rain.
  10. But no cut out foxes on the stand roofs.
  11. Was 2-0 Austria and 1-0 Denmark so I'd expect it to be a bit tense tonight. Early goal would be huge.
  12. Hitting it down the middle is what shit bag players do so they don't miss the target.
  13. How many levels of the game are we going to fail in?
  14. But anyone could do that. Manager's have to show off their tactical genius that the normal punter's like us just don't possess.
  15. I'm not going to make out O'Donnell is a great player, for me he's pretty average in the Motherwell team, but Patterson has 1 league appearance all season. He just shouldn't be in the team end of story. I'm tired of absolutely atrocious team selection from Clarke. Players out of position, players out of form, players in form ignored, players not getting club football. EDIT - We score and concede in the time it took me to write this. Dear god.
  16. I say it every time, Turnbull should start these matches for his set piece delivery. Best in the squad by a mile. Just screams out that our attitude to actually scoring at this level is 'maybe we will, maybe we won't' Team selection during the Clarke era has been absolutely bizarre.
  17. Israel have consistently outplayed us over half a dozen or so games. Not that surprised so far.
  18. Going back to the game at Fir Park the thing I liked about Ramsay, apart from being Aberdeen's best player by a mile, was that he was on the East Stand side 2nd half talking a lot of stick off some of our more vociferous fans and he wasn't having it. Didn't phase him and gave plenty stick back and I've got to say I love it when players get supporters telt. I think that says a lot about his mentality as an 18 year old footballer.
  19. Fury is a totally different level from Bellew. He has the best movement and ring skills of any current heavyweight by miles, he's fucking enormous and he can take a punch. Usyk has done great and proved a lot of people wrong but it's a different story when Fury starts clinching and leaning on him for 6, 7, 8 rounds. There was a spell in the match last night where Usyk looked gassed and AJ made a bit of a come back. Fury will exhaust him in the ring way more than AJ did.
  20. Since Ruiz exposed his chin he's been terrified to come forward. When Lewis lost to Rahman he came back and decked the guy with one of the all time great shots. When AJ lost to Ruiz he came back and played it safe for the win. The alarm bells should gone off then. AJ isn't as bad as his detractors will make out but he knows he doesn't have a chin and that's in his head now plus he doesn't have the grit in his belly that you need to be a real warrior. I don't think anyone out the Top 4 is actually going to beat him but he's not the fighter he was pre Ruiz loss and you gotta have Usyk and Fury ahead of him as the top guys.
  21. A very sincere man. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Hello
  22. A friend from Lancashire sent me this. Lot going on in this story. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/19585023.dishevelled-man-bits-hanging-boxers-assaulted-driver/
  23. This sounds completely made up but is apparently true. Corinne Drewery of 1980's synthpop group Swing Out Sister now runs a hospital for injured hedgehogs.
  24. Aberdeen obviously been practising going to ground on any contact whatsoever, over say, passing.
  25. When I was a kid I used to eat dry Jacobs Cream Crackers straight out the packet. When I was a teenager and should have been at school I used to just wander off into the fields with the Dead Kennedys/Black Flag on my Aiwa walkman and eat red liquorice laces cos they were really cheap and you could buy loads of them. Enough to last you a days worth of wandering about fields.
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