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  1. Fury is a totally different level from Bellew. He has the best movement and ring skills of any current heavyweight by miles, he's fucking enormous and he can take a punch. Usyk has done great and proved a lot of people wrong but it's a different story when Fury starts clinching and leaning on him for 6, 7, 8 rounds. There was a spell in the match last night where Usyk looked gassed and AJ made a bit of a come back. Fury will exhaust him in the ring way more than AJ did.
  2. Since Ruiz exposed his chin he's been terrified to come forward. When Lewis lost to Rahman he came back and decked the guy with one of the all time great shots. When AJ lost to Ruiz he came back and played it safe for the win. The alarm bells should gone off then. AJ isn't as bad as his detractors will make out but he knows he doesn't have a chin and that's in his head now plus he doesn't have the grit in his belly that you need to be a real warrior. I don't think anyone out the Top 4 is actually going to beat him but he's not the fighter he was pre Ruiz loss and you gotta have Usyk and Fury ahead of him as the top guys.
  3. A very sincere man. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Hello
  4. A friend from Lancashire sent me this. Lot going on in this story. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/19585023.dishevelled-man-bits-hanging-boxers-assaulted-driver/
  5. This sounds completely made up but is apparently true. Corinne Drewery of 1980's synthpop group Swing Out Sister now runs a hospital for injured hedgehogs.
  6. Aberdeen obviously been practising going to ground on any contact whatsoever, over say, passing.
  7. When I was a kid I used to eat dry Jacobs Cream Crackers straight out the packet. When I was a teenager and should have been at school I used to just wander off into the fields with the Dead Kennedys/Black Flag on my Aiwa walkman and eat red liquorice laces cos they were really cheap and you could buy loads of them. Enough to last you a days worth of wandering about fields.
  8. Well Austria away became key because we only drew at home. We have to at least match Austria across the two ties to have a chance. The Israel tie is key because it's a home tie we need to win. Assuming Denmark is going to be the hardest match if we can't beat them, don't beat Israel and didn't beat Austria at home then we are basically fucked. On the other hand if we beat Israel at home (with the away draw), match Austria (two draws) and maybe get something off Denmark at home (say another draw) I think there is a decent chance we would finish second if we mop up the minnows.
  9. Right now we look ok in terms of points and the table but I think that is mainly due to not having played the key fixtures (Israel home, Austria away). If we could win it would put a major dent in Austria's hopes however let's be honest about this we don't look like beating a decent team at home never mind away from home. On the flip side this is pretty much a must win for Austria and if that doesn't motivate the home side nothing will. A draw would be fine if we win against Israel at home and don't drop silly points on the road (who isn't terrified at the prospect of Moldova away?) but overall though this team still has a lot to prove that it's even mediocre never mind able to qualify from a group.
  10. Once I had to do this ice breaker at a new job where you had to say something about your life that was either true or false and then there was a 20 questions type interrogation so people could work out which one it was. I managed to convince an entire room of people that I was a pilot.
  11. You can say the manager is a haddy, we need this player in this position, this player in that position, a different formation etc, etc, etc. Here's the brutal truth. We are NOWHERE near good enough. That's it. We just aren't any good.
  12. We aren't even mediocre. Anyone that watched the Euros should have known Denmark are so far ahead of us it's embarrassing.
  13. I highly doubt Clarke will experiment too much away to Denmark with a major pumping peaking over the Copenhagen skyline. Realistically 4 points against Moldova and Austria keeps us in the running but we are crossing our fingers and hoping Austria don't win in Israel and we'll probably need to get something off Denmark in the home match.
  14. At least the Saturday fixtures will back to normal.
  15. Scottish based keepers obviously keeping a close eye on developments at the Euros.
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