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  1. great......*****SEETHING****** technique........
  2. How many tens of millions do you need to have in the bank before you say 'You know what, I'll think I'll no bother with that Gillette advert'
  3. Messi is clearly about 70% fit at best.
  4. That giant labrador picture behind the Argentina goals far and away the best thing about this match so far.
  5. His entire career was based on winning 1-0 so it's probably had it's effect.
  6. Hat maker - "What hat size are you?" Mexican - "Enormous!"
  7. Argentina finding out if you field players with Mac surnames you're going straight out at the first hurdle.
  8. You could replace De Paul with T'Pau and improve the heart and soul of this team.
  9. This ref looks like he could win every header.
  10. Ah, the Callum McGregor of the Pampas.
  11. If you remember back to '86, Argentina were absolutely howlin' in the group stages. #messistillhope.
  12. Surprising number of Mexicans who still haven't been dismembered and left in plastic bags by a highway.
  13. Some of these sitters being missed are so bad Kevin van Veen would have scored them.
  14. I've not taken hallucinogenic drugs for ages. Last Friday I think it was.
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