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  1. Can't remember the last time County wore their away shirt at McDiarmid. Dundee too, both have worn all navy at McDiarmid for a few years now. They wore their away kit all 4 times they played St Mirren last year.
  2. Finland going up and down this group like a lift.
  3. Home advantage working for the Danes. Will it work for us....
  4. JP has just gone pure Alan Partridge LOOK AT THAT! LOOK AT THAT!!!
  5. Just screamed 'OH!!!!! YES!!!!! IT'S IN!!!!!!!' at the top of my voice.
  6. Mbabu - Rangers Schmeichel - Falkirk Krul - Falkirk Lustig - Celtic Helander - Rangers
  7. North Macedonia had two marginal offside goals disallowed, smashed one off the post and had numerous other chances. Dutch ain't great at the back. On the other hand they score goals and have two of the best players in the tournament so far - Dumfries and Wijnaldum.
  8. So Belgium beat Finland and it's all rinky dinky do. Until we f**k it ourselves.
  9. Netherlands look like they are going to hit a cricket score here against N. Macedonia.
  10. Alan Shearer, 12% win ratio as a manager, has a piece on the BBC website called 'What England Need To Change Against Czechs'. What a fucking beamer.
  11. Portugal have to be sweating it. They have France to play and if they lose they are almost certainly out.
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