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  1. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    McLeish has now mentioned three times that the players were nervous to explain the poor performance. Nervous being 1-0 up in 4 minutes against officially the worst team in the world? The lot of them should give up.
  2. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Watching Scotland is like having your soul vacuumed out through your arsehole.
  3. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Not championing McLeish here but when you have a international squad where your choice up front is Burke, McBurnie or Johnny Russell you've failed at a national level over a couple of decades.
  4. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    At what point do you look at the players? Some recent absolutely atrocious performances would include 0-3 Slovakia, 0-1 Costa Rica, Peru 0-2, Belgium 0-4, Israel 1-2, Kazakhstan 0-3. Our players simply do not bother their arse at international level. Queen of the South would beat San Marino more comfortably than this....and not because they have better players.
  5. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Also seems to think San Marino have a player called Bennidedenidetinni.
  6. Facts you made up

    The traditional method of capital punishment in Costa Rica was to repeatedly hit the condemned prisoner over the head with a pineapple. In 1972, after concerns that this was not humane and often led to lengthy bludgeonings, executions were carried out with tinned pineapple.
  7. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Pumped Gibraltar 6-1 and 6-0 Funnily enough I was in the pub last night and saw Gibraltar lose 0-1 to Rep Ireland. Didn't look a big gulf between the teams and a couple of the Gibraltar players looked decent. Big Darren Randolph made a great save as well. So it's not just us.
  8. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    San Marino 0 Belarus 2 San Marino 0 Moldova 1 San Marino 0 Luxembourg 3 San Marino 0 Northern Ireland 3 San Marino 0 Moldova 2 San Marino 0 Andorra 2 San Marino 0 Azerbaijan 1 San Marino 0 Slovenia 2 While San Marino are absolutely hopeless and have taken some tonkings off the better teams (Germany, England, Croatia, Czech Republic) they generally have kept it relatively tight against the not so good teams. A laboured 2-0 win is entirely possible.
  9. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Honestly think we should send this entire squad home and pick the Arbroath team.
  10. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I've said it before but the attitude of our players towards international football is absolutely shocking and has been for ages. Players are a bunch of twitchy arsed snowflakes, fraud Scots and can't be bothereds. Andy Robertson might be our best player but his moaning and whining about being played at left midfield tells you everything about us. What about showing some leadership? Players not playing on artificial turf is horse shit. The amount of call offs is ridiculous. Not one of these guys is interested or has the gumption to lead by example. Every one of them needs a fucking kick up the arse. While I'd accept we don't produce top level players I don't think this result or so many before this one is down to talent. Our attitude stinks and until we have players that are prepared to treat international football in a professional manner we simply have no chance of succeeding at this level.
  11. Mafia War

    Surely there has to be better ways to determine if someone is dead?
  12. Pretty much for the whole of Robinson's tenure we've not had a functioning midfield with Alan Campbell basically being expected to run the thing on his own. This was something I pointed out at the beginning of last season. If Campbell was 'tired' earlier in the season it was probably psychological rather than physically. He's basically been the midfield since he came into the team. Now we have Gorrin - Campbell - Turnbull and the introduction of two very good players to compliment Campbell has seen us transformed. That's right kids, if you have a functional midfield you can actually compete in matches and play some football. There are other factors in our rise of course but mostly it's down to having a competent midfield unit that is mobile, can take a touch and can actually pass the ball.
  13. Last Book You Read....

    I only started it once and finished it no times. It was a long time ago but I found after about 70 pages or so that it was the same joke over and over again.
  14. Motherwell V Heart of Midlothian

    Hearts Training Schedule 11/02/2019 - 16/02/2019 Monday 11th - Pretend you've been poked in the eye and roll around Tuesday 12th - 6 at the back Wednesday 13th - Studs up Thursday 14th - Fall over at minimal contact despite being much bigger than opponent Friday 15th - Elbows Saturday 16th - Goalkeeping howlers.
  15. Motherwell V Heart of Midlothian

    Major LOLs. Boy with the Union Jack. If you are reading this - get it right up you.