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  1. Goldson is utter shite. He's a disaster. Do you scout for Aberdeen or something?
  2. When are Scottish managers going to learn that you don't win Finals by resting players, rotating the squad and losing your last 3 or 4 matches of the season. You win by habit with your strongest possible team. This game has given me major McCall flashbacks.
  3. Hearts getting out run and out worked by Rangers in extra time. Sims has the mobility of a plinth.
  4. If the weekend weather is decent I'll go walking. If the weekend weather isn't. Music Chess Painting Reading Computer games Amazon shopping Alcoholic two day benders with the missus in a cheap hotel.
  5. Maybe not. Hope Inverness come up. Big proponent of two automatic relegation places and maybe 10th going into a play off. The Premiership needs more turn around of teams.
  6. FOUR UNDENIABLE FACTS. Goldson is fucking shite. Kent is fucking shite. Tavernier is fucking shite. There are a lot of sirens going off right now.
  7. It's sad really but Rangers fans are just too scummy to wish well under any circumstances. Plus I walk to work through George Square and I'd rather my way to the office wasn't coated in human faeces, broken glass, vomit and plastic union jack bowler hats.
  8. Celtic scored more league goals this season than St Mirren, St Johnstone and Dundee put together.
  9. I've had various correspondences with the BBC over their football coverage and, so they tell me, they buy most of it in from freelancers and outside organisations. So likely it is down to budget cuts.
  10. One of the few contemporary groups I have time for although I'm trying to listen to the top 500 singles from every year between 1960 and 2020 (I'm at 2004, 20,000 songs deep at this point) so it'll probably still be a while before I get round to listening to it. Good to hear positive news about it though - they took long enough to put it out!
  11. When listening to 'Straight Edge' I like to adapt the song slightly by singing 'I've got great legs!' instead of 'I've got straight edge'. An improvement I'm say.
  12. I'm not going to be contrarian just cos it's Rangers doing. Very happy it's a Saturday match now. The home attendance is always way down for these games at the best of times so I reckon there will be way more people who are 'stay aways'rather than 'can't gos'. And I know a bunch of you won't like this due to the opposition but the Scottish football authorities should be helping Scottish teams with a Euro semi final next week.
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