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  1. Early League Predictions

    It's almost as if I know what I'm talking about. But try convincing some quarters of that!
  2. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    A beautiful moment in history.
  3. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    I may have been lucky when I visited Rome, but thought it was a fantastic city & the public water fountains were great. The only issue is that massive sodding museum that turns up every time you turn a corner. Barcelona has a bigger issue with refugees , I only interacted with one guy when I was there and gave him 20 Euros after talking to him, he was a good guy in a desperate situation. The public water fountains are great when they don't have giant dead beetles floating in them! I like Rome, I probably know it better than any other city other than Glasgow but people tend to idealise foreign cities and Scots love to denigrate their own country for some reason. Anyway, for no other reason Glasgow is better as they don't ring church bells at 3.00am in the morning here!
  4. This is why I hate people. I went to get my weekly train ticket at the single ticket machine at my station and found that someone had smeared a bogey all over the touchscreen. Bad enough that I have to work a bank holiday but to be confronted with this at 7.30am in the morning.... The human race deserves to die.
  5. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    Rome is massively over crowded, has terrible traffic jams and pollution, is full of homeless African refugees, is generally pretty grubby and run down, almost everything is covered in graffiti and they empty the bins about twice a year. Oh and it's built on a humid, muggy swamp. Obviously Glasgow doesn't have the history or culture that Rome has but as a place to live Glasgow might actually be better.
  6. Football League 2018/19 season

    Sad to see Notts County go into non league football. As a kid I had about 148 doublers of this guy and consequently Notts County will always be illuminated by golden rays of nostalgia for me.
  7. Worst pub in Scotland

    Tollbooth Bar attracts some 'larger than life' characters it has to be said but the pub it's self isn't too bad. The Lamp Post Bar just down the road looks like a real shit hole but never been in. I've never been in The Empire Bar either probably because of the horrible crooning out the place.
  8. Last Book You Read....

    Did you ever read this? What did you think? I get a bit nervous when people get something on my recommendation even though I was a little circumspect in my write up!
  9. Last Book You Read....

    'Madame Bovary" - Gustave Flaubert. One of those 'Sgt Peppers' of the literary world. When he wrote it he was taken to court for obscenity but the story now seems like a well trodden path, character has affair, destroys everyone's lives. However it is well, indeed stylishly, written and I agree with the notion that Flaubert is one of the first 'modern' writers. And Madame Bovary as a character has a depth to her, this is not simply a morality tale. 4/5.
  10. Motherwell v Dundee

    As I've said in the last few weeks we need a complete defensive overhaul. We are bringing in Gallagher but we need another centre half, and a proper left back too. Guys like Dunne and Grimshaw are back up level players. And Tait looks totally exhausted to me. He's played nearly 90 matches over the last two seasons. He needs a rest. Bring Livingstone in at left back and give him a chance for the last couple of games. I agree the midfield has finally been sorted, it had never been right since Robinson took over until the introduction of Gorrin. Unfortunately Gorrin might be away and as great as Turnbull is, it's also obviously we are massively over reliant on him. I'm thinking Ross County without Liam Boyce here. And we all know what happened to Ross County when Boyce moved on. I didn't think Cadden was 'bad' yesterday but for me all he really did was win some foot races and get stuck in. His dearth of ability doesn't cut it for the position he's playing. If we want to push on as a club we have to have technically better players than guys like Cadden. You'll note we scored 4 times yesterday and I don't think Cadden contributed to any of them. His enthusiasm for the club is great but he needs to get a lot better.
  11. He should get the No. 84 shirt as he is now 84th on our post war goalscorers list.
  12. Motherwell v Dundee

    We're missing Andy Rose IMO
  13. Next Scotland Manager

    Davie Moyes is a dead battery. Only Scottish manager around right now I'd even consider is Steve Clark. Otherwise I think we should be going foreign.
  14. The Creepy & The Strange

    I was reading recently about how there was a species of human that lived 10,000 years ago in south east Asia called Homo Floresiensis which was pretty much the same as modern humans only they were only 3 feet tall. And these humans were preyed upon by something called Leptoptilos Robustus which was basically a giant 6 foot tall Marabou Stork. I don't really like the idea of being preyed upon by anything but being eaten by a giant stork seems especially horrible. It's a creepy animal.
  15. Because I'm sure you want to know this. David Turnbull is now 98th on our list of post war goalscorers.