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  1. Sweden do have a bit of history with dabbling with eugenics. Probably just using it to get rid of any old and unfit people without too much judgement...
  2. Going to the supermarket today was horrendous, Morrisons in Partick is a hell hole at the best of time, but people have no idea of personal space never mind social distancing.
  3. Massive result for us. Getting Ross County involved in the battle is a big bonus. Hopefully the knocks we picked up aren't too serious. A far too optimistic view, is a win against Killie at the weekend puts us only a point behind them.
  4. Murray was completely out his depth, but as mentioned was in charge at a time that there was no interest in developing the club from the board. He's completely failed to bounce back from the setback. His lack of contacts was pretty apparent from the players we ended up signing. Came across as a 'philosophy' over results manager. Ended with him getting bullied off the pitch by fans after Dumbarton pumped us again, and he rightfully handed in his CV.
  5. Aberdeen deserve to go through. Not turned up at all, been so pedestrian any time we got the ball. Hard to find any pass marks for anyone, McAllister was alright when he came on without really creating much. Need much better performances the rest of the season.
  6. Too easy, but a good strike for Aberdeen to take the lead. We're not handling the conditions at all.
  7. As mentioned on the game thread I'm going for the Lupe Pintos Chilli, tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole. Going to do buffalo wings and nuggets (mainly because some of my mates are strange and don't like meat off the bone). Just coat the wings in baking powder and put them in the oven to give you the crispy wings, then butter and Frank's Buffalo sauce to coat them when they done.
  8. Will be hoping for a Chiefs win, Andy Reid is a likeable guy. And I'm hoping the 49ers will do a Rams next season, so the Seahawks make the playoffs again. Going to be making a big 'Lupe Pintos' Chilli, which will mean nachos and tacos, might do some form of Buffalo Wings as well.
  9. You'd imagine the Bills would go after a WR to give Allen another weapon. Early predictions have the Seahawksgoing after a cornerback, which is needed as Flowers hasn't progressed. There's a lot of positions needing talent, but I think we'll be fairly active in free agency as we have a decent amount of cap space.
  10. You'd imagine both will be set to get let go. So it's not a surprise. Cooke is more likely to stay purely because I'd guess he's getting paid less, and the drop off in quality isn't that large between the two of them.
  11. It's crazy that the prosecution just asks for that witness testimony to get dropped, as if the jury aren't already biased by it, even though there's every chance he just wants some press.
  12. I worked with a South African guy, who told us how he wouldn't drink water because fish have sex in it. He survived on coca cola, rum, rum and coke and cigarettes. Unsurprisingly he looked like he'd keel over dead at any minute, but I pictured it like the episode of the Simpsons with all Mr Burns infections trying to get through the door at the same time.
  13. Fiorentina are all over Atalanta just now. Cutrone putting the hosts ahead.
  14. The state of his handwriting. That looks like a forgery a child would make to get out of homework.
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