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  1. Is that a bye week and a home playoff game coming to Seattle. Yes thanks.
  2. Redzone for fantasy purposes unless the Seahawks are playing then it's the full game when I can. Redzone is easily the best sports broadcast going, just works perfectly for the NFL. Will normally watch the 40 minute condensed of high scoring games the following day, or if I'm offshore I'll try and watch the shortened YouTube highlights of games.
  3. Great last 10 minutes in the postponed Lecce Cagliari game. Lecce come back from two goals down, Cagliari player sent off for punching the ball off the line, fight after the resulting penalty with the taker and goalkeeper sent off.
  4. Still bemused that the Watson fumble wasn't reviewed. Although I'd expect they'd say they couldn't see a clear recovery. It would have been interesting to see how the Colts would have done with Luck, as Brissett isn't keen on throwing the ball more than 10 yards. I suppose Hilton dropping two deep passes doesn't help his stats either.
  5. Bloody hell. I always laugh at guys punching or in this case kicking guys who have their helmets on.
  6. Good win for us. Hope Lockett is healthy after the bye. Along with any improvement in defence means we should be looking to push for the 1 or 2 seed.
  7. gc_smfc

    Week 10

    You'd hope so if you're a Bears fan, but I've not seen any reports to suggest so. For fantasy purposes I need Montgomery to have a big game.
  8. gc_smfc

    Week 10

    Going to be a challenge now that Stafford is out. Although Trubisky could easily just gift the game to the Lions.
  9. I rather enjoyed that. Obviously made it pretty nervy with how soft our defence was at the end of either half. Wilson now 12 tds, 2 rushing td's and 0 interceptions. If we win the division its because he's playing at MVP level.
  10. Atalanta were definitely the better team and deserved the win, despite Roma having better chances. Thought Zaniolo was rather poor, and Roma look so disjointed when attacking. They were crying out for some pace to support Dzeko.
  11. Never experienced anything like the atmosphere from the Curva Sud before. Hopefully as good a match as the last few have been.
  12. The Kool-Aid is completely harmless all just a big test of faith, it's when Div becomes stingy and offers out the Flavour-Aid that you know that it's game over.
  13. I assume I've got the pro plan. The Sunday 1800 and 2130, Sky games are blacked out, but you'll generally find these are the main ones that Red Zone will follow when nothing else is happening elsewhere, not too sure if a decent VPN for elsewhere in Europe would work for them. You'll be able to watch them the next morning on catch up, either the full game, 40 minute condensed or just highlights. Commentary is just the American NFL broadcasts, I think you can change to the home/away broadcast for commentary as well.
  14. Good move for Baird, he's not good enough to be near starting in the top flight, but is fairly solid on his day in the Championship, and it's definitely better for his career to be playing regularly. You'd imagine we'd be able to recall him if/when Gary MacKenzie picks up a knock.
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