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  1. How many excuses for Williams can the comintators make?
  2. Max is in residence for next couple of weeks
  3. Well you put the weenach on him! Went out today.
  4. I did say to couple of people I hoped I didn’t ‘Mccann’ the trip.
  5. Yeah older daughter just on age cut off for kids club. They’ve been happy enough in the pool all week!
  6. Flew with Thomas Cook, mine are 10, 8 and 6 so I just shoved them on tablets with headphones. Miami next year may be more of a challenge. Going to stay with friends in Coral Springs.
  7. I’m currently in one in Majorca. I have to say despite my fears it’s not been too bad. Few old firm tops as standard. Kids haven’t been at kids club as You can’t leave under 8’s. They’ve had a great time. Foods been as I expected but we went out last night. We went into town last night for meal and market on old town on Sunday. But they just wanted back to the pool! My first time abroad since I was 19 and on my own with three kids. It’s worked out ok.
  8. Konta not liking reporter asking her if she needs stop making excuses and accept she doesn’t cope under pressure 🙈
  9. That’s not a proper dog! 🙈
  10. I had no bottle stuff bought in for first as I was adamant I was breast feeding. Not even a pump. It was six weeks of utter hell and a baby who dropped weight no matter what. Breastfeeding ‘support’ groups are horrific places. Genuinely needed therapy to get over the whole experience. I made bottles fresh for each feed for each of mine.
  11. Don’t be taken in by all the gimmicks. You don’t need a £1500 buggy, baby wipe warmer or the plethora of shite that gets punted! Also guntree and babybays are great for second hand stuff, often hardly used! And the ikea £11 high chairs are the best!
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