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  1. @J_Stewart babysitter when he was a kid is now a solid 4/10 but most posters wid still wid.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/electrolux-dishwasher-errors.com/amp/
  3. I worked in call centres on New year's Day, in for 6am but I can't be arsed with new year so no big deal. Working Christmas eve and hogmanay this year, unless the hospitality industry gets binned before then. I make half an effort for my kids but I'm not all that bothered.
  4. Good lad, you training him up on the sly to call the ref a w****r has been rumbled though
  5. RH33


    Well that tees us up nicely for the kids rip each other up next season.
  6. I use a private psychologist as I need ongoing input on a periodic basis usually in emergancy situations. The NHS waiting list is around two years and a limited number of sessions. Which is of no use to me as it would take three sessions just to get through the background. I ended up in private psych hospital when I had insurance through work. What they can offer is night and day to NHS. Much like education, it would be wonderful if everyone had small classes and top range equipment but they don't. Doctors will do private work either way.
  7. I just went for a follow up blood pressure test, I've now got to go for a PCR. Called son's school and they were like no idea, just take him home.
  8. I'm not getting a booster at this point in time. The first two doses left me in bed for a week each time. I can't afford, at the moment be off work. I know it's a different one you get but for now, I'm not having it.
  9. £700 for three beds is going to very much limit your options.
  10. I'll only like them if they give me a decent tip
  11. Pie and Bovril, I need your help! I'm providing the lunch for lady golfers next week. Which mincepie should I purchase to warm and serve?
  12. I did as the adverts told us and went to a pharmacy as a first contact yesterday, was told my BP was concerningly high and should be seen today. Not that I could actually get a full sentence out to the GP receptionist, if I was as rude as that to them I'd get chucked out the practice. I went to a&e but child logistics meant I left before I was seen. Triage with nurse today and bloods and BP tomorrow. So what could've been one quick appointment with a nurse has taken a nurse triage call and then a nurse apt in person tomorrow.
  13. Does seem a bit of an over reaction for three cases. Text at 5pm on a Sunday evening.
  14. Gutted, you were a solid 9 but now I've seen you.....7...still wid
  15. Primary in Paisley closed for a week as new varient found in three classes.
  16. The mother's heartbreak is rather false, you're in jail for murder, leaving the kid to his fate. You're not much better than the other two.
  17. Poor Denise, anal sex is fabulous and can give you the next orgasm.
  18. I thought he was shy rather than arrogant, if we're talking same one.
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