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  1. My husband says it's the only film he has ever watched that totally freaked him out! Then he married a gril called Rowan!
  2. Since i met my husband 3 years ago he has been going on at me to watch "Man on the Moon". It's on BBC 1 at the moment and it's pish!
  3. I bought CeMap revison notes, exam papers etc today.
  4. Debbie, that book getting the buggers to behave is very good! It was one of my 2nd yr set texts.
  5. But I need tae dae the ironing! Too late now anyway- I got distracted.
  6. I'm going to put Donnie Darko on the now while I iron-is it any good?
  7. could you no have telt me that before I crashe dmy system trying to down load robert plants version!
  8. so you are staying up in the hope she is pissed and you get you're end off!
  9. It's a Motherfucker- Eels Hey mac-im good and you?
  10. On Mr booth's recomendation Song to a Siren- Robert Plant and it is great
  11. Last night I bought new jeans new top new sketcher trainers new jacket another pair new jeans pair of slippers with SHEEP on them! pot stand recipe book stand And a pressie for a family friends wee one
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