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  1. Not on fixed. I'll have a look.
  2. That was yesterday's update from them.
  3. My Granny is 100, no she at all, whole life ahead of her yet......
  4. I got a lower rate than that when I got mine approved start July and although I did get a High street bank it was slightly high due to not quiet perfect credit, I think it's 3.2%. Jump in last few weeks has been crazy.
  5. Watching Oz version. How do they managed make ice cream in 90mins?
  6. I must turn the heating down in the stables.......
  7. Story I heard from itk itk was dead at breakfast.
  8. Try Clober, green keepers are top guys and when I worked the clubhouse visitors always complimented the course, esp greens.
  9. My girls arent most confident around dogs or I'd rescue. I'm going to wait until year in house.
  10. I love Renton. Puppy prices are insane just now, sensible head needs keep the cash to sort house.
  11. What it didn't mention was that whoever were meant to have been away to Fort William, covered the costs of the bus etc. This is absolutely not the case, as many of the guys in here already know, Rods my dad, he's someone who wants football in rural areas to thrive. I also always acknowledge that there are people who won't like him or way he did certain things during his tenure. The whole thing was a lot of work for the LMC, and not in small part liasing with powers that be to help FW play the ties. They pulled out. Fort William spent a lot of time mouthing off about the LMC safe in the knowledge they wouldn't respond to the nonsense.
  12. I've just had email reducing mine from £98 to £48.
  13. Ive a weakness in my back and it went ping earlier this year. The worst pain I've felt. Had two of the three kids minimal pain relief but the mastitis in the days following was easily worse than the birth.
  14. Think it does of you get a state pension from what I read. Automatic at 100 and 105 but can request inbetween.
  15. There was a local shop on Caledonia street in Paisley that still stocked them.
  16. Stomach cancer underlying but taken out be a stroke apparently.
  17. He's back at balmoral, could've just headed up a9 and saved the postage.
  18. I've seen some collie/cocker I think so hoping to maybe visit them at weekend.
  19. I'm so wary about buying a pup from some dodge breeder. Know all the things check. I'd love to rescue but with a 9 & 11 yr old in house who aren't the most dog confident it'll need be a pup. Also some the prices are ridiculous.
  20. My granny was 100 today. Charles hadn't sent her her card, lazy git, not like he's been doing anything.
  21. Is this real or a sketch, genuinely can't tell with this county any more
  22. Chocolate in fridge should have you put on a watch list. Not a good one.
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