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  1. I've had a really shite week, not that long ago jt would've seen me in psych ward. This time I've dug in hard to resilience stores.
  2. Didn't happen......no way you can't get airport to Kingston bridge in 15min with the sodding roadworks!
  3. Is this the horse version of dogs formally known as mobgrals.
  4. I've G cups and they make mine look small. And no I'm not posting photos but maybe another p&b can provide supporting testimony.
  5. Football.is still in the dark ages in many ways. Well don't to this young lad for hopefully leading the way for others.
  6. My car's at the garage today, downed a whole tank coolant quicker than an alchie with vodka.
  7. She's raided my granny's wardrobe.
  8. Gkenfarcis broken into and had heap expensive stuff nicked.
  9. I've breached ESA earnings by about £200 because we had no staff due to COVID for last couple weeks financial year. They want my payslips. I've started full time work, I notified council and DwP in advance. DWP wait on hold was over 1hr 20min. Council are working on change circumstances forms from end March. They've suspended my housing benefit claim so I don't end up with an overpayment. Chased ESA yesterday, only the 40min wait, they've seen the overpayment but hadn't suspended the claim due to breach not me calling them two weeks in advance of change. Systems a mess.
  10. I do like a truncheon to the face......... @mathematics
  11. f**k sake, my c**t winched at that.
  12. My eldest was measuring big on scans, he was born at 37wks and small for age. My middle one was measuring small so had loads of scans. Born 40wks and spot on average at 7lb11. By number three I'd decided pin tail on donkey was about as accurate!
  13. My marriage ended nearly seven years ago. It was mutual agreement in end, but still sad. Give it time.
  14. BoD had their welcome meeting with a trio of secretary's today. Someone might want to break the news to fort William.
  15. Ach it was years ago, I was upset at time but now I laugh. Some the older members of staff though it was ridiculous at the time too.
  16. Undereducated and no kids of own at time.
  17. She didn't visit. She called and was satisfied I had acted appropriately!
  18. Might want look back on older photos ..not much of her is natural....
  19. Vardys had some amount cosmetic surgery done. She also comes across as a total chav who happens to have cash.
  20. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if they weren't both in on it together to raise their profiles/saleability to tabloid rags.
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