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  1. Works in a bar in Glasgow. Which isn't far off what I do!
  2. I've just watched it, have to say Chigs show piece looked most Alice in Wonderland. That was a pretty low standard for the final though.
  3. The lassie made we think of Motherwell fan and his humpback story!
  4. He isn't nearly good as he thought he was.
  5. While that sounds all well and good, it'll be straight to prescription as the resource isn't there to provide therapy and group exercise.
  6. Having watched it, momentum takes Ojo towards the fans and once pushed he looks like he regained his balance, looked at the guy, maybe asked wtf and walked off. It doesn't look like a card offence to me. The fan is an utter w****r and should be banned.
  7. Rod will need his fingers and toes.for the goal difference this week.
  8. When it starts to happen outside Waitrose we'll know world is fucked.
  9. I've had a horrendous cough all week, spoke to a Doctor today and he's prescribed me anti biotics. We could do a deal?!
  10. Watching it now, producers have Def had their hand in final three. Crystall can only decorate by piping roses.
  11. Noticed house behind mine has Christmas tree up. Up on 20th down on 27th here.
  12. There is a connection with church nazereen. One the directors is also a pastor. May not be as direct as I thought but closely aligned. Plus it's shite coffee.
  13. It's not, it's offshoot of church nazereen.
  14. I don't use blend as it's off shoot of a church.
  15. Only time I've every had something 'fashionable' and I was probably 10 yrs too old
  16. Not watched it but last week Paul said "but if you look back over the course of the weeks" or similar when discussing who was going.
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