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  1. I think it’s becoming increasingly normalised to be obese. I’ve a sugar tummy, carry all my weight there which is worse for organs. Carbs too high and activity levels too low. When I was thin I also wasn’t on huge dose anti depressants and sleeping medication. I also cracked up and ended up in hospital for a couple weeks!!
  2. Where does two weeks at October kick in geographically? Perth and up?
  3. Misty is only acceptable as a busty porn stars name.
  4. Think it’s common across NHS. Mental health is poorly funded with increasing demands placed on it. My only dealing with nhs services is when I know I need go into hospital. My last admission was a disaster due to hapless RMN. I need continuity of care and it just doesn’t happen in nhs.
  5. I say it as a woman who has followed football for years. The two woman on Sportsound are terrible, make mistakes regularly and are not a positive image of woman who follow football.
  6. I’m on a high does of anti depressants, well that’s my excuse anyway!
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