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  1. Extract yourself from the marriage first for goodness sake. If she’s an ignorant cow how do you think the divorce will go if she finds out you were banging elsewhere?
  2. You maybe want invest in a television or two for your kids!!
  3. Managed to make and egg/soya/gluten/dairy free waffle for daughter with lots food allergies. Melted down some of her chocolate bars too. She’s delighted. Passing it off as home economics for home school too!
  4. Beans of any type are an abomination. Cleaned the walls in hall and skirtings on the stairs.
  5. RH33


    I can’t see polls any more. Also how do I block posters on mobile browser? That Jeremiah Cole blokes getting on my tits!
  6. My youngest had a six hour time out at her dads yesterday. But by in large I still like mine!
  7. Schools were recommending his work out for PE. So week one of enthusiasm over home schooling and the dawning realisation we don’t like our kids much will by around wednesday last week, will have seen his numbers drop.
  8. That too, that’s shockingly bad.
  9. Any chance I can borrow a presher washer when someone’s finished their slabs and decking!?!
  10. I needed to top up mid week but I just left kids in house McCann style. My youngest is a bit younger than I’d like but decided safer leave her here. Not that her older brother, who was told keep an eye on them noticed she was in house. Shopped yesterday while at their dads and that should be me for the week.
  11. Are either of you key workers? Local councils should have provision in place.
  12. My friend is lead nurse at icu. I took her food the other day so she’s have a meal for family. Much more practical than clapping.
  13. I did that with my lot too! Kept them entertained for ages 😂
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