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  1. That first photo he looks like a menopausal school office lady.
  2. Usually my tounges hinging oot too
  3. I was going for the pussy....never mind....
  4. Until recently I thought the phrase was; Make ends meat
  5. They look like wee shites in the photos released. I'd also say the electric bike and zero helmet was probably a bigger factor.
  6. Risked getting the toy box back out. United in ripping apart said toys.
  7. Horrific yet excellent television. Certain football fans in Scotland would do well to remember there is no glory to war. Say Nothing is an excellent book.
  8. My smart metre was installed shortly after I moved in, mid September. It's never sent readings to EDF though. Friends gas one is the same.
  9. I'm bored, think I'll chuck this episode.
  10. That's an original take, we've not heard this before. £25 a ticket at 3pm on a Sunday on a bank holiday weekend. When both teams have served up a season of shite football.....
  11. Many going on Sunday? I've not been to a game since McKay was appointed. Not got the kids so was thinking breaking embargo.
  12. I've ended up adopting two, the money for puppy's just now is ridiculous. I've been very lucky. Lab came to us via Shugs dog walker. Owner just didn't want her any more. She's well trained but I think partly through fear. Flinches if your arm moves too quickly and is scared of men. Shug was given up as owner couldn't look after any more. Again well trained and a good lad. We've always had rescue dogs after our springer died at 16, used to go to Munlochy rescue. Had a few characters! Molly the bearded Collie who liked the floor when you used a stick blender. Ben the collie whos idea of being a sheep dog was to snooze in field while they grazed around him!
  13. Jack's was inedible.
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