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  1. I liked it. It’s had a redesign since I had it. But it had three full seats on second row. Buy your pram first and take it with you when you look at cars. I just traded in a corsa after three months, utter shite.
  2. I had a Citroen grand picssso which fitted the three across the back.
  3. I don’t think Jones is as coy and timid as she tried to present. That pip form showed how manipulative she could be.
  4. First I went in on the Friday morning as my waters went and I was 36 and 6. Had him Sat lunchtime. His blood sugars were low so we were in until the Monday. Second I was induced at 40 weeks, started at 9am ish, born mid afternoon home next day. Third emergency induction late on a Friday night born early hours Saturday Then all hell broke loose, retained placenta, huge blood loss, once they were yelling for consultants be called at home I suggested a general rather than spinal! I woke up about 11am and was in recovery until the Sunday night as any blood loss and I was going straight back in for full hysterectomy 🙈 Home on the Tuesday.
  5. Meh. Wasn’t meant to be taken as evidence.
  6. I probably don’t drink enough. I’ll go breakfast to 4pm often not having a drink. I increased my water consumption earlier last year, apart from pissing every 20mins I can’t say I noticed any other difference.
  7. I specifically buy the caffeine free stuff!
  8. I probably haven’t drank any water for months. Don’t even like diluting juice. I’m rotting my insides with Diet Coke but at least it’s caffeine free!
  9. RH33


    I much preferred Constantinople....
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