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  1. My youngest is a complete pain in the arse and shes 8, one of us probably won't survive to her being 17.......
  2. Thanks @Day of the Lords for liking this.....I never returned!
  3. Why are the pants bloody? Did they used to be mathematics and previously used to clean up a murder?
  4. My dad spent the year before he retired making sure he had enough planned to structure his week round. Currently he's secretary of the Highland leauge and his local golf club. While covid has meant both of these required more work than usual, he was also grateful have them filling his time during lockdown. He also completed a research masters, for fun!
  5. I had moderna yesterday, apart from a sore arm I was fine until about 24 hrs after and I've a wave of lethergy.
  6. Middle child has a lesser spotted invite to a birthday party!
  7. Had to go to the vaccination centre in Clydebank, nurse was saying good uptake and not many no shows. Got the Moderna vaccine.
  8. Parent with a terminal diagnosis, another with a chronic serious mental health condition and a global pandemic I'd a lot in space of twelve months. It's understandable that you are struggling especially when you are at a distance and news is negative. Work seems to be giving you structure but also ensure that you look into getting some support. You will know yourself having grown up with a bipolar parent, how important looking after your mental health is. only a PM away if you need to offload.
  9. Similar situation today. Got a call from the nursery to pick the wee one up as she has a cough and the Mrs was told to have her taken for a covid test or isolate for 10 days. An absolute fucking nonsense. She's got a cough because at nursery she is playing outside regardless of the fucking weather/kids have colds about 12 times a year. Farce. This was us on Friday. All negative.
  10. Careful they'd replace her with Jane.....
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