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  1. There's never been more than 15 in any year of one of my daughter's names!
  2. The mankier the better. No idea why, it's a dog thing.
  3. I saw a headline this morning and came here to ask the very same?
  4. The pain inflicted would make it all the more satisfying!
  5. There is an area in Erskine with streets called Portsoy, Cullen and Findochty. No street, avenue etc. Just the place names.
  6. That's very conclusively inconclusive! ,
  7. Nothing more satisfying than a good shite.
  8. Mine is sat at about £14k and I've never been in a job that earned enough to start paying it back.
  9. Crazy. When I decided my MH couldn't take any more studying the course director was brilliant and made sure I left with a DipHE so my work wasn't wasted. Wasn't much practical use but gave me academic credits when I went on to finish a general BA with the OU. Utter lunacy (arrogant maybe too) not to engage and cheat instead.
  10. Should've used the HFL method, a cement mixer!
  11. Six hours it took. I'm disappointed P&B!
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