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  1. I want to know how, especially on Masterchef Oz, how they make ice cream in 90mins?!
  2. The EiS are good at mouthing off and holding gov to randsom. I’ll now get piled on by the teachers on here.
  3. Single fat maw on benefits......kids healthy weights and home cooked meals. Also fruit available. They were all weaned baby lead. Older two great with fruit but all three less great with veg. I’m not nearly active enough but kids are. I did standard grade and higher home ecc but there was very very little cooking done. But that may well have changed since then. My kids like baking and it’s a good gateway to cookery, my youngest showing interest in main meal cooking. I’ve also taught them knife skills. My mum cooked and taught me. Did three summers in a hotel kitchen too which I loved. My middle one has allergies so freezer to oven stuff wouldn’t work. TL:DR: it’s complex societal problem.
  4. As said mental health isn’t an excuse for being an arsehole, I’ve been in one significant relationship since my marriage and I was up front from beginning about my diagnosis. I’ve an acquaintance who over stepped mark so I had back off. But I purposely never blocked their number as I know I’m about only person he’d call if at the edge.
  5. I’d been off sick and in psych before Christmas. I was back and getting two days hub but occ health chucked me out. Head kept places as support and as I wasn’t expecting so long going through occ health. By last Monday I was broken again, head called Tuesday and offered two extra days on spot. We broke about two weeks before the summer holidays last time round! Generally the kids school been very good with work and support.
  6. No this is separate, started this week and aren’t in ‘hub’. Mine have had two days all way through and wee one went to four days last week as I was on edge and she was struggling. For the two previous weeks her teacher had offered excellent support.
  7. My kids school seem to have some of the p4-7 in in afternoon who were needing bit catch up.
  8. That questionnaire is horrendous, my P7 son could construct it better.
  9. Think I’ve a broken spring, near side front wheel making noises going over bumps.
  10. You just wanna strut around knowing you’ve got huge baws!
  11. She got her first jag before Covid got into the home. They went a year almost without a case which was remarkable.
  12. Doesn’t look that bad, child birth etc etc
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