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  1. Just passed a miniature schnauzer with a poppy attached to its collar.
  2. I’m hoping to do the relatively new MSc.
  3. I think going in young to mhn would be tough. I applied ten year ago but decided pull application and have another kid (then another! Quiet prepared for the paperwork frustrations and no matter where you work there’s always management to deal with. my appointments with my psychiatrist often became discussions as how services for people with BPD could be improved!
  4. I’ve applied to psych nursing so I doubt I’ll be the only person with some miles on the clock.
  5. I’ve applied to not so much change career but get a career, I’ll be over 40 when I qualify.
  6. Pregnancy is shit tbh. The worry is overwhelming. I think the don’t tell anyone until 12 weeks is shit too. Things can go wrong so tell those close to you so you have a support network.
  7. But at what point are housing markets going to fall back to reflect this? Never? There is no appatite to build social housing in this country and the government receives big donations from the mayor house builders.
  8. Feeling like an adult When kids wake you in night and then fall asleep ten min later but two hours later still awake!
  9. I got married, had house and three kids By 30 and it all went tits up. In my early 20’s I was very insecure and thought this was what I wanted. I always wanted kids and they are my world. The benefit of renting was that when the kids school went to shit I was able to upsticks. I got my degree at 36 but I’m now looking at a career but I’ll be over 40 by time that happens. I’ve had significant mental health issues since I was 16, so 22 years of my life. It’s undoubtedly impacted many life choices I’ve made.
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