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  1. I'm watching now. The mums a c**t, the dads paniced and probably thought the maw would stab him.
  2. Watching someone you love suffer with mental health issues is sole destroying. You literally can't do anythjng to help her until she sees it herself. Just being there and providing support and keeping you're own perspective and MH on balance so you're healthy.
  3. Being within minutes of the win doesn't count Malky.......
  4. I did baby lead with all three of mine and I think Honest Saint did too. @Dons_1988 my wee one had feeding issues from start. She had sever reflux and then lots entire top layer of skin to excema. Entire bottles would come straight back up. She screamed for hours. She was allergic to milk (and other food as we learned through weaning). But still out on weight. So please don't think I'm dismissing how hard it is as I had to fight and doorstep GP until they referred me on. She's now a smart, articulate and petite ten year old who doesn't cause me any problems at all.
  5. Just be very careful of their motivation, ££££ to be made out of a vulnerable new mum. As wee one is five months have you thought about introducing solids?
  6. One of my son's friends was diagnosed last year and gas adapted very quickly. He was 11 though so probably bit easier. There was also a wee boy in nursery with my girls, he had the insulin pump fitted and again didn't bat an eye lid. Worrying times but hopefully you'll get home and settled soon.
  7. I always thought Sophia was a Caley fan on wind up.
  8. For the October week, i booked various things, airthrill, softplay, time capsule and we ate out most days. I only had my girls as son was away. Was so nice being able to get the kids out to do normal stuff again that all too soon, they'll be too old to do.
  9. Malky having some down time after another hard defeat.......
  10. Well this is an interesting and brave thread in the current climate.
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