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  1. I think Mr Trew, you're going to have to accept your spin isn't going to be swollowed on here in the way it is by your social media fans.
  2. Hoose Rice, from someone that's been there. Take it slowly, be kind to yourself. pM any time.
  3. Fisting is excellent way to spend some relaxation time.
  4. Think that's bad, wait until you have health visitors visiting!
  5. Well done! I've had a couple welfare checks done by Police Scotland and they've been excellent each time.
  6. Funniest post I've ever read on here.
  7. Excellent way to clean up some cash too I believe.
  8. Any dog has the potential to rip your throat out, some more so than others. I'll put money on this mutt being owned by neds.
  9. I've had a really shite week, not that long ago jt would've seen me in psych ward. This time I've dug in hard to resilience stores.
  10. Didn't happen......no way you can't get airport to Kingston bridge in 15min with the sodding roadworks!
  11. Is this the horse version of dogs formally known as mobgrals.
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