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  1. Love schnauzers! There’s two white ones often being walked near kids school. But the salt and pepper ones are my favourite though.
  2. The old school Lib Dem’s up in north are saddened by hijacking of party by younger career politicians who are thinly veiled tories. A lot of them probably chucked it after coalition. Those older, who were maybe not party alighted would’ve voted for person in Kennedy but again he’s gone. It’s also an area which receives a lot EU funding so SNP remain stance will be popular.
  3. This ones a Staggie, we were at game v St Mirrin few weeks ago.
  4. I’m just awake, what was Scottish turnout? Looks high as I glance over resuktsz
  5. Just read that there are onky 12 sampling areas for Scotland so I presume some seats are then based on trends. I’d say Ian Murray, Jamie Stone, Orkney, then perthsire and borders tories. Think 52/53 I’m not anythjng any more when comes voting so that’s just my view.
  6. I’d say Jamie Stone probably Safe as still an element voting for known local rather than party.
  7. My third was to be Anna right up until they placed her on me and I went “ffs she looks nothing like an Anna”! The midwife agreed!
  8. Two of mine can take of leave football But the wee one is most definitely a Staggje!
  9. I quotes this one As it’s shorter! I hate it when the kids become the pawns when one parent decides to be an arsehole. Our access is laid out in some document in course of the divorce process. Not that there was much argument. We both agree from the off that we wouldn’t use them. We managed agree holiday divy up and at times help each out. Don’t get me wrong there’s frustration etc at times but that gets discussed with a friend not kids It does sound like she’s trying get the most maintenance she can out of you! And as it’s legal aid it has no financial impact on her. Nor does she give a f**k about emotion damage she’s doing to her son. Now he’s 12 any family court stuff will involve him so if you’ve laid groundwork and he fully understands options he can answer their questions too. My sons 12 next year and I asked him recently if he’d want to live with dad, I was surprised as he said he’d actuality like a bit more time with me!
  10. i can see all your points and it does sound like he potentially could have a better lifestyle. But eventually he’d be calling his mum as you and him had fallen out. It happens as kids push back on rules and boundaries. So I think it needs be laid out that he can’t then get pissed off at you and bounce back and forth through teenage years. Plus being full time step mum will change the dynamic too. It’s tough and there’s no right or wrong answer. If there was neglect etc then different story. Wouldnt worry, my kids are classed as in poverty as I claim benefits (work 15 hrs min wage term time) and they can have free school meals. Means nothing, well presented, well mannered, bright kids.
  11. My youngest (6) tried to listen to mine and declared she couldn’t hear it as my boob were too big! (There will be no pics)
  12. My wee boy slept through the night for first time Christmas Eve into Christmas Day. Was weird feeling and I still woke! He was almost exactly 12 weeks. My girls were about the same age. Think I got lucky though. My friends wee one still isn’t a great sleeper at 7.
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