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  1. Scottish guy with ginger stubble is a knob.
  2. On biscuit one, ending at myself at the two making chocolate feathers
  3. My smart metre isn't speaking to thr display. Was installed couple weeks ago but I didn't realise I'd loose my cheaper night rate. Explains why no matter who I went with was insisting on installing one.
  4. All went well! Lovely mutt, with being a bit older wasn't all over us like a pup might be. Impressed with Dogs Trust, they said there may be several visits depending on how things went, they've been working with on dog and prospective owners for three months due to issues dog has. We were on the paddock and he loved chasing a ball and then had a walk. Aim is second meet and adoption on Saturday. My girls aren't always confident with dogs, esp hyper jumpy ones but they didn't once have moment. Def a staffie with a bit collie in him. Nine but healthy and active enough. We're over moon.
  5. I'm not entirely sure what Captain Tom stood for beyond his daughters want to grift. But I'm glad she's a former medical.student......
  6. Catching up. Anyone called Rebs should be punted out nearest window.
  7. We have been chosen to go and meet a dog at dogs trust who is fine with primary aged kids. He's 9 and seems just to have become too much for I'll owner, he's in a foster home just now and they feedback that he's a chilled lad. Same age as my youngest.
  8. I don't think that's allowed. Factor/council call maybe.
  9. That was yesterday's update from them.
  10. My Granny is 100, no she at all, whole life ahead of her yet......
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