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  1. The only thing I would say now is that we are selling Lowe to Bournemouth for £2 million today, have made money on Dan James' move to Leeds and look like selling Connor Roberts and Grimes. We will definitely buy a striker today but still can't see us spending £5 million on Nisbet.
  2. Swansea haven't got £500,000 let alone £5 million to pay for one player, so don't worry about us signing him.
  3. Not sure how much the players are paid but surely worth a pay as you play contract or is it that we are waiting for MM to commit?
  4. Who was the scoring triallist last night guys? Any other triallists play?
  5. Forfar 5 Formartine 0 Easton, Reilly, Triallist, Baird (2).
  6. Well Boris is on the Football Wonderkids website so he must be good!
  7. I'm pretty confident that I'll be having a laugh at this prediction given the players that JW has brought in. Hoping for at least top half.
  8. Considering we've already made some very good signings and have a manager in place who knows what he's doing (unlike pre-season 17-18), I'd be very disappointed if we finished lower than last season.
  9. Rodrigue Nanitelamio, now plying his trade at Spartak Pleven in the Bulgarian North West Third League!!
  10. To be fair, the defence and the team did a hell of a lot better under JW than GB. Cautiously optimistic so far.
  11. So do us Loons have cause for more optimism under JW for next season than the last under GB? What is the squad looking like so far in terms of players under contract and who should we bring in? A striker who knows where the back of the net is on a regular basis would be good. I'm also hoping some of the younger guys like Aitken get a good run in the side. Over to you.
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