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  1. keithgy is taking his time. I might turn into a troll now. Morton are amazing, all of your teams are shit. Wee team lol. Just realised the Morton threads outside of port-ton and Dunning will be unreadable from our side!
  2. Right. I'm off. I still plan on doing the Top 50 MMA fights. I'll get someone else to post the details. You'd still send me the details. MIGHT do a horror villain list soon. Not decided. And yes it's tragic, but this place takes far too much of my time. It probably still will.
  3. As I say... I AM bothered. But I don't deny it. I've PMed Mods about what they can do.
  4. You DO set the tone a lot of the time. That's kinda why I don't like you.
  5. If I get the posting ban I want, would someone be willing to post the list and rules?
  6. Worth noting I've PMed keith to see if the ban is allowed without banning the whole poster. I've told him I can just make a new account and he can keep an eye on it. My only posts would be new gig announcemets which I sometimes get before others.
  7. Anyone who says nobody TRULY bothers them on here is a liar. And yes, you annoy me. But that's secondary to my wishes.
  8. To be fair, I've been looking for someone to give me a reason to post less for a while. I visit this place too much. And post too much. If I could get a posting ban for ANY reason, I'd take it willingly. It's the browsing without a "last read post" button which is the big problem.
  9. Oh, I'd make an account called "JustRead" if just a posting ban isn't possible. If I posted with that, I'd take the ban I deserve. I couldn't do without browsing here. Posting? I could take that. Mods up for that?
  10. I'll laugh if xbl gets banned. Here's a deal! I'll accept a ban from posting ( not from browsing, I need the "last post read" button ) if you ban xbl too!
  11. I think the DeeGas stuff as far as racism goes was tenuous. He went all out though and got banned. My only issue with him was the way he spammed and trolled.
  12. I'm not advocating they should be BANNED. Although xbl being banned not long after VT would be terrific. Sort of like a 2 for 1.
  13. Agreed, but I'm not going to go on and on about it. If I was that bothered, I wouldn't post here.
  14. He doesn't have to do anything? Correct. If you don't like that, f**k off. You won't be missed.
  15. I'm in the "if you don't like the way it's run, f**k off" camp btw. It's an internet forum. Not a democracy. While I'd like to know why they were banned, the mods don't need to answer to a single person, and Div doesn't need to answer to the mods.
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