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  1. And you believe what Reynard is saying? He's a known liar who twists everything.
  2. Awww, do you want to be treated like a grown up? As said, why should we take yiu seriously when you are such a proven liar and never engage in any discussion. When you provide the source of your pension figures that are more up to date than the 2012 ONS ones, or admit you got it wrong, maybe then we might consider taking you more seriously.
  3. Glee. Sheer unconstrained glee.
  4. Somebody outside the law squad actually believes the stuff Reynard writes!
  5. :: splutter :: It is pretty much all you and your fellow Unionist law squad have talked about for about 8 months now.
  6. I'm taking a break from asking for pension figures to take a moment of sheer glee at the inadequate vagueness of that answer. Err, err, schengen, err, err, rebate, umm, stuff too.
  7. And you're a liar. Where is the source for your pension figures claim? Given the way you've been caught over immigration figures, pension figures, ice cap figures, temperature figures, and indeed, your own past claims, why should anyone take your lies seriously?
  8. When you've produced pension figures, then we can think about dismantling whatever lie you're on about now. And we all know it will be a lie. Everything you say on this topic is a lie.
  9. Awww, do you not like it when people don't take you seriously? When will you be producing the source for those pension figures? Once you've done that, then we might think about letting you join in with the adults.
  10. Meanwhile, when will you admit you got it wrong? Until you do that, and answer for the absolute torrent of dishonesty that has spewed forth from you this year, then whatever you are dribbling on about does not deserve a response. You actually make Ad Lib look honest.
  11. So why post it here? Meanwhile, pension figures? If you want to join in with the grownups, you're going to have to start taking some responsibility. When will you admit that you got it wrong? When you've done that, then we might consider bothering with whatever your latest goalpost shifting lie is.
  12. After all, none of the law squad challenged the claim that we would not be able to negotiate from within..so there must be a point when we are kicked out. When?
  13. Incidentally, I note that once again, HB will not confirm that we will definitely be in the EU if we vote No. And yet, he can guarantee that we will be in the EU post independence. Amusing.
  14. Its almost like he's not being honest...
  15. Oh no. I thought it was definite that we had to leave the EU? When will kicking out day. You have never challenged claims on here that we can not negotiate from within the CDU. So I ask again, when will we be leaving the EU?
  16. Perhaps HB can define when "kicking out day" will be? Will it be before we declare independence? And how long will we spend on the naughty step before we're allowed to rejoin?
  17. Said one of the biggest liars on the forum.
  18. How about the source of those pension figures?
  19. I remember this one! The law squad took an absolute pounding on this one! God bless retconning history.
  20. Its all going well. Your increasing desperation is as good an indicator as anything else. You can taste the fear these days. Meanwhile, speaking of pure bullshit, how about those pension figures? If you want to be treated like a grown up, try actually acting like one.
  21. I'm not sure entirely what you mean? Could you explain in a little more depth please? What figures are these and how did you calculate them? Not having a go, just interested!
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