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  1. There we go. Deny all knowledge!
  2. Problem? I don't see an issue with my review of the blog. Oh I intend to!
  3. Its actually part of a long series of telegraph and unionist articles. For mobths now, the telegraph has been imploring businesses to speak out. Liberal Democrat Alistair Carmichael has been begging the same thing. At first they were asking for more business people to speak out, then they wete begging, and of late, they've "decided" that people would speak out...but they're too scared of ruthless dictator Alex Salmond. Its the same with the civil service. They have no problem with Westminster using civil servants to advance their unionist agenda, but for literally years, they have been calling for the Scottish branch of the civil service to be called to heel. I believe there was an article on it last week too. It started off as a plea for people to get involved (civil servants, businesses), but that has failed. Instead, it has become an attempt to paint Alex Salmond as a ruthless dictator that must be stopped by any means necessary. This is supported by the telegraphs scottish editor using terms such as "dear leader" to describe Salmond. Or at least, thats my reasoning.
  4. In all honesty, it started off screamingly funny, but by the end it was so bloated and up its own arse that it badly needed an editor to cut it down and keep it focused. Still a good read though, especially the earlier entries. I always kept an eye out for new installments!
  5. Well done on the thread marshmallo, its been very entertainingly done, and you've done excellently to keep it running so well!
  6. Gilp has form for this, but I've been really impressed by Ayrmad in recent weeks, he's really upped his game. Its like seeing a youth signing graduating to the first team and excelling.Hard to believe I once considered him nothing but a slightly less insane version of Tryfield!
  7. Well? Anyone seen Reynard? Now here's the thing. If you don't press him on this, he will simply hide for a while, deflect, and then come back next month and make the same statement as if he was never disproven.
  8. And now he's been comprehensively destroyed by all comers, will he defend himself with facts? Will he stamp up and down and demand we all read some obscure link that he isn't going to describe, or will he just pretend that none of these posts exist?
  9. So here's something interesting. Reynard presented all his figures as just something he found out by reading. Now tue weird thing is that Murdo Fraser (Scottish tory) also came out with exactly the same nonsense. So the reason Reynard doesn't have any answers is because he is just parroting what someone else said, and didn't even question it! Wings are on the case: http://wingsoverscotland.com/lies-damned-lies-and-tories/#more-45932
  10. Does that make it acceptable? They are publicly funded. The BBC should not be an extension of project fear.
  11. Awww, getting more ruffled now are we? Where are those pension figures?
  12. There are a lot of informed and knowledgeable yes voters now, I am no longer virtually the lone voice on here as I was for so long. So now there are others who can do the reasoned and thought out arguments, leaving me free to attack the law squad and keep their credibility shattered.
  13. I wonder if reynard has ayrmad on ignore too? Anyone notice the mysterious lack of discussion? Meanwhile, still waiting for those pension figures.
  14. http://newsnetscotland.com/index.php/scottish-news/8463-bbc-admits-parts-of-academics-interview-removed-but-denies-misleading-viewers The bbc have admitted editing an interview to make it sound more negative for Scotland. Who would have thought it?
  15. Observe his post above. Ayrmad has proved him wrong, but rather than engage, he is simply pretending it never happened. His kind of unionism, or as its also known, unionism, needs to be challenged at all times.
  16. I took a few days away from the forum, and in that time, Reynard, HB, and the rest of the law squad started to slither back in here and spout their lies. Worse still, people were taken in and started to engage seriously. My role is to remind people of the lies and the duplicity of the law squad, to ensure their credibility remains smashed, and to ensure that their lies are not taken seriously by the less informed posters. And of course, Reynard wanted the pension matter to be dropped so he could bring it up again in the future and claim he was right, as he did at least twice before. I stop him from being able to do that by holding him to account.
  17. Yep, so as we all knew, reynard was telling lies. When even the law squad can't rush in to defend him, we know its a doozy! And this is all the no campaign has, lies. Notice how desperate he was to talk about the EU yesterday, and now he equally desperately want to Not talk about it. As soon as the no campaign are challenged, they got nothing.
  18. Reynard is wrong. Again. What about those pension figures? You claimed to be quoting "bang up to date" figures there. In this case, its almost like the liar isn't comparing like with like.
  19. Incidentally, I imagine even the law squad are squirming with embarrassment at this latest lot of lies.
  20. Incidentally, let me save you all some time. Reynard is twisting figures to fit and when he's caught out, will first lie, then hide, then come back and repeat them.
  21. Sigh. Its embarrassing when people take him seriously to do anything other than laugh at him.
  22. More evasion. More questions not answered. And still, no pension figures.
  23. You throw more abuse than anyone on thos forum. Now, how about a source for those more up to date than 2012 pension figures?
  24. But still no pension figures?
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