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  1. I got some personal issues, which Im not going to go into here...but Im scared to go to sleep now. I need to be up at half 6 tomorrow for work, and I know I need sleep....but as soon as I put the lights out I know the voices will come back again. Im looking for excuses to stay up at the moment, I dont know if I will be able to hold myself together without something else to occupy my mind. I have issues
  2. Aye, you have pie and bovril for that! (Someone had to say it ) Its why I enjoy my work so much. Although the money is minimum wage, and the work is a bit shit and dull, I enjoy the craic, its a laugh working there and its one of the more enjoyable jobs Ive had. To me thats worth more than cash! Are you not the last of the legendary Tesco Kru though?
  3. Smokescreen. Parents did it. Incidentally, I invented a new dance, soon to be tearing up clubs around the country! Forget the twist, the cha cha slide, stop the traffic....dance the McCann! drink, drink Walk in door Gasp Look left, look right Look left, look right Gasp Take money And rerun. For added effect, modify the cha cha slide song and sing the find maddy song. Then sing and dance in the work canteen.
  4. Nice selective quoting! In my defence though,by him out of Harry Potter they are referring to Hagrid!
  5. Arrrrr! How can a hangover get worse as the day goes on? Right now Im going through a phase of REALLY wanting both a KFC and a Subway...my head is pounding and I seem to have lost some of my hearing...there is some distortion Im also getting flashbacks of last night...the bathroom being so gross that I had to throw up into the toilet standing up, and also being told by random girls that I looked like 'him oot of harry potter'. I may have also tried it on with my mates cousin. How can just a few beers do this to me???
  6. Sleep for the entire morning and some of the afternoon then! Snooze the hangover away*! * Note, I still have a pulsing head and radioactive farts, but its not as bad as it was this morning*
  7. Ill nick a plug from one of my spare things....get some tubing next week, and then figure out how to put a pond with flowing water in my 1 square metre of back garden. I dont want a crap stagnant pond, I want fully flowing water to keep it fresh!
  8. Wanted to see my water pump in action so I decided to fill a basin with water and try it out in my living room. Things included in box: pump, power lead. Things not included: plug, connecting tubing so the pump is of some use. b*****ds!
  9. True! Still, been to the garden centre. Neighbours okay with it, apologies conveyed. Unfortunately, while at the garden centre, I spent £20 I dont have on a water pump. Ive always wanted a water feature.....but at the moment I have no pond, no water feature of any kind, and in fact no space to actually put a pond! Ill have to think of something to do with this bloody water pump now!
  10. Disaster!!! I got speaking to the neighbours for the first time since I moved in a few weeks back. I was working on the garden (which everyone else has neglected), and got chatting with them....borrowed a yard brush from them(an old couple), they went in for tea. 5 minutes later IVe snapped the brush! Going to the garden centre pronto to buy a replacement.
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