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  1. Famous film quote from a Will Smith film: "...today, we celebrate our secession day!" Guess the film title?
  2. Can anyone hear the grunts of someone trying to shift goalposts? Like it or not, its all going as we expected.
  3. I think the big story today has to be the energy figures. Despite artificial barriers being put up by successive governments, we are propping up the CDU with our energy surplus. And yet apparently (according to the Lib Dems), upon independence, they might not buy our surplus! Added to that, they've done a deal to buy nuclear power at a ridiculous cost with what is effectively a subsidy, meaning that Scotland will very much be in a position to undercut them and provide energy. 40% renewable energy. 36% of all of the CDU's electricity, and thats with artificial charges. 25% of all electricity generated in Scotland exported.
  4. "Extinguished itself" eh? Why is it that you and HB jump up and down and have tantrums whenever I comment on Scotland being extinguished?
  5. Oh dear, desperate stuff. Lets face it, it followed exactly what myself and other independence supporters predicted. There is a clear movement from No, to Undecided, and then to Yes, without any equivalent movement the other way. The No side is losing people hand over fist, and we've seen they can't even put up people to speak in debates any more. The odds are being cut, the polls are closing in, and everything is progressing nicely. It must be tearing the Unionists apart.
  6. Absolutely. Pleased that the ONS have beem caught lying about Scotland's economic performance?
  7. Goalposts, shifted. Are you pleased about the energy figures?
  8. http://newsnetscotland.com/index.php/scottish-economy/8489-quarter-of-electricity-exported-as-new-figures-reveal-record-breaking-year-for-scotlands-renewables Read it and weep. 40% of energy from renewable sources, and a quarter of our energy exported, because we have a fucking huge energy surplus. I assume even our pet unionists will be celebrating this news?
  9. There you have it then. Just as you said yourself.
  10. Those unionists have beem awfully quiet this last week.
  11. Well you said that Cameron got everything he wanted in the Edinburgh agreement, and that us Scotch got done over. So its something that YOU said.
  12. For those of us that don't get the ft?
  13. Bbbbb bu but I thought the polls hadn't changed all year?
  14. I lost all dregs of respect for him months ago.
  15. And that Danny Alexander paper said that we can't afford childcare. Remember when lib dem Ad Lib had a tantrum and demanded it was implemented now because we had the money for it already? Apparently we don't.
  16. So racism and stupidity. Presumably the Sun will be running the same front page up here, right?
  17. And you see, I said not a word back. Perhaps those that try to attack me for daring to be attacked should open their eyes?
  18. In fairness, I don't think I can be accused of winding people up by non-aggressively responding to the posts thst others make! And that is all I am doing here, responding.
  19. And once again, I am making no attacks and slinging out no insults. I am simply responding to the posts of others. If you want the posts to stop, then try criticising the actual instigators, and not the person on the receiving end who is merely defending himself.
  20. Aha. So there we have it. Once again, the person who is receiving so many attacks is told to stop it. Do you also blame rape victims for "wearing provocative clothing", and "asking for it"? If I am attacked, I will respond. If I am not attacked, I will not respond. Maybe people should think on that?
  21. Maybe mr x would like to say something here? Something like "if you keep making posts like this, then of course he is going to respond, so if you dont want him to respond, don't keep making posts like that", perhaps? Or is it only those who are on the end of attacks and have the temerity to stand up for themselves that get criticised?
  22. And I'm telling you that I have made zero unprovoked posts or attacks. Every single post I have made has been a response to someone. I will continue to respond to those attacking me until they stop. I find it ludicrous that I'm being threatened by the mods for the crime of being on the receiving end of personal abuse.
  23. I was purely responding to someone else attacking me. Why not criticise those people? If nobody said anything about me, I wouldn't respond.
  24. Is this how you would deal with bullying? Criticise those that are bullied and tell them to stop standing up to the bullies? Shameful stuff. Well I have a spine. I don't attack unprovoked, but I do defend myself. Criticise those that attack, not those thst defend.
  25. I can't report them as I am on my phone. I am replying properly as it sums up my feelings in a concise way, if I was to, oooh, use a gif, then people wouldn't have a problem with that, despite it being the same thing. As for ignoring it, why should I? When attacked by bullies, I would never just ignore it, as that doesn't help. Once again, you don't have a whisper of criticism for those that launched unprovoked attacks on me. I have to stand up for myself, because that is the only way I can protect my reputation. If you want my responses to stop, try criticising those that actually cause them.
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