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  1. This is pathetic stuff stampy. No matter how many tantrums you have, we can all see it, and so can you, if you cease being so dishonest.
  2. Sure, as the polls narrow, and the No lot get ever more panicky, just you keep telling yourself that. The polls are closing, and the pollsters are agreeing with the trend I spotted months ago. Tide has turned now boy.
  3. Oh dear oh dear. Clearly you never watched the Newsnicht link above that I was referring to. Still, its all going to plan. Taste the fear.
  4. He's a racist too a Unionist who is both a racist and a St. Mirren fan...who would have thought it! ETA, I see that newsnicht also says there is a trend towards yes and away from No. Presumably Ad Lib will write an angry complaint about why they are wrong? And then the guy from the polling company said EXACTLY what I've been saying for months. Pleasing.
  5. I got rid of mine well over a year ago.
  6. I won't watch BBC political programmes any more. Newsnight, Newsnicht, Question Time, HIGNFY, Radio Scotland, etc. etc. are all as bad as each other when it comes to Scotland. I'm by no means the only person who follows that policy either. If I had my way, I would see them shot behind the chemical sheds with the Lib Dems.
  7. I imagine this will be covered absolutely everywhere. Wall to wall coverage, right?
  8. Polling thread for this concern troll pish.
  9. Keep it on the polling thread! There is a reason he never talks about polling on the polling thread, and legal stuff on the legal thread.
  10. You're a disgrace, you know that? Alistair Carmichael must be very proud of you.
  11. Locusts. Death of the firstborn. Rivers blood. etc. etc.
  12. You want to talk polls, go to the polling thread, you morally bankrupt concern troll. Just be glad we aren't discussing the latest Lib Dem claim, that independence will cripple the whisky industry, and the related latest anti scottish climbdown.
  13. Ad lib: The political equivalent of a climate change denier.
  14. You want to talk polls, go to the polling thread.
  15. Do you have eyes? Try scanning the list of topics on this page of the forum and taking an educated guess where "polls" could be discussed...
  16. No, it was "agreed" by the Unionists. They seem to have forgotten how every single other pollster was dismantled just as easily.
  17. Not knowledge, as thats impossible to know, but I reckon (based on an educated guess) that the hardcore vote is probably a bit over 30% for both sides, with them both pretty much equal.
  18. Yes. See the relevant thread.
  19. So...no countries celebrate "Secession Day" then? Zero. f**k all.
  20. And the follow up to show the trend: Thats right, 5 points down since September. Bring it. http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/scottish-independence-poll-shows-yes-narrowing-gap-1-3239245
  21. Are you this dishonest in your every day life? You got schooled on this months back.
  22. Absolutely. Perhaps one of the law squad could remind us all how many country celebrate "Independence Day", and how many celebrate "Secession Day"? Are the numbers similar? Because the law squad love numbers. Except for numbers that make independence look good.
  23. He got so utterly crushed on this issue earlier this year that he stopped posting for a week. Nice to see he's doing a Reynard. I wonder if Ad Lib vomits a little bit in his mouth when he finds himself having to slavishly defend HB so much.
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