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  1. Unionist in poll and odds obsession shocker.
  2. In an independent Scotland, we won't have phones, internet, or tv?
  3. Perthshire is nothing more than the route from Angus to the central belt. It still beats Fife though.
  4. Agreed. Murdo Fraser also seems like a decent type. If they could get rid of their whiplash Unionism and ditch the English lot, they might get somewhere.
  5. He does have a weird obsession with mental health does standfree...
  6. Its so true! He's becoming more and more isolated on here, as more and more people shift positions. I said a while back that I suspect he will actually vote Yes, and will then claim that he was a Yes supporter all along, and deny ever saying something different. I reckon the only thing holding him back is his inability to admit that he's got something wrong. HB has a 100% record of never being wrong. Apparently.
  7. It is truly remarkable how No voters all seem to work and socialise in No dominated environments. This has the whiff of Tryfield's funeral all over again. The smart people I know that have done some research are all voting Yes. I don't know anyone who has done some research and then decided to vote No.
  8. Im not 100% what you mean, but there is no 50% of the population requirement, so abstaining doesn't have the same impact. If anything, a lower turnout is better for Yes, as it is likely to be soft No voters that won't bother to vote.
  9. Keep at him as long as it takes to get an answer!
  10. Well this is my thread. I don't need to try very hard. You all make it about me.
  11. I don't want a feud with the phoenix, he's a lovely poster who never does any harm. Im not interested in arguing with him.
  12. You know, someone on here a while back mentioned that I had a "feud" with the Phoenix, and I was mystified. But looking at his posts over the next few weeks, they might have a point. I've apparently got an ongoing feud.
  13. Not too bad. I tend to stay away from most issues these days, so I don't get Carmichaeled by experts. I also defend my statements, acknowledge my errors, and face up to my mistakes, so not too bad on that score. Furthermore, on the few issues I post on these days, I have a masterful grasp of my brief. So yeah, not too bad.
  14. I agree, I'm sure he would be. Its only his political views that I've ensured have fallen into the abyss. Personally, I've never met the guy, and I agree, I'm sure he would be good company. And he probably is the best poster in the No camp....but then, the competition is hardly tough, is it?
  15. I can't help it if its true. I have taken Reynard's credibility and turned it into a vortex of darkness. Others have helped, but I've played the main role.
  16. I'm claiming a big chunk of the credit for smashing his credibility.
  17. He really has. His song is sung though. ETA, I was another fan of Reynard, but his "controversial" views have taken over from his actual quality posting. As one of the old timers on this forum, I've been around long enough to see Reynard repeat the same views over and over. Not to wind up, but to convince people that he is right. Its a real shame to see a quality poster lost in the mess of his own persona, but what can you do?
  18. If they are demonstrably traitors and quislings though, then is the term not apt? Michael Moore is one of the worst. The Scottish Secretary who discouraged global investment in Scotland.
  19. From the man who endorses Barrysnotter and Reynard?
  20. Have you noticed though, that more and more, people seem to be picking up on the fact that the Unionists are DEMANDING certainty, but refusing to provide any of their own. The cracks are growing...
  21. I'm fully confident that it will be a Yes vote, and after the yes vote, its important to remember that history will be written by the winners. How do you think history will see the likes of Darling and Michael Moore? Two quislings who actively worked against the interests of Scotland. Darling, who collapsed the economy, and dedicated his career to ensuring that Scotland chose to remain crippled, briefing against any good news for his own country, and Moore, who toured the world telling the world not to invest in Scotland. I'll damn well call them quislings if this is what they are, particularly the Quisling Moore. He was "Scotland's man in Westminster", and he used the job to deliberately work against the best interest of Scotland. History will not judge them well. I personally am going to start referring to an embarrassing humiliation as a "Carmichaeling". So for example, "did you see HB's posts on the EU? He was absolutely carmichaeled."
  22. Why implore that we all vote in the poll then? Its not just you who does this, but it completely obliterates the value of such results.
  23. Why vote in the poll? I don't use moneysavingexpert.com. Why try and skew results, when its very interesting to see them in their naturial state, in a site that theoretically should not be biased towards independence. Leave the poll alone unless you use the site!
  24. He's been here for well over a year. He's already had to provide absurd amounts of documentation on a regular basis and is treated with suspicion for the crime of coming from that well known terrorist hotbed of Malaysia. After all this, he quite naturally resents being told "at least you're not risky", like he's some kind of terrorist. He's here to work and study, and yet every time he has to go to the immigration centre, he feels like a criminal. There is a limit! So he's voting Yes, as he is eligible (commonwealth!), and so is his wife.
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