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  1. Ooft... cringing for you. Repeated running away from the question, followed by embarrassing claims.

    I ve actually quoted the TNS chief saying exactly that. Both Yes and No are losing support.

    Now.. back to the question. Which you will run away from in a cowardly fashion again.

    Are you disputing that TNS had Yes at 33% in February 2013 and 30% in April 2013.

    Yes... or No?

    Polling thread for this pish.

  2. Maybe we can get some actual debate about Scottish independence in this thread, rather than boring law chat from losers like Ad Lib and H_B?

    We've got to work better as a forum. We have a legal thread and a polling thread, so when they start of with their pish, just tell them to post on the correct threads. I admit its hard, given that they are such good point and laugh material, but we all have to do better to control ourselves!

  3. Fuming SNP councillors hit out yesterday after they were ordered to remove the flag of Scotland from their office...because it breaks health and safety rules.

    The Nationalists had proudly displayed the Saltire in the window of their base at Renfrewshire Council’s HQ in Cotton Street, Paisley, but were left stunned when officials told them to take it down.

    And the bizarre ban has left the SNP team feeling a little cross.

    Aha. Paisley.

  4. Percentage of people supporting independence according to TNS in:

    February - 33%

    April - 30%

    December - 27%

    Do you dispute that 27 is less than 30 and that 30 is less than 33?

    You seem to have contradicted yourself here. What happened to static and no change? Honestly, polling thread for these lies! :lol:

  5. I prefer the inch of rope approach, they've got nothing else to add to the debate anyway.

    True, but what they do is suck the life OUT of it. Nobody wants to join in if they see 27 pages about sub section 27 of paragraph 3 of the 1987 convention of Prague. Likewise we can see that HB is at it with his support for independence going from static to plummeting, all within 20 posts. He's a liar, and he exists purely to stop other people taking an interest. So I prefer to see it pointed out, and then have him and Ad Lib sent to the correct threads.

  6. You really have got incredibly frantic over the last year. Over the last year, your law squad has been exposed as serial liars, terrible pundits, racists, and woefully ignorant about reality. If you believe that independence support is falling, then you are wrong and deluded. Do you believe that support for independence is falling?

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