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  1. Polling thread for this pish.
  2. It looks like something the Law Squad would say. Surely there aren't historic parallels?
  3. We've got to work better as a forum. We have a legal thread and a polling thread, so when they start of with their pish, just tell them to post on the correct threads. I admit its hard, given that they are such good point and laugh material, but we all have to do better to control ourselves!
  4. Yes, he's being humiliated, but HB has no shame. He'll happily take a humiliation if he can keep the thread incredibly dull.
  5. See, I refer to my signature!
  6. Polling thread for this pish.
  7. How can something be increasing according to the pollsters, yet static according to Ad Lib and HB, yet plummeting and disappearing like "Snow off a dyke" according to Ad Lib and HB, all at the same time? We should go to the polling thread to find out!
  8. Polling thread for these lies.
  9. You seem to have contradicted yourself here. What happened to static and no change? Honestly, polling thread for these lies!
  10. So its static, its increasing within the margin of error, and yet, it is also plummeting. Crivvens! Polling thread for these lies.
  11. True, but what they do is suck the life OUT of it. Nobody wants to join in if they see 27 pages about sub section 27 of paragraph 3 of the 1987 convention of Prague. Likewise we can see that HB is at it with his support for independence going from static to plummeting, all within 20 posts. He's a liar, and he exists purely to stop other people taking an interest. So I prefer to see it pointed out, and then have him and Ad Lib sent to the correct threads.
  12. Aye, but its all part of his strategy (see my signature). He is desperate to make the thread so boring that nobody participates. We have to make sure that the law squad is kept in check.
  13. Polling thread for this pish.
  14. Polling thread for this pish.
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