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  1. No, he's merely at basecamp compared to the peak topping bucket boys.
  2. 3/10?! You're easy pleased. It's difficult to express just how terrible his 'jokes' are but you will see as the season unfolds. Reading his posts is akin to having your bone marrow sucked out by a vacuum pump.
  3. The bus, aye? https://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/news/17944501.drivers-hit-long-delays-main-road-greenock-week/
  4. OK pal, you go play with your wind up boats while we celebrate the win (and the added bonus of an unexpected clean sheet).
  5. I'm enjoying Dundee's headless chicken style when attacking or defending from set pieces.
  6. I gave you a greenie as way of thanks for explaining my joke to the rest of your lumpen support.
  7. Yip, those songs were already being sung in the mid 70's when I started going to Cappielow regularly.
  8. Tansey has osteomyelitis which has worsened to the point of needing surgery. St. Murn wanted him to pay for his own operation, then it was announced that he and the club have parted company by mutual consent. Can't see him signing for anyone, anytime soon.
  9. Radiohead and the Smiths. Lomond Rd, anytime you fuckin like...
  10. While the sides involved in the tinpot peh wars get all the attention I look forward to Morton storming the championship. Could happen, stranger things have.
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