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  1. Opera internet browser has a free built in VPN and is very simple to use.
  2. Have you guys figured out what role the Timmins character fills at your club?
  3. We wanted to frustrate him with a view to getting him booked.
  4. It's so we have plenty of coins for the electric meter, lesson learned from last night.
  5. This is incredible, has to be the biggest woosh and meltdown in internet history! You'll never be allowed to forget this one Hucker, oh you poor poor c**t...and you don't even know why!
  6. We regretably had one beast coach, your mob had institutionalised child rape over decades. They all knew. Morton 2 QOS 1
  7. Maybe so but at least we're not paedophile enabling bigots.
  8. The way the statement was worded led me to think he's maybe suffering from stress/depression or similar. Admittedly, I know f**k all about nothing.
  9. Maybe then we'd get a government that would do it clean...
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