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  1. That was a fairly awful game. It was pretty turgid, high ball, set piece football and if it finished 0-0 I wouldn’t have been shocked. The first 2 goals were nice finishes. The cross and finish from Livi was great and they looked a lot better with Anderson on the pitch. The penalty from Kelly was hilarious, one of the worst misses I’ve seen! Great work from Saints at the end to keep going and win it late with 10 men. Robinson has had his critics but he made us hard to beat and getting results now.
  2. I feel Kwasi would have gone in normal circumstances, but he's just in the job and so won't resign and Truss is 'all in' with this so similarly can't fire him.... A mess.
  3. I mean rugby has basically allowed this for years by not enforcing players diving in or going off feet. I have zero sympathy for Aki, he knew what he was doing and might have got away with it with a stronger defender but that is a nonsense clearout.
  4. Surely it's all Labour's fault... At least I suspect that is what some will claim
  5. Welsh threw himself to the ground for the 2nd. He's got to be stronger in that situation but instead tried to buy a free kick. Overall that was unexpected and pleasing. Seeing some of Celtic lineup I felt we might be able to get something from the game especially after 30 mins when they had done hee haw. To win it well was superb, tactically we were spot on. Robinson was under pressure but has done a good job. It was also much nicer to leave without being surrounded by OF fans in both stands. It is bad enough in Paisley normally with the gloryhunters who like to tell you they only support the OF cause their grandad's dad's dog or something supported them.
  6. Agreed, I don't think we're there with Verstappen and Red Bull to be honest. Ferrari and Mercedes aren't that far away from Red Bull, they are just performing well. It's like Vettel when he went on that run after the summer break in 2013. I think Mercedes have inched closer but their car is clearly not suited to all tracks and Ferrari are their own worst enemies. We're not seeing any team like Ferrari in early 2000s or Mercedes in the mid 2015s where them rocking up, pole, 1-2 and away is happening consistently.
  7. I think the format is OK actually. The penalties should be applied after every session, so you are knocked out at the appropriate stage.
  8. It's been mentioned before and I have some sympathy with it. Races finishing under a safety car when there ae 5 or 6 laps to go is a bit mince. Nascar of course has 'green-white-checker' rule but that impacts fuel and doesn't get lapped cars out the way (unless I have it wrong).
  9. Schumacher was massively dominant. 2002 was done in July with 6 to go and 2004 he won 12 out of the first 13 races and only dropped 34 points all season. When you consider winning only got 2 more points than 2nd and it was his teammate Barrichello in second who wasn't really a challenger, he'd was miles ahead. Mercedes were massively dominant too in the 2014-2016 seasons with only an internal battle keeping any interest. They virtually won all but 2 or 3 races a season for a while. Verstappen this year would have been challenged, but Ferrari's and Leclerc's incompetence has cost them massively. The gap to Verstappen was only 9 points after 7 races in Monaco (where Ferrari pitting cost them a win). Since Leclerc binned it in France, Verstappen has had the cigars out. Indeed since Monaco he's gained more points on Leclerc than Russell since then! Ferrari and Leclerc bottled it.
  10. Why are they seething. Max would have won at a canter even if they had done it differently. There is literally no controversy.
  11. I thought it was 51 but still think it was tight by the time Russell et al caught up and lapped cars got the way, then did the 1 lap after the lapped cars had passed. I think it took Russell until the penultimate lap to get to the back of the snake. Red flag and standing start seems engineered drama which Sky probably wanted as it wasn’t Sir Lewis in front and Verstappen could have stopped for an Italian espresso and won that. I wonder if the you could do something where if race director thinks the race might not finish under green, red flag it but no component changing (if you have damage you go to the back) then safety car for 1 lap and green from there.
  12. Don't think they did. Even if they got the lapped cars past then it was too late for a lap.
  13. The finishing behind the safety car is mince. Need to fix it. Fair enough if it happens with a lap to go, but not with 5 or 6 laps to go when it's just a car parked up.
  14. Let's be honest, Ricciardo to Mercedes makes a lot of sense. He has superb experience in getting blown away by a young British driver and being an experienced number 2 driver.
  15. Apparently the English clubs have said the government has no official guidance on it and it's up to individual clubs. Precedent seems to be not having it on the day of death or funeral. That is what happened in Diana's case and when the previous King died.
  16. Surely if all the TV is being canned then we're gearing up for an announcement and she hasn't just got a cold.
  17. Ah 'Team LH' now turning their ire from VSC/SC and Toro Rosso onto Russell as he made the right call. He's in F1 for himself like every driver. There is no way he should accept his race being compromised to help Hamilton, particularly as I think both would have been easily done by others on fresher rubber who were much faster. Verstappen would have waltzed passed both in a few laps. Hamilton fecked it by his rookie mistake in engine mode at the restart and the strategy was risky as a SC/VSC undermined it.
  18. I'm not that sold on Kiltie. Rarely has an influential game and really needs to be played behind the striker to be effective which doesn't suit us. Not overly worried if he goes out on loan.
  19. Not Saints way to win 4 on the spin. People wanting to go, good feeling at club, only one way this is going. Nicky Clark 1-0 win.
  20. Would they pay it off or just continue to pay him his salary as normal. It sounds from 'relieved of his duties' that he's still employed just asked not to manage the team.
  21. Also how many of the signings were purely players Jack Ross wanted or do Dundee United have a sporting director who's signing project players as well as the managers targets? We had the issue where we chucked Stubbs early on that he'd signed some poor players and took a while for Kearney and Goodwin to get rid of them.
  22. Incredible how quickly that turned. However, the players need to take responsibility. They were disgraceful against Celtic.
  23. I feel anyone would have had a tough job coming into that Alloa side and keeping them up. Personally I thought he came in and made them a far better and tougher side than Danny Lennon managed. They had 5 points when Lennon left and whilst he might have not closed the gap with Livi, he got considerably more points than they managed in the first half of the season. That said precious little success in the last few jobs but given Hibs aren't great 2 managers on, you sometimes wonder if structure of clubs is an issue.
  24. Don’t think he’s a one season wonder. He did well at both Alloa and Saints but he had a dodgy start with us, and really only turned after January window. Initially he did OK at Hibs and Sunderland too.
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