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  1. The Crown advert is terrible but I can't see it being that offensive and people are probably reading into things way too much. That said, got them a lot of publicity.
  2. I've jumped for a fix of sorts, but can bail out to Standard Variable for free at any time. It shows as pretty much slightly less than October cap at the moment. If I get it wrong it was my choice, people like Martin Lewis can only give advice and it's up to you to weigh it up.
  3. Largely because the 'not for profit' public or publicly backed energy companies such as Bristol Energy, Robin Hood Energy and Together Energy all shut down. Warrington Council is going to lose millions over Together Energy.
  4. I think the conditions and the way both teams played didn't help on Saturday as it wasn't a very open game and it was a slow pace. I mean I can't really remember Ross County having a chance in the first half but they had a lot of the ball and were fairly stuffy defensively. Not a surprise they've only lost by the odd goal and Celtic took till 84th minute to get their 2nd.
  5. Ayunga is better than Main at winning high balls and can also chase into channels. I'd say he'd be better with Greive or Brophy beside him getting in behind and being more mobile. Wwe only really need Main beside him when chasing a game and shelling balls long. I'm surprised nobody has taken a shot on him if not at Premiership, in the Championship. Wonder if it's wages- surely would do a job for a Partick/Dundee etc. I'd not be opposed to him coming to Saints, think it's useful to have someone with creativity, the issue is who does he dislodge to get a run of games.
  6. County changed things to get back in the game and were getting in behind our fullbacks hence Strain and Tait dropping deeper to counter that. Strain didn't cross the halfway line because he was pretty much gubbed from all the running in that heat. Tough shift for fullbacks today. All in all I thought we played pretty well and deserved the victory. County were really poor first half, barely had a touch in our penalty area for first 30 mins and rally struggled up top. Grew into the game but I think 1-0 was fair. Just a bit worried that we lack a cutting edge.
  7. Going out on top indeed. She could have probably kept going but hard building a new team and if you have other things you want to move onto doing then its understandable. Every member of the team from 2014 has moved on.
  8. What's your early exit penalty on that? Could you bail cheaply back onto capped variable?
  9. This. The unemployed, carers etc will not benefit from this. My bill at Christmas time 2022 (using Octopus's crystal ball mode) is predicted to be £300 for the month. Looking back at last year it was £70. Even cutting back it is going to be unaffordable for millions.
  10. You have to separate the suppliers out from the generators. The rise in costs is making record profits on the generation side, but in terms of supply most companies are making losses.
  11. Agreed, get the B teams out and it's a fine competition for the lower leagues.
  12. Carson looks so unsure via Hladky, Alnwick or indeed Urminsky.
  13. He's better than Robinson. We'd be best leaving him in Aberdeen
  14. This already exists. Octopus offer Agile and Tracker tariffs. They don't really work at the moment as the price is so high wholesale wise but years ago there was some benefit, especially if you have storage heaters or electric cars as nightime costs were low.
  15. Actually agree. Moving kick-offs forward on Saturdays in winter would be a decent idea especially if clubs are struggling. Probably has to be 1.30 Nov to Jan like the juniors however.
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