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  1. Coming out with those 4th down conversions is something else.
  2. The formation had to change. The 3-5-2 was struggling and teams had found it out a bit. We didn't have the players to continually play that all the time against every team. 4-2-3-1 really helped us a lot, I think it was necessary to mix it up and it helped us yesterday.
  3. The offside goal in the first half looks a pretty poor call by the officials as does the handball call in the second half. A pretty important result and hopefully over the worst of the injuries and covid. The difference without Main up front is amazing.
  4. The fares drop as you go further towards Newton. Langside is cheaper, and it drops at Kings Park and Croftfoot still. Shawlands, 1 stop close to Glasgow is £8.70. Clearly a hangover from when you could change at Newton. Also it's £9.10 from Pollokshaws West to Wishaw which is like 10 mins walk from Shaws East. Fares don't make a lot of sense in Glasgow suburbs.
  5. That sounds like the peak time fare from Crossmyloof. Pollokshaws East has options to avoid Glasgow and change at Newton however which might explain the lower fares too.
  6. Whole thing is a shambles. The FIA need to get a handle on it fairly quickly. I think they want to remove Masi, but have no replacement. Lewis should at least know and be able to make a decision one way or the other at this point. Longer it goes with no announcement you think they are trying to convince him or find a replacement. The #LH44 fans on twitter are still having an absolute heads gone having been triggered by DIY presenter Nick Knowles doing his best, 'why isn't the media talking about Lewis'.
  7. I’d say the back 3 is a key reason why we lump it so much. No width or creativity in midfield. We also play McAllister on the right when it seems be has not a great right foot and so he constantly cuts inside. Main is dreadful. Completely woeful signing and one of the worst strikers I’ve seen. Up there with James Marwood
  8. Is it not because the boys in the Lowland League are away on development loans? That used to let you play for Saints Unders teams as well as the club on loan to. No idea you could just make them play first team however....
  9. The injury time was unbelievable! I doubt we'd have got that amount of injury time if chasing the game!
  10. Clearly shows that St Mirren's B team should also be in the lowland league
  11. Hahahaha. What a riddy from Celtic, can't even beat our team thrown together with some young kids and no training. Nice to see the SFA playing a full 96 minutes as well to try and help!
  12. Curtis Main is murder. Can't hold it up, can't win a header, doesn't exactly look prolific. Been a while since we've had such a haddy in the squad.
  13. Down the depth chart at Glasgow now. He was an excellent servant to Glasgow and again wish him well. Shame he didn't make 100 games.
  14. This is not going to be pretty. I can't make it tonight, but hope the players don't take a pasting. Speaks volumes games across the country are being cancelled and we're being forced to play, but there you go.
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