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  1. Scotland men get the gold. Screw playing against Bruce Mouat, his shot making is unreal. The Swiss didn't do much wrong but Bruce was just phenomenal in with the shot making with the final 2 stones in the 10th.
  2. Appreciated his 'if you turned up against USA then maybe it would be different'
  3. Wales have a few great players surrounded by utter jobbers. When the great players like Bale don't turn up they look bang average as proven again today. They didn't look up for the Iranian physicality.
  4. All the way to Qatar to be utterly humped by Iran, who England just pumped.
  5. I'm really enjoying the game...plenty of action, end to end at times, posts being smacked, goals disallowed and a sending off. Surprised more of the Iranians weren't booked for getting in the ref's face ..while they were correct in that it should be a red, they were screaming at him, inches from his face...a few were even pushing him around If Iran had some proper quality in the final 3rd Wales would be utterly humped here.
  6. Wales will likely get a spawny winner. It's very them.
  7. The shot for 4 was terrific.
  8. Scotland hand the Italians their first loss. I think that will make it Italy v Scotland again in the Semis with Swedes and Swiss in the other. Swedes not looked quite the same without Edin.
  9. Canada won the North American qualifying ahead of Mexico and US which is a good effort. Although both the US and Canada seemed to schedule their home games against Mexico for the coldest conditions possible, which might not reflect Qatar...
  10. Mexico were pretty meh in the qualifiers - finished level with Canada and a few poor results at home.
  11. Some of the raging fans that sit round me at Saints games would be spewing with this Danish team every time they turn backwards and ponderously play it about the backline.
  12. That would have been given in the Scottish Prem given the way they hand out penalties since VAR...
  13. Aye its quite complex. I pay energy on 'day ahead' prices so my gas has been as low as 18.100 p/thm or 1.82 p/kWh in October (but only on one day). It's averaged out at 4.6p/kWh overall.
  14. Clumsy from Mick but that Williams looked so slow in the middle of the turn.
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