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  1. It might be a restructure, but it is a clearly worse for Forfar, Peterhead and Clyde who weren't even bottom like Stranraer were. They will be playing, mostly with the 10 teams that formed 2019-20 L2 and the trap door no longer leads down a division but to playoff out of the league and it is a demotion to the bottom tier. Even Cove haven't really got much for their 'promotion'. If you take all the teams from 1-42, Clyde finished 29th, next season Clyde could win the division and still only be 29th.... If the current proposals are unfair on Hearts/Thistle, the current proposal is unfair on clubs 7-9th in League 1 and winner of L2.
  2. Yes, escaped the notice of some it seems. Think the provisional date UEFA gave for completion was July 20th? Assuming we get out of lockdown for the 1st of June that is only 7 weeks (and no guarantees football is permitted even behind closed doors) and immense amount to do before then! Players contracts are up, some in early June, so teams lose players which must be bad for 'sporting integrity' and I doubt teams will be signing given uncertainties. There is a reason all 12 teams agreed. Foulkes also overlooks other major nations who had longer to finish and called them earlier!
  3. I agree with that. It's easy to say things are unfair without stating an option that is fair for all. Hearts keep saying no club should be unfairly penalised, but the Dutch model hits Dundee United, reconstruction is likely to mean other teams losing out financially be it gates or income due to more teams. I think the decision of the Dutch league is a lot more unfair than here in denying promotion.
  4. Paisley opened last weekend. I only saw the pictures online, but the queues were huge for both the store and click and collect.
  5. Worth pointing out we would have been in the same position as Partick if this happened in 2016/17, Dundee United in 17/18 and Hearts in 18/19. How’s your luck eh?
  6. For me there are better things to do in the summer than football, far prefer it in the winter months. I think it sounds good in theory but doesn’t stand up in practice.
  7. I still can’t think that Dundee didn’t engineer this situation. I can’t think the SPFL are competent enough to arrange this conspiracy.
  8. I’d laugh so much if that if they got their dream (and ours) to f**k off, only to realise they were minnows in the European/ English scene and getting screwed at every turn. Their fans would end up wanting to move to the MLS or something 😂
  9. It’s not misleading at all. Because 75% doesn’t go nicely into 10 teams you have to get to 80% to pass in the Championship which is a higher chance of failure than the other leagues. The SPFL could have absolutely said that we don’t have all votes returned and left it there, but deliberately released the results knowing it would put pressure on certain teams.
  10. Yet they didn’t and the vast majority of clubs were happy with the proposal albeit it just failed the higher bar in the Championship due to number of clubs. If there is another solution why did they spend time negotiating this one and discussing it with clubs? Dundee and Inverness probably both know there is a huge risk that the Premiership clubs won’t vote for reconstruction especially after the 8-8-8 fiasco which failed. The SPFL released the numbers as they know the huge pressure the no voting clubs in the Championship will come under particularly from L1 and L2. It still doesn’t address what is actually going to happen since restarting the league and playing to a finish looks to have very little chance at all.
  11. Exactly. I think many of the clubs would be nervous about that and think there is a faint hope of getting that through, especially as a sizeable majority of them are happy with this proposal. There is rarely a detached Premiership team and you’d expect Dundee United and Hearts to spend and bolster. So essentially the gig for the bottom 6 Premiership sides would be to lose an OF visit and replace it with Inverness and have a greater chance of going down with 3 of 14 spots than 1 out of 12. Sure they will be delighted.
  12. Ok, sold. Right lads now they’ve said yes, Premiership clubs fancy reducing your income by letting up Inverness? No. Ok done, we stay as it is.
  13. I’d still say that is a risky strategy given the voting margins and others might be pissed off. You’d imagine a lot of the top flight clubs can stave this off longer too than the lower league clubs, so the pressure will then mount.
  14. Even if I knew it was true I still wouldn’t trust Sky Sports News on Scottish football.
  15. Because it blatantly doesn't solve all the gripes and opens up a massive number of other ones! Namely more mouths to feed, how the TV deal / income is impacted too. Whilst fans don't give a f**k about the OF, at boardroom level clubs want the cash from their visits. Will we get 11 clubs in this league to agree? I'm not suggesting that we wouldn't have complained, I'm simply saying we were that shite with Stubbs we couldn't really have had complaints if we went down last season even though we improved late on and dodged it in the playoffs. I'd have been raging if this happened to us!
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