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  1. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    His win percentage could be higher than Alex Ferguson and I still wouldn't care. Absolute impostor with woeful signings.
  2. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    You're right. Waited too long with that idiot in charge.
  3. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    I'm a bit pessimistic about it. We've played rubbish today and you have to strongly fancy United at Tannadice. They don't seem the shambles of previous years and the supporters seem more behind the club now. Scumped Inverness yesterday and our record there is appalling too, even the Saints teams that won the title got nothing there. We have to keep it tight first leg, and hope it is close into the second leg. Someone getting a red card would be nice too. Can't remember the last time we won 11 v 11!
  4. This will likely be an awful and brutal game. It's also on TV with a big home crowd which never goes well for us. No doubt see Saints dominate possession and manage to lose 1-0. In all honesty I've kind of settled myself that we're in the playoffs after failing to win Saturday- as much as I'd love the scenario of beating Hamilton and Dundee and St Johnstone doing us a favour, I can't see it all happening.
  5. Motherwell vs St Mirren, 3pm, 04/05/19

    Think I've got through airports with less grilling than Fir Park. Nice to see Lanarkshire is so safe these days Police Scotland have zero issues outside Fir Park. That said we are the "5th most difficult away support" apparently.... Can't really think of much, there was flares a good few years back in Paisley, I think.
  6. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    He doesn't qualify for Dundee on their bizarre "how we appoint managers" statement that they released.
  7. Motherwell vs St Mirren, 3pm, 04/05/19

    We were pretty mince. Too defensive and sat off Well in midfield with nothing sticking with the long ball. Wells goal was coming all day long. Out of our hands now, so we just have to hope we beat Accies and get a favour.
  8. Rugby - Union And League

    Edinburgh looked done. Just worn out, lethargic and jaded. Glasgow looked fresh, energetic and motivated. Great end to the season from Glasgow, hoping they have hit form at the right time and even if they don't win it, be great for Scotland to have a home final. Thought Mike Adamson didn't have his finest game either, some bizarre and inconsistent calls that just frustrated both teams.
  9. F1 2019

    I'm guessing the number of posts in here says it all about the state of F1 at the moment. 4 consecutive 1-2s is impressive but god it's dull!
  10. Car advice

    I've got a hybrid. I wouldn't say it has cost more than my last diesel to service, it seems pretty much the same. It does make you have to go to a franchise dealer to get a test of the battery every year to keep its warranty active. This is free, but of course, they would check and recommend repair of other things which was well mostly overly expensive at main dealer prices. I've actually gone back to petrol only for my next car, which is a shame as I wanted another but hybrids are silly money now since the diesel scandal and the extra per month doesn't add up for me.
  11. I don't. Erhahon might be a really good player for us but he's struggling badly at the moment in that position and he's better in midfield. Hamilton game he was really unwilling to go forward and and wasteful in possession.
  12. You'd have to think Goodwin would be a popular choice for those changing manager this summer. Hopkin I do fear might have been a front at Livi. Certainly last game we played against them in Paisley you wouldn't know Holt was the manager. That said likely to be Kenny Miller.
  13. Rugby - Union And League

    This. It was terrific and largely missed. Price has really come back to form after his nightmare post Cardiff. Scotland's No1 9 for me but has to watch George Horne. Can't see Edinburgh with much left to play for given other games but pride and a whitewash of Glasgow. That said beating Glasgow's would seriously harm the chances of a Scottish home team final.
  14. The Three Team Mini-League

    They've been up and down. Seen them perform really well (5-0 at Tannadice) but other games via the Pars and United recently they didn't look anywhere near that level. Under normal circumstances you'd probably back the Prem teams but all of the top 4 in Championship would be difficult games away.
  15. Morton v. Alloa, Tues. 9th April

    I have seen that. That one last night be reminds me of the time Mark Reynolds tried similar at Motherwell and went with his wrong foot only to shank it across gola for a tap in. It's amazing how a poor manager can make players go backwards. Confidence goes, players start hiding and clueless mistakes just creep in. I agree that your players shouldn't be making those errors at this level but I'm sure we've all seen it go wrong like that at clubs.