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  1. Way too low for both players. £100K for McCarthy- I think Cork sold Sean McLoughlin to Hull for double that FFS. I'm mindful of contract length, but it might be more useful to keep players than lose them for low amounts.
  2. I had that initially but then more opened up and I could re-arrange. I couldn't pick a single date earlier than 8 weeks to the day.
  3. Aye sorry boss, can't come in, got pinged <sits in the garden in sunshine with beer>
  4. They've added bus lanes heading towards Paisley now as well as the eastbound one and double yellow lined that bit of road.
  5. I always felt 2011/12 was our strongest squad in the last decade. Probably underachieved and should have done better things.
  6. Golden goal was just a way for teams to play out a pointless 30 mins trying not to lose. Penalties is absolutely fine.
  7. Main took the defender right out of that with that assist!
  8. It's probably my want for this squad. Someone who is attacking and swings the ball in would be ideal. I know Jim likes 3-5-2 which seems to be the 'in formation' in some quarters, but I'd like if we can change it up if required.
  9. That's just bizarre - have they stated a reason? Canada is recognising both Vaxzevria and Covishield (and AZD1222) to get exemptions and allow travel. They aren't allowing mostly the Russian and Chinese vaccines.
  10. Mallan is a good player but don't see us being interested in another CM. Think we'd prefer to get another winger in. Amazing work from the agent to wait until Hibs inevitably get another ex Saint!
  11. He'll end up rocking up at some League 2 mob no doubt.
  12. They wanted more time to discuss with other clubs? I'm shocked!
  13. Rangers and Celtic don't give two hoots about 'the national team'. This is about ensuring they - A) don't release youth players at 18/19 who go on to do well at other clubs in Scotland after playing first team football; B) A selling tool over other clubs (only we have a B team, Hibs/Aberdeen/Hamilton/St Mirren don't); C) Addressing many parents concerns in letting kids go to Rangers/Celtic as only a small number of players make it out the youth squads If Rangers and Celtic were serious about youth development, they would stop buying in average players from abroad and look to the expensive academies for players. I'm not sure youth teams playing in L1/L2 is going to do much. I'd rather have my players playing in real teams where the football results matter and with older players who can pass on experience on matters such as positional sense etc.
  14. There are a lot of single seats available too. The cost is utterly eyewatering. We have tickets for corners at Murrayfield but none our group are going to this one.
  15. He's been struggling for a few games to be honest and is not good enough going forward to justify playing wing back. He has not shown enough in the past season to justify being in the starting 11.
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