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  1. I don't think it would be a huge surprise to be honest if Labour didn't beat the Tories again though. The Tories have a solid base and and seek the anti SNP protest vote more than anyone really. I think Labour's best chance beating them into 2nd is a fall in Tory seats due to Brexit, Boris and the hopeless leaders, rather than gaining more Labour seats. It's hard to see where Labour get a lot of voters from, especially if the Greens make gains on the list. Sarwar does, on recent form, seem a credible party leader, more so than Gray et al however. I have to agree, the SNP do seem a bit tired at times and I think they know they will win easily in most areas and are perhaps a little blase about it.
  2. I have to say I'd be disappointed if we let Obika, Durmas and Connolly go. Obviously depends who we get in and the wages.
  3. Canada's been a bit of a shit show all round on restrictions and vaccines. Their badge of honour was 'hey we're not as bad as the country south of us' and now they have lost that they are simply blaming everything. There is also the province / federal element too. Provinces are responsible for healthcare and lockdowns but federal government is responsible for other things, so you get each side pointing at each other and provinces blaming others too. The vaccine rollout has been glacial, due to relying on other countries and what seems like a strange system of appointments.
  4. I'll be raging if we only get 2 penalties. Jim Goodwin will need to intimidate more referees in that case.
  5. I'm with you on Harris. His versatility makes him worth it on a slimmed squad. I kinda think he is a Gatland like player. Watson has to go too.
  6. I'm not sure the playoff will be totally one-sided and I expect the Championship sides to make a decent fist of it, but can't see past the Premiership teams this season.
  7. I don't think these debates matter an awful lot. The SNP are going to win as independence supporters will mainly back them. That said I agree with those who thought Sarwar did fairly well and he came across better than I expected. On that showing he would be a better opposition leader than Ross who was dreadful, one track record. The Tory's have clearly understood that the only thing getting them more votes beyond their base support is just being red, white and blue staunch but banging on about independence comes across as a stuck record at times. I actually think it is a good thing that Labour in Scotland aren't completely dead despite the shocking leaders they've had.
  8. Undertaking isn't an offence from memory you get prosecuted under careless or dangerous driving. It's worse for HGV or bus drivers as you are banned from the outside lane on 3 lane or more motorways so often cannot legally get past some middle lane dawdler. The M5/M6 4 lane 'smart motorway' sections are chronic for lane hogging- it seems there is a truck lane, empty lane, lane hogger lane, everyone else.
  9. Yup. Nothing spectacular but it's decently equipped, solid and reliable. Can't complain
  10. They might have had an outside chance do they not if they got LBP. 4th might be enough to get a place. Never mind a try was not getting you anywhere!
  11. Someone correct me but WTF was Hastings doing kicking that to the corner- take the 3 FFS and get a bonus.
  12. Never mind improved- matching what was being achieved under Rennie would be good. Players have aged, people gone backwards. They need a complete rebuild. Few young boys are good but brainless rugby persist.
  13. I think the pressure and yellow cards are worth it. Glasgow just rank at that- brainless one up carries. Look at how Dragons convert from 1m out.
  14. Is there a worse team than Glasgow from 5 metres out? Apart from Scotland that is. Nakarawa is an imposter of the player that left to Racing.
  15. 17 unanswered from Dragons. Glasgow collapsing.
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