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  1. A decent point given that we were 3-1 down. Conditions horrendous and nearly all 6 goals are either scrappy or have some shocking defending. The defensive injuries are really causing us problems. Flynn isn't a RB. McPherson needs to go there if McGinn is out. Good to see the strikers performing however and Morais is good when he's not played up top on his own. Glover struggled but not easy conditions and up against a physical team. We need to keep McLaughlin in January!
  2. Indeed. It is not needed for protection and is dangerous. Referees right to pick up on it.
  3. Great result from Glasgow although the performance was a bit all over the shop. The scrum was so weak with Zander tiring, Glasgow could do with front row strength. Also listen to the Welsh saying this is harsh. Clear red all day long.
  4. Great 3 points. We were due a better performance and points on the road and got both. Disappointed we didn't score more. For a makeshift team with 1 CB our first clean sheet away since last year is a good result.
  5. We have a whole team of vampires who are scared of fecking crosses. I mean why not close Scott down and if he was getting past you foul him outside the box...
  6. I'm not chucking in the towel on Goodwin. We've gone through too many managers and need to stabilise around one. We are noticeably not as shite as last year, where that kind of 3-0 defeat was accepted every week. I was annoyed at the lack of fight and poor ability we showed yesterday- especially since we are capable of and have played far better recently. 2-0 and they chucked it completely. We need to work on final ball. Corners were murder and the crosses, when they bothered putting one in, woeful. Never seen a team who'd prefer passing it back to the Hladky when we were at the edge of the area instead of picking out a cross. No wonder we don't score. Waters is getting picked on by teams- he's struggling and could do with a seat on the bench but we have little option- especially now Broadfoot and MacKenzie are long term absences. Andreu is a luxury player we don't need- missed the penalty last week and sells the 2nd this week!
  7. Chucked it early too. I've sat to FT for some right stinking performances but that was up there. Utter, utter dross and the early train was appealing. You know the team can do better, so to see such a lightweight, spineless performance with no effort was galling. We got what we deserve and Motherwell won at a canter. Indeed they could have won that with the Under 18s. The goals are laughable defending and the Motherwell keeper could have been a traffic cone. Foley missing is a bad start as is Broadfoot and MacKenzie going down early, but no wonder we don't score goals. We have full backs that don't cross, instead will pass it back to deep holding midfielder or the centre backs. We can't put in a decent ball at set pieces or corners. We have no width in midfield. Confidence is shot and they hide and take the safe option every time. Andreu needs hunted- strolling about like it is at 5s game and falling over every 2 seconds- like he did when someone challenged him for their second goal. Waters is hung out to dry, but doesn't help himself- lightweight, rarely wins a header and refuses to tackle anyone- Scott was allowed to run at him until he was inside the box and it was too late. Jim needs to get it sorted, but he is culpable for the line up and the players that don't perform. As for the subs - Obika might not be great, but he has some height up front and challenges for balls. Changing him for Cooke might make sense, but to put Morais on.... Also talking about height up front, Ross Stewart scoring 2 goals. Magic decision to can him....
  8. Dire game we should have got a lot more from. Hibs were really poor but we only have ourselves to blame, silly penalty and a dire misses. Referee a useless c**t but that is standard.
  9. Scotrail are just starting to enforcing the conditions of travel much more rigorously now they've added a lot of machines to stations that didn't have anything. Same as Englandshire. If the machine doesn't accept cash and you want to pay cash however you can still jump the train.
  10. Jones should never have come to Glasgow
  11. Was disappointed they went back for the book. Would have preferred to see what would have happened if they turned up with a £4.99 one
  12. TBH, I'm not exactly delighted but not as worried as last season at same time. We're a lot more solid and competitive which will always see us take points. Yes we've missed goals and our away form has been awful-but I'd prefer us to be hard to beat than last seasons soft as shite team.
  13. The merits or otherwise in 'one off costs' etc is one thing but £4.1m on salaries and 133% wages/turnover is madness. I doubt it is even needed to keep a bottom 6 Premiership team up never mind to get out of the Championship!
  14. With my level of insight it is just too easy for me
  15. We just aren't scoring enough and defending well enough away from home to even think we can take something. I mean we've lost every away game so far. I think the best we can hope for is avoiding one of those 5+ goal tankings that you can get at both Ibrox and Parkhead.
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