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  1. What do you mean anymore!!! My late uncle (who was a prominent Brechin business owner),hated him and his brother and always said they were "fuckin crooks"! His words not mine!
  2. Ken Ferguson gave up his position on the league board to give his upmost attention to the situation the club was in. So wtf did he actually do? Make no mistake he is the main reason that our club is finished. I await his resignation.
  3. Born 1906 Died 2021 RIP Brechin City FC
  4. If we keep this under 5 we will be doing well. RIP Brechin City FC it's been a blast
  5. I have it on good authority that there is genuine anger among some of the Brechin board and resignations are very likely.
  6. Fucking joke,calling a game off because of a forecast for heavy rain?
  7. If we lose in the play off( and it's pretty much looking that we will be in the play off) Brechin City would cease to exist.114 years of history would be just that..... history.
  8. It's gonna be ANOTHER long season if that performance is anything to go by.
  9. Won't be back until Dods has gone. Not wasting my hard earned, or time watching this shite anymore. Goodbye
  10. I fuckin hate plastic pitches. Get them tae f**k
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