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  1. I'm surprised the Saints fans are so concerned about us being promoted - I'd have thought they'd have welcomed us back given the importance of the blue and white pound to their precarious finances.
  2. When those things happen in those countries they're massive news because they're so rare. When they happen in the US people just shrug their shoulders and move on because it's a weekly occurrence.
  3. What does this have to do with trans people?
  4. The winners of every Tier 6 league are allowed into the Scottish Cup whether licensed or not. The WoS champions would get a space, just as the old West Junior champions did.
  5. Most of last season's squad are under contract, you can just force them to leave.
  6. It could be because the decision was so bafflingly awful that nobody even considered for a second the goal wouldn't stand.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if this was the plan all along. The only reason they came up with the daft groups of three format was to appease the clubs who didn't want an extra game added to the tournament, so it might just be a classic "bait and switch", hang around a while and then sneak through the change at a later date. A bit like the winter World Cup in Qatar - originally it was "no way are we moving it". It also makes it much easier to eventually go to 64, which has to be their long-term plan.
  8. They played in it the year after that.
  9. He made them far worse as a team, they should be emptying him and moving on.
  10. Both of them would be improvements on some of the guys in our current squad - Brophy would probably even start ahead of Shaw. Fortunately we have a good manager, unlike St Mirren, so we'll get on fine without them.
  11. Cowdenbeath will potentially have the biggest budget in the Lowland League this season, and if not there's certainly nobody miles ahead of them the way someone like Kelty were a couple of years back. Not sure there's a big spender in the Highland League either. In many ways this year is probably their best chance to get back, because you'll probably see a Darvel or another big club from the east getting in next season.
  12. If anything that backs my point up. Hearts were using the lack of a reserve league as a pretext to getting this team up and running, but then it turns out that there actually is a reserve league. The next step in this "entirely consistent and logical position" would be to withdraw from the Lowland League and play in the reserve league, let's see if they follow up on that.
  13. This is more or less how prize money every competition works - if you make it to the next round then you get more money.
  14. I'm sure this absolutely certainly definitely will be the season that they make the top six though.
  15. Good to know it's not just football where the experts paid to commentate on it don't know the rules.
  16. The ITF rules of tennis suggest that the point is lost if it hits "an object outside the correct court". I would assume that a ballboy or spectator would count as such an object https://www.itftennis.com/media/7221/2022-rules-of-tennis-english.pdf
  17. So if someone skies a volley right up into the crowd and a fan catches it, that's a let, aye?
  18. Sit tight, take the money, then go out on loan to a part-time club at the end of August. Best of both worlds.
  19. R1 was unseeded in 2017/18 and 2018/19 but seeded in each other season.
  20. Oli Burke is heading back to the Bundesliga with Werder Bremen for some reason.
  21. It's not sponsored by cinch though - it's the SPFL Trust Trophy.
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