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  1. Aye, I was going to say that you can't screenshot my banking app. I'm sure software would exist to get around even that.
  2. Potato 25 (1998-05) The introduction of the SPL in 1998 led to big changes in Scottish football, many of them not really for the better, so it was good to have the comforting familiarity of the potato race to help us adapt. Potato 25 hung around for seven seasons, helped of course by the removal of the relegation play-off spot and two seasons without any relegation at all. It would change hands 85 times and visit 14 clubs, including the first new club (Livingston) since Clydebank in 1977. Curiously, Inverness Caledonian Thistle were promoted in the final season of this potato's existence, but never held it - they played four potato matches and drew all of them. Hibs' lead at the top of the all-time table was extended to 51 matches, but notably Motherwell and Kilmarnock climbed to 2nd and 4th respectively. The first ever Saturday of SPL football saw Dunfermline take a 5-0 pumping at Celtic Park to become the first recipients of potato 25. It would jump around quite liberally in the opening weeks of the season before finding its way to Hearts in December. The Jam Tarts had made a decent start and were sitting in 5th place at this point, but an 11 game winless run with nine defeats and two draws left them and the potato in a perilous position at the bottom of the league. Fortunately for both, a win over Dundee United in April kickstarted a strong finish to the campaign to leave them comfortably safe, while the potato kicked around midtable clubs, eventually spending the summer with Dundee. The Dees quickly offloaded it at the start of the 1999/00, passing it to an Aberdeen side that had made an infamously bad start. The Dons held the potato for seven matches, a run which included a 7-0 defeat at home to Celtic, before a topsy turvy 6-5 win over Motherwell finally got rid of it. The potato would then have a series of short spells with clubs, changing hands 10 times in 17 games, before working its way back to Aberdeen in March. The Dons held the potato for another seven games, a run which all but doomed them to bottom spot in the division. The potato was never in danger, however, because the league was expanding to 12 teams and Falkirk's unsuitable ground meant that the potential relegation play-off was cancelled and Dons reprieved. As it happened, the Dons beat Motherwell again in April, before the potato would end up spending the summer with Hibernian. Hibs would quickly get rid of the potato at the start of 2000/01, passing it to an abject Dundee United side who would go on to hold it for 15 matches (13 defeats and 2 draws) before beating Dunfermline 3-2 in November. Amazingly United stayed up despite having 7 points from their first 23 matches that season. The potato flitted around various different clubs for the rest of the season, never spending more than four with any club. Notably, this was the first season of the split, and the potato was sitting with 3rd placed Hibernian when the league split in half, thus giving it a relaxing climax to the season. It ultimately ended up spending the summer with champions Celtic after Killie beat them at Rugby Park on the final day. Celtic would open 2001/02 with a comfortable win over St Johnstone, and Saints would hold the potato for 13 matches in total. After a series of short spells with other clubs, it joined Hibs for six games in the New Year before they gave it to a by now all but doomed St Johnstone in March. Fortunately, Saints gave it to Hearts in the final game before the split, ensuring that it had another safe finish to the season. Livingston would get their first taste of the potato in the post split fixtures, losing to Aberdeen before immediately giving it to Dunfermline, who held it for the summer. The Pars would return the potato to Livingston early in 2002/03, and the Lions would hold it for nine matches before finally getting rid of it by beating Dundee United. The potato would then have a series of short spells before ending up with Hibs for five games in the spring. The Hibees passed it to Partick Thistle, who held it for three games before giving it to Motherwell with five games remaining. Motherwell were in administration and looked set to finish bottom of the league, but again the potato was not under threat as a result of Falkirk's substandard ground. The Steelmen would go on to beat Livingston 6-2 on the final day of the season anyway, with James McFadden's hat-trick sending the potato to West Lothian for the summer. 2003/04 started with a series of 1-3 game spells before eventually spending the bulk of the winter in Kilmarnock as part of an eight-game run. Killie offloaded it to Partick Thistle who then held it for eight games of their own, a run which all but confirmed their relegation. Fortunately, Thistle passed the potato to 3rd placed Hearts just before the split, thus giving it a relaxing end to the season, eventually finding a summer home in Motherwell. Motherwell passed the potato to Dundee early in the 2004/05 season, and the Dees had a six game spell, followed a month later by another five game spell. Dundee then passed it to Aberdeen for seven matches before brief spells at Livingston, Kilmarnock and Dundee United. United passed it to Rangers, who faced Dunfermline Athletic at East End Park in the penultimate game before the split. With Rangers facing Celtic the next week, any positive result from the Pars would have saved the potato for another season, but a 1-0 Rangers win sent the potato into the roulette wheel that was one of the most hotly contested relegation battles in the history of the top flight. With five games to go, the bottom four were separated by just three points, with Dundee on 31, Dundee United on 29 and Dunfermline and Livingston on 28. A draw with Inverness and a defeat by Livi left the Pars three adrift at the bottom with three games to go, but out of nowhere they thumped Dundee 5-0 to send the Dees bottom on goal difference. Dundee held on to the potato thanks to a draw with Inverness in the penultimate fixture, meaning they held the potato heading into a four-way dogfight on the final day with Dunfermline and Livi on 34, Dundee United on 33 and Dundee on 32. Dundee were at Livingston, Dundee United were in Inverness and Dunfermline travelled to Kilmarnock. The only combination of results that could feasibly save the potato were a Dundee win and then Dundee United losing or Dunfermline by six or more goals. Even after 64 minutes, it looked like any of those results could still happen - the Pars had just gone 4-0 down, Dundee United were at 0-0 and Livi and Dundee were tied at 1-1. However, Dunfermline grimly held on to their 4-0 defeat and United ultimately snatched a late goal from the spot, which meant the only question was which side were taking the potato down with them. Ultimately, despite Tam McManus hitting the post in stoppage time, Livi held on to stay up, and Dundee tumbled to the First Division with their first ever permanent potato. Potato 25's journey: Total number of matches with Potato 25: Full set of results for Potato 25: Final resting places of all potatoes: Total number of matches with all potatoes: Total number of spells in possession of all potatoes:
  3. He's a good player but at that level he's nothing.
  4. I don't think VAR would need an 11-1 vote, it's only a very small number of things that it applies to. I suppose there's the possibility the financial distribution adjustment might require it.
  5. Scotland having a far better manager than Norwich probably helps him a bit too.
  6. Italy have clearly never produced a top class international striker.
  7. Aberdeen's run of unbroken top flight football is a complete sham though. They didn't earn promotion to the top flight in the first place, having been put up despite finishing 7th in a 12 team 2nd Division. It's all built on a lie. That's before we even discuss them dodging a play-off a couple of decades back. It's easy to have an unbroken run when you don't earn it.
  8. The Scottish Government rules do not require any distancing in a classroom setting - that is the choice of individual institutions. The same will go for graduations. https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-universities-colleges-and-community-learning-and-development-providers/pages/steering-principles/
  9. Incredibly the UK government webpage which it links to about maternity leave also doesn't include the word "mother", it's almost as though it's just not relevant.
  10. Shocked to see you coming out with these sort of false transphobic tropes. Their maternal health pages are available here and there are plenty of mentions of "women" and "mothers" on here as you'd expect. https://www.gov.scot/policies/maternal-and-child-health/ What they have done is extended their parental leave policy to include partners more widely, which is probably where the deliberate confusion has been stoked up by the country's associated bigots, homophobes and losers.
  11. Performances against England do though. If he wants to stick to Kenny McLean and two faceless regens in there instead then that's up to him and he can enjoy his relegation.
  12. There are lots of places available in the squad if he wants to use them.
  13. I thought it was a foul on the keeper. At the time I wasn't 100% it actually went in anyway, but it looks like it might have crept over.
  14. Specifically fans of other teams who weren't Killie, plus maybe some idiots from our support. He played up front by himself plenty of times for us and was very good at it. He won't be prolific in that role long-term, even if he's doing well now, but he will bring others into it.
  15. This only works when the place a club have moved to is no longer in their town (eg Falkirk being Grangemouth FC). Pennyburn is still part of Kilwinning, so it's hoaching patter.
  16. Yeah, he was maybe subbed halfway through the second half.
  17. Dom Thomas wasn't actually particularly good today, it's easy to confuse "being on the ball a lot" with being good. Wighton was the best player on the park.
  18. There was plenty of that sort of stuff on Twitter the other day when the Evening Express had an article saying Glass was on a shoogly peg if he didn't win tonight. Plenty of "where were these articles when it was McInnes". I don't think McInnes went 10 without a win, lads.
  19. I'm looking at the bigger picture rather than wildly flapping back and forward between opinions on this team based on every individual result. We are dull, boring and unambitious, but we have a mostly strong defence and good forwards and that will get us over the line regardless.
  20. He is a poor footballer and his decision making is woeful, but he's an absolute pest to play against and can make even the best of defenders uncomfortable. He's no worse than the English League 1 guys of a similar age being touted.
  21. We will win the league. Might be shite to watch, might not be as dominant as we should be with our budget, but the league is a marathon not a sprint and I am still very confident we'll come out on top at the end of it. Anyone expecting us to come down and smash teams every week is overestimating the difference between the leagues.
  22. Winning our group gets us into Pot 2 for the Euros qualifying and subsequently guarantees it for World Cup qualifying too. That's more important than a slightly increased chance of a play-off, especially when we could easily get a tough Nations League group next time.
  23. Oli McBurnie played for Scotland all the way through the youth levels, another one who is Scottish regardless of where he was born or where he grew up.
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