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  1. Strachan was always very good at bringing through younger players and getting them involved with squads, he just didn't necessarily trust them to play in big games.
  2. He's barely touched the ball all game - definitely nowhere near as involved as he is on the other side. To be expected in a position he's literally never played before.
  3. I think the PDFs expire after 3 months from the date you download it, but that's not the same for the app.
  4. I can't speak for every university, but where I work the university (quite rightly I think) started off on the principle that every single course should expect to have some sort of on-campus presence this year. If all the small classes ran completely as normal then there would be no capacity left for the bigger classes to have any on-campus learning at all. That was what I was getting at - making a decision about one course impacts directly on every other course too due to staffing and room capacity. Therefore your suggestion that your daughter (I think) in her class of 15 could have attended as normal would have been to the detriment of many other students on many other courses. Perhaps they are at a different university to mine and absolutely no on-campus provision has been provided, which I think would be wrong. The comment you made which started off this discussion with was along the lines of (and I'm paraphrasing because I can't be bothered to go back and check) "teachers have been turning up and teaching so why shouldn't lecturers also be?" Given that I've been exceptionally busy over the last two years putting together online teaching resources - which takes far more time than just turning up and talking, since you have to edit your videos, sort out subtitles and so on - you can surely understand why that sort of comment would bristle. The pandemic and the subsequent restrictions have absolutely been detrimental to my career and to most others at an early career stage, since all that time spent doing the extra teaching preparation (and now sometimes having to teach on-campus things more than once due to the restrictions) has taken away from research and other career development activities. Therefore an insinuation of laziness or being unwilling to work as hard as teachers over the pandemic is not something that sits well with me.
  5. He didn't play for Raith in the last round.
  6. I'm not jumping aboard anything. You were suggesting classes of 15 were taught, something which certainly was happening across my university and I suspect most others. The issues were with larger classes, where clearly it was not possible in terms of staff resources or room availability to have the same classes being taught 4 or 5 times to allow everyone to attend a session. Therefore those larger classes most likely still had a reduced in-person provision. Universities don't tend to teach classes outdoors, so I'm not sure that football stadia are a relevant comparison. The distancing isn't a legal requirement but has been implemented by most universities regardless as far as I'm aware. That will be a mixture of universities being risk averse in terms of avoiding being blamed if there are student outbreaks but also pressure from unions given that these are workplaces.
  7. Ignoring the crude and fairly unpleasant personal attack, can you please talk me through the practicalities of every single university course being taught on campus whilst still complying with some degree of social distancing? When giving your answer, please bear in mind that even the biggest lecture theatres which can normally hold 200+ have capacities of 50 under the current distancing advice being used by universities, and most rooms are much smaller than this and have smaller maximum capacities as a result.
  8. Zero hashtags has been the maximum number for a long time.
  9. They weren't included previously. However they're not really being fiddled - it's a response to the fact that you no longer need to follow up a positive LFT with a confirmatory PCR.
  10. Would be a hell of a gamble to sign a guy who basically hasn't played in that position before.
  11. He was average at the start of the season, though nowhere near as bad as folk were making out, then got injured and has been badly missed because Lee Hodson is dreadful.
  12. This has been a really good performance from Aberdeen, certainly one of the best ones I've seen since Glass took over. Rangers are a bit shit though.
  13. It's an absolute stonewaller, hand out from his body. Should have been a retake though.
  14. Honestly, I think it's more of a penalty the more replays I watch, but it was good fun doubling down so why not.
  15. Champion Match 4 - Llanelli Town (1st meeting) Llanelli were champions of Wales in 2007/08, but suffered financial meltdown a few years later and ended up reforming in the fourth tier. They returned to the top flight in 2018/19, but finished bottom and remain in the second tier. We were ahead of them in the table by the time this game took place - both of us in a comfortable mid-table spot. My pre-match interview led to a fairly sensationalised headline from "The Welsh Football Informer" On to the match itself.
  16. Some people seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that taking a swipe at a ball and missing it automatically constitutes a foul. Obviously it doesn't otherwise someone trying to kick it and falling over in the middle of the park with nobody near them would also be a foul. The reason these things are often fouls is because you're not allowed to kick or trip an opponent (accidentally or otherwise), but that's not what happened here, the contact between the players is a brushing together of legs of two players going in opposite directions. McGregor doesn't charge into him, doesn't kick him or anything else. I guess this made up narrative that every piece of contact is a foul has crept into the psyche more than I thought.
  17. Something that isn't just a coming together of legs of two guys nowhere near the ball.
  18. What does the phrase "what was Hedges meant to do" mean here? He's not meant to do anything, but simply brushing against someone whilst chasing after a ball doesn't constitute a foul. You don't get fouls for simply getting on the end of a long ball. If you mean "what's he meant to do in order to win a foul", then he needs to angle his run towards McGregor a bit more and take a bigger hit. It would be cheating, but would most likely earn him a foul.
  19. It's never a foul, a wee tiny bit of contact if any, and Hedges was looking for it all the way. One that I'd say was fairly obvious live, if Hedges wanted the foul he needed to angle his run differently.
  20. I don't understand folk getting annoyed about stuff like this, I'd be booing our player in that situation too, but still hoping they turn in a performance.
  21. I don't think G4S or Rocksteady or whoever it is are in charge of policy though.
  22. If at first you don't succeed, managing Cefn Druids is not for you. However, there are plenty more clubs out there who may well be interested in a failed Welsh top flight manager, so we decided to immediately head to the job centre and apply for anything that was up for grabs. Various Welsh second tier sides expressed an interest, and I eventually made a decision: The club is essentially an offshoot of a 1960s leisure centre by the seaside in Port Talbot, which is an ideal role for a Magnum Leisure centre stan like me. They are three-time League Cup winners and played in Europe in the 1990s, but have since found themselves spending most of their time outside the top flight. They sat in 10th place when I took over, and from the club's point of view my main goal was to help them into the top half, but my only real interest was in defeating Llanelli Town, the only former champions in the division. As is usually the case when I take over a club mid-season, I didn't do a lot of work in the transfer market, instead focusing on trying to get the best out of the existing players. Jones was the only senior player I brought in - a forward who could play anywhere in the frontline of my bog-standard 4-3-3. My start could not have been any more different to the one I endured at Cefn Druids. Five wins and four draws to kick off my reign in charge. However, those games were just the warm-up to the main event. I'd only get one shot at Llanelli this season - could I make it count?
  23. With a smattering of anger about Gaelic for some reason.
  24. That's exactly my situation too. I'm working on a tiny wee desk in the corner of my bedroom, and I do actually like a lot of my colleagues and wouldn't mind occasionally being able to go for lunch or some post-work pints with them.
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