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  1. He also scored 3 goals for Cove in 2019/20 after moving in January, so I make it 303 goals in total. I have him as scoring 31 rather than 30 in 2015/16, but I also think the totals in your table actually add up to 299 unless I've missed something.
  2. I don't know how it worked, but there was supposed to be some system in place to prevent that for the Euros.
  3. Sorry, I meant right through the group stage.
  4. Clubs will entertain anything that makes them money. I doubt it would be profitable enough though.
  5. The implication was that a typical World Cup has 4 games per day right through, and that making the next one have 12 groups of 4 would mean stuff like 5 or 6 games per day. However, in reality, there are only maybe one or two days (usually at weekends) where a World Cup has 4 games kicking off at different times (ie nothing like every day having 4 games) The final matches of group stages aren't really relevant here, since that only requires 2 kick-off times and only provides the TV viewer with 2 matches to watch.
  6. Better to let in as many fans as you can but the SFA retains all income above that capacity to go into the overall prize pot.
  7. The games in R4 onwards are often on BBC1 Scotland rather than BBC Scotland and are often Saturday evening or Sunday.
  8. The format for 2022 is massively compressed due to the time of year. A normal summer World Cup doesn't have 4 games a day or anything like it.
  9. Teams will be playing their final games non-simultaneously and there will be a massive increase in the opportunity for "mutually beneficial" results that send through the two teams playing last.
  10. He would have known Australia were going to get what basically amounts to a bye to every future World Cup when he made his decision. Getting Scotland to (and playing for us at) a Euros must surely feel like a far bigger achievement for him.
  11. I could understand people going to support their team, these are not the people who are causing or perpetuating the problem.
  12. It isn't Premier Sports any more, we don't know if these new guys will have a different approach or not.
  13. Maybe not vast swathes, but here you are specifically stating where posters on here holiday.
  14. This is perhaps one of the worst arguments I've ever seen made on the forum. You are the one claiming that there are these vast swathes of P&B posters who are simultaneously holidaying in Dubai whilst criticising Qatar as a World Cup host. You are the one who has to prove that these people actually exist, rather than other people having to prove that they don't.
  15. The current proposed 48 team format is a fudge to appease the clubs, because it doesn't increase the number of matches played by the players (since it's 2 group and 5 knockout rather than 3 group and 4 knockout). They'd never go for it, but my proposal (similar to what I'd like for the Euros) is to have 8 "harder" groups and 4 "easier" groups as determined by seeding. The easier groups would have only 2 teams going through, the harder groups would have 3 teams going through. The way it would work would be to have 5 different pots of teams: Pot 1: Best 8 teams Pot 2: Next 12 Pot 3: Next 12 Pot 4: Next 12 Pot 5: Worst 4 teams Every group would have a team from Pots 2, 3 and 4, but then you'd either have a top seed or a bottom seed thrown in.
  16. Is the coach just wanting unlimited corners until they score or something?
  17. But the double standard only exists if it's the same people doing both things. I would guess an enormous chunk of those protesting about Qatar would also be protesting about any number of those other events.
  18. I have not welcomed Qatari money into my football club or any other football club. I don't have any hotels in places like Dubai either (nor have I even visited one). I barely give a toss about the Olympics, and to the best of my understanding South Africa did not use what basically amounted to slave labour to build their stadia. Russia (and Brazil for that matter) have major issues, but their intolerance on most issues is nowhere near the situation with LGBTQ+ rights in Qatar, or at least in Russia's case, wasn't obviously so in 2018. Therefore, I am completely able to criticise Qatar as a homophobic hellhole without having to worry about any of that other stuff that you've tried to project on to me.
  19. I doubt Scotland would have lost a group stage match to Croatia.
  20. This is the argument of the moral coward, that you're not allowed to stand up against something so obviously wrong unless you are going to stand up for every single cause, larger and smaller, simultaneously. People who start that sort of whataboutery are just using at as an excuse for themselves to do nothing at all. It's a bit like criticising climate change activists if they own a mobile phone or ever go on holiday.
  21. You weren't in the pyramid at that point so can't really quantify how many tiers apart you were.
  22. They deserved to win every single knockout game. Defending is part of football, and they were excellent at it. Not fun to watch, certainly, but that doesn't make them undeserving.
  23. Hard to imagine Scotland losing to Costa Rica at a World Cup.
  24. Even if it did, it hit off the guy so it wouldn't have been deliberate.
  25. We'll see what happens with both teams at the end of the season, but I suspect Drumchapel have a much better chance of getting promoted than Thistle do.
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