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  1. He was a lot of things, but ineligible is not one of them. The football eligibility rules relate only to registrations and suspensions, not to government-imposed quarantines. It may have been illegal (or at least against guidance) for him to have been at Rugby Park in terms of the laws of Scotland, but there was nothing wrong with it in terms of the SPFL rules.
  2. Winning trophies is the whole point of football here - it's not like England where they spend all season trying to qualify for Europe only to then not take it seriously in case it affects their chances of qualifying for Europe the next season. The League Cup is two matches for them before the semi-finals and then they're playing at Hampden in front of a big crowd.
  3. Rounds are for folk who drink out of obligation rather than a way to enjoy themselves. "Hud on, let me down this drink purely so that someone else can buy me the next one even though I'm not really ready for it". The hybrid system of going to the bar when you need one, but also offering to buy a drink for anyone in your party who needs one at the same time, tends to work pretty well when you're in distinguished company. You roughly end up buying the same number of drinks that you actually consume, and it lets you drink at your own pace.
  4. I appreciate you may have some inside knowledge, but there is nothing in the Scottish government's actions that suggest that bringing back football was against their wishes. They included the return of elite professional sport at Stage 2 in their roadmap out of coronavirus, which kicked in at some point in June. There were certainly still issues with contact training and so on at that point, but there is no reason to suspect that they didn't want football back full stop. The meeting with Leitch today occurred after this incident, so I'm not sure how this story should affect any of that, unless he's expecting Celtic to have invented a time machine to go back and tell him not to do it.
  5. The point is surely that even if they grow up choosing those clubs, they can't currently see them during the 3pm kick-offs, and therefore they may get themselves along to a local game during that time period instead. But if Liverpool are on TV at 3pm then that incentive to go along to watch Raith or Morton or whoever is gone.
  6. It is not easy to watch 3pm games on the TV in this country, because none of them are broadcast. You can certainly see them, but you have to jump through hoops to do so and the illegal streams are always prone to being pulled at short notice.
  7. As much as we've played well in the last two games, this is a totally different test because it's a game that we should be looking to go out and control. Therefore I think we should be thinking about bringing Brophy in to play with Kabamba in the hope of getting a few more shots on target than we've managed in the previous two. It's hard to work out how to set up to get him in the team though, because I wouldn't necessarily want to drop any of the midfield three. Maybe McKenzie can drop out (he might be injured anyway) and Tshibola can come off the left, similar to what El Makrini did in the Aberdeen cup game. Kiltie would maybe count himself unlucky too if that happens though. It's a nice dilemma to have compared to last year where it was the opposite scenario of the only criteria to start in an attacking position being to have a pulse.
  8. They're almost always at home but it's not the last game. The schedule varies depending on TV picks.
  9. The incentive to care about this cup is that it's a trophy we can win. More or less everyone plays a full-strength side.
  10. It was an absolute nothing incident, but I certainly think Celtic fans would have been having a meltdown over it had it been the other way.
  11. There have been women working on Scottish football coverage for years, and not just at the BBC either. Hazel Irvine was one of the first I can think of, but there have been lots of others - the awful Scotsport show had Sarah O, BT had Eilidh Barbour for a long time and now she's at Sky where she replaced Hayley McQueen. Sandra Brown and Jane Lewis have both appeared on the radio for year, Julie Fleeting has been on Sportscene results several times too. And that's just off the top of my head without thinking of any others. There haven't been a lot of black people on Scottish football coverage, but that's partly because we don't have a lot of black people in Scotland. However, Paul Elliott definitely used to do some punditry in the late 90s, and Marvin Bartley has been involved a lot recently (again, even before BLM took off this summer). Iwelumo is a Scotland international and most importantly appears to be very good at it, so why would you assume him being picked was some sort of affirmative action? As mentioned before, I think that says more about you than anything else.
  12. Further to this, Alex Dyer had a press conference the other day (which I've only just seen) where he said he had told our players they could go out for a meal with their partners, but not to pubs and not with their teammates.
  13. I'm just going by facts, and the facts are that the Greek league right now is ranked below ours. A player playing for Hearts three years ago isn't relevant, but a Greek team reaching the Champions League group stages in 1997 is? He doesn't really have the benefit of "playing", given that he has made a whopping 8 appearances for them in total all season, 4 of which were in the Greek Cup including 2 against lower league opposition.
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