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  1. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    But teams have done that in the past. Falkirk finished strongly last year, and St Mirren similarly the year before.
  2. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    6 wins would take them to 41 points for the season. You only have to look back to 2016/17 to find a season where the team finishing 9th got 39 points, and Alloa themselves only stayed up on goal difference when they got 40 points in 2013/14. Given that Falkirk and Thistle have both made big changes to their squad, it seems reasonable enough to set that sort of target.
  3. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I'm struggling to see what's wrong with this.
  4. (Another) Ayrshire Derby - Auchinleck vs Ayr

    They showed a proper Union Jack with an Ayr badge on it just before kick-off.
  5. The thing you think they should "go back to" has never previously happened. It would be ludicrous to call off games 24 hours in advance based on weather forecasts which are quite often wrong. You'd then have a situation where games were called off but the pitch ended up totally playable, and you'd still probably also have games getting called off at short notice when a bad frost or heavy rain/snow comes in unexpectedly.
  6. Scottish Super Cup?????

    It's more or less a tournament that absolutely nobody cares about in the countries that have them, which is probably why we've never bothered.
  7. WIFI on BA Long Haul Flights

    I haven't used the WiFi on BA flights before, but I used it on an Etihad flight about 3 years ago and it certainly wouldn't have been fast enough to stream any sort of video. It worked for general web browsing, but was fairly slow to load anything.
  8. Something for the weekend sir?

    PC gone mad innit
  9. Pyramid 2019/2020

    He quite clearly went beyond bending the rules, and there is some evidence of the net closing in. It will be interesting to see if all of those gold medals are still gold medals in 20 years time.
  10. Pyramid 2019/2020

    I'm not sure that Dave Brailsford is a particularly good example given that it is becoming increasingly clear what fuelled the success of British cycling under his reign.
  11. (Another) Ayrshire Derby - Auchinleck vs Ayr

    The Scottish Cup rules only ask for rescheduled matches to be played on Saturdays until Round 3. After that it's the second midweek following the match unless all parties agree otherwise.
  12. (Another) Ayrshire Derby - Auchinleck vs Ayr

    When else would you play it given that Auchinleck don't have floodlights?
  13. He's taking offence to the story about Scotland international Erin Cuthbert scoring for Chelsea being in the "Scottish football" section of the BBC website.
  14. Ryan Gauld

    Tony Watt has not flopped at St Johnstone. He's one of their best performing and most popular players.