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  1. Champion Match 14 - The New Saints (5th meeting) The final day of the season, but would it be the final game against TNS? They already had the league wrapped up, and we had home advantage, so surely this would be as good a chance as any.
  2. Champion Match 13 - Bangor City (4th meeting) The penultimate game of the season was another chance to take on Bangor. They were still in the race for 2nd and needed to win to be able to catch us, while for us there was a good chance a win would be enough to secure 2nd.
  3. Surely the North Caledonian champions should be getting in if every other Tier 6 league champion is?
  4. I'm not sure which "IFAB rules on deliberate handball" you are reading, but the actual ones here have lots and lots of "wiggle room". There is a misconception about what is and isn't a yellow card for handball. It is very clearly a foul, but a handball is only a yellow card in these circumstances if it is done to "interfere with or stop a promising attack". That is by no means a straightforward and obvious definition. For me the Bitton one doesn't fall into that category. If the ball gets through to McKay then he's in a wide area, about 50 yards from goal, facing his own goal and with loads of Celtic defenders goalside. For me a "promising attack" is something that will get fans starting to be out of their seats and expecting a chance of a goal, for example a 3 on 2 or something like that. You can basically think of it as "if he tripped him in that area of the park would you be expecting a yellow", because it's the exact same definition used for that.
  5. They need to take the rambling old slaver off the air before he says something even more cancellable than this.
  6. It's the latter. You don't need to name any subs if you don't want to.
  7. Champion Matches 11 & 12 - Bangor City (3rd meeting) & The New Saints (4th meeting) First up, a big chance to tick them off the list, and also to boost our chances of a 2nd place finish.
  8. Champion Match 10 - The New Saints (3rd meeting) Another shot at TNS. They were unbeaten in the league and very obviously going to win it, but could we pull off a shock?
  9. In the Welsh League?! I doubt they're going to have many call-ups.
  10. I've never been impressed by him at all, hopefully he looks better at this level.
  11. Bill Gates and the WEF brought down by Motherwell and St Mirren.
  12. This isn't a blitz chess league, it's supposed to be classical chess which means it's a bit of a slower game with more thought given to each move.
  13. Do you think that loads of people independently calling him a sex pest have all made it up?
  14. I beat mathematics in Round 1 btw, can't remember if he posted the result or not.
  15. There is no way players should only be averaging a move per day or anything like it. The daily time limit is about making sure there aren't issues with different work schedules (or time zones for that matter), not about literally only playing one move per day.
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