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  1. This is false. The SPFL breached their own rules by cancelling the Pyramid Playoff, because this could only be done with the consent of the Highland League, Lowland League and the SFA. I had sympathy with the SPFL's position because it was clearly impossible to actually play the game, and I suspect that is why it was not pursued any further by the SFA. However, no such argument applies this year, and therefore I would fully expect a challenge to be lodged with the SFA if they do not go ahead with the Playoffs.
  2. More likely just all the Saturday games moved to Sunday, which is still a nonsense of course.
  3. Not really. Would guess he'll be nowhere near their team next season.
  4. I don't believe the criteria have changed, and I don't see why they would have needed a waiver.
  5. Two rubbish defences, and the previous three matches this season have averaged over 4 goals per game, so I can't see it being anything but high scoring. Would be very surprised if both teams don't score at the very least.
  6. I agree it's daft and doesn't really achieve anything, but I don't think it should be outlawed. Dangerous play is about endangering other people, there's nothing against endangering yourself. Attacking players aren't allowed with 1m of the wall,, so as soon as an attacking player stood next to his head that would be a foul by the attacker.
  7. 20 seasons, unless you think the split hasn't happened yet this season.
  8. I think that's more down to it becoming a "dog bites man" story rather than anything else. Folk have stopped posting the Scottish vaccine figures on here too.
  9. I have no idea why the quiz is called "19 years of the Scottish Premiership split" when literally the first question points out that it was introduced 20 years ago. Even if you account for it not happening last season, this is still the 20th season where it has.
  10. These are generic and are currently on the page for every city, including Budapest which is supposedly planning for a full house, which would clearly be impossible with 1.5m distancing. Therefore the Scottish government have clearly had nothing to do with them.
  11. Brora clearly met the criteria when they competed in the play-off in 2015/16, so there's no reason why they wouldn't now.
  12. Down to 168 people in hospital (-8) and 20 in ICU (-1). 285 cases and 1.8% positivity.
  13. Because there's an entirely different disciplinary process for on-field and off-field incidents.
  14. If the Highland League wants to stay part of the pyramid and the clubs want to keep their licenses then they're not really going to have any choice.
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