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  1. I was only discussing who I wasn't voting for - nice to leave a bit of mystery about where my X actually went.
  2. VAR would not have players sent off for persistent fouling, and there has not been a single shred of evidence that the goal was onside.
  3. I can't make it, which usually means we win. I have an incredible record of missing all our good away performances and just seeing the junk like Saturday.
  4. When you sign players on loan this is always liable to happen. We were quite lucky last season that Bachmann didn't properly come on to a game until Nov/Dec time. If he'd done well before that we'd probably have lost him and finished 4th or 5th. Hopefully with Fowler in place we can identify some permanent signings either for this window or the summer. Our success had been built on a solid core of players, but age is catching up with some and it seems unlikely we'll be able to keep others beyond the summer (eg Findlay, SOD).
  5. Aye, you seem to be right. The BBC and a couple of other polling organisations have it down as Dunbartonshire East for some reason.
  6. That's irrelevant - this isn't a game that's going to be on a season ticket. That would be like Killie charging a walk-up price of £17 for a big cup game (eg a quarter-final) and me going "actually, my season ticket only costs £17.89 per game so it's not that good a price". This is our biggest game in over a decade, and it has been priced up cheaper than a run of the mill qualifier.
  7. The tickets are £5 cheaper than the last set of qualifiers despite it being a much bigger match. I'm not sure how that can be seen as anything other than a good thing.
  8. Belgium won't be opening that can of worms.
  9. Why would the SFA give even the tiniest f**k whether this game went ahead tonight or not?
  10. Wilkie was very good in the home leg of the Holland play-off. He was generally fine for Scotland in my memory, and if his knee hadn't exploded soon after then he'd probably have ended up with a ton more caps.
  11. So which is it, is he injury prone or is he faking injuries to avoid playing for Scotland?
  12. I get the money angle and the St Petersburg game, but if Uefa don't act after this finding then it would be an utter joke and massive taint on sport. A Russian player literally failed a drug test when they beat Wales in the Euro 2004 play-off and they did nothing.
  13. I've just scanned all the way back through this thread to posts from the start of the season and can't see a single person being "critical of him" beyond a guy who is clearly joking. There's just as many, if not more, Scotland fans who have the opposite problem of constantly judging players based solely on their club performances without any thought to how that translates to the national team. Someone being good for their club doesn't mean they'll be good for Scotland, so you can't be "first name on the teamsheet" purely on the basis of club form. The trio of Jack, McGregor and McGinn, while still not brilliant, have probably been the best trio we've put out since Brown retired, so I wouldn't say McTominay is guaranteed to immediately come back in. Having said that, I do really like McTominay - he adds a bit of physicality to our midfield and there's a zip to his passes which you don't get from other players. Our results with him in the team haven't been great though, so it's a case of working out which side of the chicken and egg scenario he's on.
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