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  1. They are already vaccinating group 2. Maybe not as fast as they should be based on the numbers, but they have started nonetheless.
  2. He's only been in charge for 2 seasons before this one so no idea where your "9 trophies in a row" thing comes from.
  3. I've got tickets to Scotland's two games and will be absolutely fuming if I can't go. It's still not a reason to scrap the tournament though, and that was the point I was making. If you wanted to make that argument, then being at the games in normal circumstances would hardly be far off one of the triple headers either, given that we'd have two games at Hampden and one away game. The reason it won't feel like that is the same reason a league decider or a derby match in the league doesn't feel like every other run of the mill game - there's proper jeopardy involved and we all know it.
  4. I've seen this sort of opinion a few times, but the tournament isn't just for the fans who attend games, it's for the players and the spectators at home too. Unlike club football, most of the fans wouldn't be at the games anyway, and the experience of watching a BCD game on the TV probably isn't going to be hugely different to watching a game with fans on the TV. I am completely opposed to the idea that you ask a group of players to wait 3 years to play at a major tournament, by which time the likes of David Marshall, Craig Gordon and several other guys who have essentially spent their entire career building up to this won't be able to play, purely to satisfy people who think it's a bit shit to watch it at home.
  5. Are these two accounts verified as being good sources run by people who know what they're talking about? It's important that just because the media are scaremongering people don't fall into the trap of believing anyone who says things to the contrary - that's what made "Professor" Karl Sikora prominent for a wee while.
  6. The Glastonbury organisers have unilaterally chosen to cancel the event in advance to avoid uncertainty. It does not follow that a leader would choose to ban events six months in advance when she has no idea what the situation will be like - that is not her decision to make. I don't think there are any similar events to Glastonbury in Scotland anyway, it attracts over 200,000 people most years.
  7. Agree with this. The main reason Clarke went to the formation he did was because of the lack of footballing ability that our existing central defenders possess. This was very obvious in the final matches of the group under him when we were playing a back four - we couldn't keep the ball because the defenders were so fucking awful at playing out. By going to the back three he's been able to bring genuine ball players in Tierney and McTominay into the defence and we are keeping possession much better. Ideally we eventually find a defender who is a talented footballer and can defend well and then we can look at moving McTominay further forward, but we certainly shouldn't be even remotely considering it for the likes of Hanley who is rubbish with the ball at their feet and generally makes bad decisions in possession.
  8. The SPFL can't implement anything if the government doesn't allow fans to attend.
  9. Based on the data here, the daily rate of vaccination in Scotland right now is roughly the same as in England (on a per capita basis). Hopefully this will see our pace pick up beyond theirs now given that we have done what are supposed to be the most difficult ones.
  10. Hopefully he can get some first team football under his belt. 116 minutes of senior football at the age of 22 is not good for anyone's development.
  11. He's won two matches, and as mentioned below they don't have a particularly limited budget.
  12. I am in full agreement that the rule is stupid, but my point is that the decision made was correct under these rules. How would the City player "move back into an onside position" - if you mean simply back to be the other side of the Villa player, then is that not basically exactly what did happen here, albeit in much less than the 10 seconds in my example?
  13. The natural extension of this is that Mings could stand with the ball for 10 seconds and the City player still wouldn't be able to come and take it off him. Making the distinction between a player heading the ball which eventually goes to an opponent or chesting a ball which the opponent comes and gets doesn't seem like the point of this rule.
  14. UEFA provided interpretation when this law was changed in 2013. This was a bad change, and I'm sure I posted about it on here at the time though those are probably gone now. I believe these are the clips in question -
  15. Yes, that was not offside because the defender played at the ball deliberately.
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