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  1. We aren't going to be remotely exciting or pretty this season, but that's 6 games and 1 goal conceded which is the sort of defence that will hopefully take us a long way towards winning the league. Arbroath were every bit as good as I expected, I don't see why they can't end up in the top 4 this year given the dearth of quality elsewhere.
  2. The UEFA match schedule is organised so that the Faroes and several other teams with harsh winter climates don't have any home games in November, so that automatically leads to their homes being a bit stacked into the other months.
  3. Pele once trained at Troon Juniors before the 1966 World Cup if you want a wee bit of history too. Brilliant place to watch football.
  4. This is a good idea and should replace the Challenge Cup every year - the Scottish Towns Cup - get it sponsored by one of those weird newsagents that you seem to get in every town. Look at the previous season's leagues, strip out all the city clubs, then take the top 16 clubs with a strict one team per town rule.
  5. In terms of the deaths number, we do have to once more be aware of the definition of covid deaths here. Even if covid had completely stopped killing anyone (which I'm aware isn't the case), with the sheer volume of cases in the last 28 days, surely by far the biggest of any 28 day period in the entire pandemic, there are bound to be some deaths in that group for other reasons. The total number of cases in that period must be over 100,000 people unless I've fucked my calculations. That's 2% of Scotland.
  6. With all these times, it depends who are playing. Motherwell v St Mirren at that time great, but with the absolute state of Sunday public transport something like Aberdeen v Motherwell would be a nightmare.
  7. That game wasn't on TV so I've got no idea where you watched it.
  8. This definitely isn't true. Rugby Park will have had at least twice as many televised games as Gayfield over the last few years.
  9. The arrangement for us was equally a nightmare. I only found out on Thursday that I could definitely attend the game, and my options were basically to travel to Kilmarnock on Friday to pick one up, get someone to pick one up for me, or sit in the home end. As it was, I found someone to get one for me, but I don't understand why Thistle seem to be the only club operating in this way. There is no logic to not selling tickets on the day to away supporters unless there is a capacity issue, which there isn't.
  10. Are you suggesting that people who go out drinking with their colleagues in their spare time should face disciplinary action from their employer? If I go out drinking tomorrow and end up being involved in an accident that isn't my fault, should I be potentially losing my job for getting hurt and being unable to work? Keogh wasn't the one driving, he wasn't the one committing a legal offence here, so the very fact that the club treated him more harshly than the others makes it seem like a fairly cut and dried case of unfair dismissal. Fortuntely we live in a country where employees have legal rights in relation to unscrupulous employers such as Derby County, and when those employers overstep the mark like they did here they face consequences, which is exactly what happened.
  11. They currently play at Boclair Academy which is a classic 3G cage - I feel like that would have been OK for WoSFL level so the reason they pulled out might not have been ground related. I agree with the above post that there's not much change of a licensed football stadium being built in Bearsden - there are several potential sites but it would be curtailed by NIMBYism. I'd say the only chance would be working with Glasgow University to build something at Garscube - both clubs could use that.
  12. I thought Ukraine were absolutely dreadful at the Euros. They were rotten for all but a wee mad spell where they scored twice against the Netherlands, beat Macedonia then turned in one of the worst performances of the tournament against Austria. They got through regardless, then fluked their way past Sweden at Hampden before getting thumped by England. They haven't won a single game in qualifying yet - they've had five draws.
  13. Israel and Ireland are probably still the two worst teams in that pot, regardless of the history. Serbia and Romania are beatable but are the sort of places we could go away and crumble (not saying we would, we didn't last time in Serbia). I'd be confident of at least 4 points against Ireland which is why I think we should be hoping for them. They've got 2 points from 5 games so far in qualifying and lost at home to Luxembourg.
  14. The club have even said it is to allow international broadcast, with attendances seemingly a secondary consideration. As I've said before, it's worth a try, but I think the later time could put off as many people as it helps - particularly families. I also think that one of the biggest issues will be the lack of a consistent kick-off time, clearly the likes of St Mirren or Motherwell are less likely to agree to a later kick-off given the impact on their fans, so you could end up with the times jumping about from week to week.
  15. I don't have a problem with him researching this, but the real reason he wants later kick-offs is nothing to do with this and everything to do with his misguided notion that lots of people in America really want to watch Scottish football.
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