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  1. Defence - who defends Scotland?

    just give every c**t a gun
  2. Next UK Labour Leader

    Hopefully once Corbyn is PM he can offload that shitehole of a statelet back to the Irish where it belongs.
  3. General Election 2015

    Not read the forum for a few days, have I missed any decent meltdowns?
  4. English views.....:

    Nice view, would view again 8/10
  5. Jim Murphy

    these old fuckers will pop off in a few years and we'll be free of them
  6. Could voting Labour in Con/Lab marginals help the SNP?

    f**k it just vote labour, greens don't have a chance to be fair, just hope that they don't get a majority.
  7. SNP Conference

    iplayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b05pvsy3/scottish-national-party-conference-spring-conference-2015-28032015
  8. General Election 2015

    reynard has always been mental but i think the indyref really broke him.
  9. No 3rd Term For Cameron

    Why wait, c**t should gtf now.
  10. General Election 2015

    April 1st is still over a week away guys. http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/ed-miliband-unveils-offensive-linking-snp-to-tories-1-3725108
  11. General Election 2015

    Just seen a Labour special advisor claiming that the reason they are loosing is because they didn't go negative enough on Salmond
  12. General Election 2015

    christ is it sad that i'm watching the whole thing on a saturday night?
  13. Hollyrood 2016

    Right Nats. I know it probably doesn't have to be said, but a mass SNP/Green vote on 2016 could 'potentially' push Labour into third place. Voting SNP on the list is pointless as they will hoover most of the constituency seats anyway. But imagine the scenes if Scottish Greens became the main Holyrood opposition party. That should be the 2016 tactic.
  14. Who would you vote for if you lived elsewhere?

    big cock and balls on the ballot paper