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  1. Looks like it's in Greaves. Not sure if it'll be for sale or just a promotional thing.
  2. She was looking down. Looked back up and the ball was in the net for the equaliser. Said Queens appeared to have scored, she had no idea who scored or how and that McDonald looked about as clueless as she was.
  3. I was slow in getting the away top and the short sleeved men's strip went out of stock pretty quickly. Every time I phone to ask if they're getting more they tell me there'll be more in stock in two weeks since the start of July.
  4. I'm sure there have been similar instances in England where no offside was given due to the defender playing the ball. The difference is a block/save from a defender does not start a new phase of play, but if the defender plays an intentional pass it does. In this case it was clearly just a block so it's still offside.
  5. I read that Harry Stone from Hearts is wanted on loan by a couple of championship clubs. Or has he already gone somewhere? Might make sense given we're pals with them.
  6. Think you're forgetting about the Thistle das. Have a look on WAT, there's several (or at least a handful) who are delighted it's a dvd and not a digital download. More collectible too I guess.
  7. Normally I'd say it's tinpot and I did cringe when I first heard we were doing a dvd. But in a unique season where nobody could attend matches I can see a justification. I wish they'd used that as a selling point rather than a fightback at L1 level.
  8. Yep. He made the SPFL team of the year but didn't make the u21s. Thought he wasn't far away from the senior squad at the time. Disappointed he's not kicked on as much as I'd expected since then. Stoke were too much of a basket case and I think he was made a bit of a scapegoat.
  9. I think McCall has said he's looking at wingers playing on their opposite side and looking to cut in. Tiffoney certainly played on the left in every match I watched. We signed Kyle Taylor last week. Played for Airdrie last season. Edit: I'm an idiot but I'll leave it as Taylor instead of Turner to show that. I even just looked up the story for the screenshot and still fucked up his name.
  10. It's not just the volume of Falkirk fans, it's that (when it's not a crowdwank) they just post starting elevens and formations. Millions of them.
  11. To be fair to him, it's also available as an audio stream for our Jagzone subscribers. I'd guess most of those subscribers will have purchased the stream anyway, but it is what it is. I don't really mind him, but most of his problems stem from describing what he thinks is about to happen, rather than what he's actually seeing.
  12. How many times has he said Peterhead before he was corrected? I counted three.
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