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  1. As the mods have stated that they're unaware of events and I have received no information of a ban whatsoever, I'm sure they'll oblige this classic account while the situation is 'resolved'. I was in the middle of pointing and laughing at a thinly veiled death threat against yours truly when my account was blocked from accessing the site. Not banned. Not my own work. There is not a single post that could be used to justify action. Not one post, no previous warnings, on a site that deems racial abuse to be a 'ten strikes and you're out' offence. While I'm willing to believe most of the moderators stance, the arrival of Radford after about five years of non-posting on GN immediately afterwards is highly suspicious IMO. Though to be fair, his conclusive outing of xbl as the spineless busted flush we had already assumed was a job well done. In any case its probably best that the legions of posters who have agreed that the actions taken have been completely over-the-top copy and paste this just in case another account is mysteriously blocked. Probably best to stick to PM groups for now as well. Let's be realistic here: the best solution for all parties concerned is to remove whatever bizarre 'block' has been placed on said accounts and pretend that this didn't happen. In the meantime I'll await developments. vikingTON
  2. What actions? stop now. you're currently making an arse of it, which is harmless in itself, but i'd hate to see anyone take it any further.
  3. You're pissing against the wind. true blue and derrydode are the real face of dundee fc.
  4. I didn't have to. treu blue has poured a whole can of petrol on the thing. i'm just here to enjoy watching dundee fc's last shred of p&b diginity go up in smoke. we can link arms if you like. I'm named after the man renowned as weatherfield's finest shop owner until he sadly booked a one way ticket to the great grocer's convention in the sky. Oh, and i'd watch what you say about the chap in my avatar. the last time somebody (or some body) made that kind of accusation, they found themselves paying him a significant sum of money after a little jaunt to the court.
  5. Take alook around you, he's hardly alone in making 'humorous' jibes about devastating diseases. i'm assuming you are young and naive, but don't worry, you will learn. dundee fc = scum
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkyYKDIC5wI...ted&search=
  7. they sit watching pish every week then they look around and see a big club like Thistle on the way up, and they get jealous.
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