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  1. Just checked up Steve Paterson's Dens Park record in his 18 months at Pittodrie. He had a couple of wins and a draw. Dundee had a much better team in those days.
  2. Banks O'Dee 3 1 Montrose Roselea
  3. Below is a table of the results of the non league teams in the Scottish cup since the changes in eligibility twelve seasons ago. Talbot top and will be for a while yet. The preliminary rounds that they have to play in does give them a boost. They have however only competed in seven of the seasons. Edinburgh City would have been top before their promotion. Spartans and Formartine have beat four league sides each which is the best. Thirty six victories against league sides in total averaging three a season. Curiously the team with the most draws is Forres Mechanics with twelve five more than anyone else. They must love a replay.
  4. Locos and Formartine have been a win on the last day away from winning a title. Fair point about losing the bigger clubs however there are not loads of locals playing for the bigger clubs that went into the league. Pele's Inverness team probably had the most. They majority of the teams players that go in to the National leagues tend to go to other Highland League clubs fairly soon afterwards. The standard in my opinion recovers eventually.
  5. There was a copy of the Highland Hundred for sale in the Peterhead Club shop the other day. I have a copy. It is very good despite a few mistakes as I recall.
  6. Can remember Avoch playing in what used to be known as the 2nd XI League in the sixties. They were either Rovers or Rangers forget which. Smart wee park. Decent shout though. Muir of Ord might be technically in the Black Isle in fact it probably is as it was the venue for the Black Isle Show. They were in the league from the seventies for a good number of years.
  7. North Region had a Cup for the second tier for years. Think it was called the Morrison Trophy. Not sure if it is still on the go.
  8. Banks O Dee won 8-0 tonight against the team who finished second in the league, Bridge of Don Thistle, in a Cup Final tonight. That means they have had a clean sweep locally. They also lost in the final in two Aberdeenshire Cups where all their opposition was Highland League. I see them as having three options. 1. Status Quo. Huge fish in a small pool. 2. Highland League 3 Have a right go at being a top Junior side nationally. They have played Talbot and Kilwinning away this season losing narrowly. On both occasions many of their first choice players were unavailable. That is no use if you want to compete at that level. Level being capable of winning the Junior Cup. I think they should have one more season Junior and agree a deal with the Highland League to join the following season whatever the number of clubs.
  9. When McNamara won his awards there were not a lot of Scots in the Celtic team. Suspect that worked in his favour.
  10. There was a non league team in England called Yorkshire Amateur.
  11. Certainly from the referee when the Cove goalie was rugby tackled and the goal allowed to stand.
  12. Many Thanks. The new date explains why I could not find details at the library.
  13. I have a programme Highland League v Scotland Juniors 23rd March 1980 at Boroughbriggs, Elgin. Does anyone have any details of the match? There was a player who went on to play in a European Cup Final in the Programme line up curiously enough!
  14. Good shout. I used to get that back in the day.
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