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  1. Nipper Thomson was an Aberdeen lad who was released by Shrewsbury
  2. I took in the Elgin game last week and the weight thing was the first thing that struck me. At least three players looked overweight which is something you do not see at Highland League level. Perhaps the odd one but not three in the same team. To be fair they looked decent players when they had the ball at their feet but it is not a five a side league.
  3. Think he was from Baillieston unfortunately...
  4. Many years ago places like Balfron, Bonkle and Newport on Tay were associated with the home towns of referees in Scotland. I am sure many on here would get the referees associated with these places in a quiz. There were a few anomalies in that a Glasgow ref was never Glasgow. It would be Clarkston, Newlands or even Queens Park. An Aberdeeen or Edinburgh ref would be Aberdeen or Edinburgh. There was a referee called Sandy Roy who lived in Westhill but he was always Sandy Roy, Aberdeen. Now you have no idea where the referees are from. All the old ones have retired and we never hear where the new ones are from. Is there a Grade 1 Aberdeen or Inverness referee on the list these days for example? Alan Freeland was the last ref Aberdeen I recall the last Inverness top flight ref I remember was Ward Balfour but that was fifty years ago. I don't think they stopped saying where refs are from in England I wonder why they did it here?
  5. Fort William crowd was 675 according to the Depressing Journal.
  6. I notice Coupar Angus missing from the Scottish Cup results for the first two rounds. Did they not enter? Looks like the best set of results the North Region teams in general have achieved for years. Incredible result by Bridge of Don Thistle. A draw away to Kilwinning and winning the replay. I cannot think of a better one since Banks O'Dee and Sunnybank won the cup in the fifties. I am sure there must have been right enough.
  7. I agree with that particularly for Elgin City. If they went down and were financially in reasonable shape I think they would regroup and bounce back. A season or two playing local sides and presumably winning more often would not be the end of the world. Suspect they would get bigger crowds. Tougher for Brechin I would have thought.
  8. First full cap almost certainly. The Wiki suggets Odmar got an under 19 cap at Keith.
  9. Odmar Faero respresented the Faroes while playing with Keith. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odmar_Færø
  10. Cheers for the link. Connah Quay are a bunch of cloggers with a good defence. Cove very good and had the bulk of possession although despite hitting the post they did not make the Welsh keeper make a save. Cove finished the game with 9 players who played in the Highland League last season. Would be astonished if Cove left back Harry Milne does not end up playing full time.
  11. Davie White's Clyde team was counted as Glasgow by UEFA when they were denied a Fairs Cup place in the sixties.
  12. Either that or Fraserburgh Bonnyrigg Rose. Top of Highland League v Top of Lowland League.
  13. For most of the time when there has been Scottish League football the Highland League area was an afterthought. Respected guys like Jack Steedman and Bob Crampsey actively fought against Highland teams advancement. In Steedman's case blatantly and Crampsey who championed Gala's right to join instead of teams with fan bases such as Elgin and Ross County. The decision to elect Ferranti Thistle who did not even have a suitable ground ahead of Inverness Thistle was incomprehensible to anyone looking at the game as a whole. The Pyramid, far from perfect but a lot better than nothing, means that clubs can achieve Scottish League on merit. I think it is inevitable that the Lowland League will eventually become a much better standard than the Highland League. Last year's Scottish Cup results was the first real sign of that happening. For the time being though the current system is fair enough. Cove outclassed East Kilbride and Spartans in the last couple of play offs. Brora have also won so the current system is not lop sided in terms of ability. Leave it for a while yet would be my take.
  14. Impressive research. I have never heard of Addiewell and had no idea Lochwinnoch had a team.
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